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Magnetic Field Homogeneity Evaluated Via the Bandwidth Methodology

K Huff

K Huff1*, (1) Fusion Physics, LLC, Apollo Beach, Fl

WE-C-116-8 Wednesday 10:30AM - 12:30PM Room: 116

Purpose: To find a quick, simple and reproducible method for evaluating magnetic field homogeneity

Methods:The Bandwidth Difference Methodology utilizes a spherical phantom scanned at isocenter in all three planes using a gradient echo sequence, which enhances field inhomogeneities. The scans are collecting at a low and high bandwidth and the resulting diameter of the spheres are measured in relation to the center frequency.

Results: Subtraction yields a value in parts per million and indicates the overall magnetic field homogeneity. The results are highly dependent on field strength and magnet design. General trends have been established and are reported here.

Conclusion: Although more robust means are available for determining the magnetic field homogeneity, these methods tend to require the MRI Physicist work directly with a field service engineer or to simply trust the results of the engineer's measurement. The Bandwidth Difference Methodology allows for consistent independent verification.

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