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RayStation Commissioning: A Clinical Implementation Experience

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M Sutton

M Sutton*, D Pavord, P Sansourekidou, C Allen, Health Quest, Poughkeepsie, NY

SU-E-P-12 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall


To clinically commission and release RayStation version


Commissioning team was split into four groups, based on but not limited to IAEA TRS 430 and AAPM TG 53 guidelines. A total of 303 tests was performed (40 Network, 60 Non Dosimetric and Geometric, 29 Record and Verify, 174 Dosimetric). Dosimetric tests included point dose validations using A1SL ion chamber, PTW Octavius array and radiochromic film, 1D and 2D water scans, inhomogeneity tests, clinical IMRT plans, and MU validation. Acceptability was categorized as: performs as expected, negligible impact on workflow, marginal impact, critical impact or safety concern, and catastrophic impact or safety concern.


Overall results are: 89.1% perform as expected, 3.3% negligible, 4.3% marginal, 3.3% critical, 0.0% catastrophic. Per category results are:
Networking: 82.5% perform as expected, 2.5% negligible, 12.5% marginal, 2.5% critical, 0.0% catastrophic.
Non Dosimetric: 81.7% perform as expected, 6.7% negligible, 6.7% marginal, 5.0% critical, 0.0% catastrophic.
Record and verify: 51.7% perform as expected, 17.2% negligible, 13.8% marginal, 17.2% critical, 0.0% catastrophic.
Dosimetric: 99.4% perform as expected, 0.0% negligible, 0.0% marginal, 0.6% critical, 0.0% catastrophic. A selected list of problems and limitations each team found are:
Network Testing: Trouble with import of CT from Siemens simulators; importing of consecutive PET scans, inability to import decubitus image sets.
Non Dosimetric and Geometric Testing: When dose calculation is performed from different tabs, dose is not rescaled. Change of aperture does not refresh appropriately.
Record and Verify Testing: Unable to export field apertures and contours on DRRs.
Dosimetric Testing: Unable to export 1D and 2D dose data for analysis.


RayStation is acceptable for clinical use. All of the problems encountered have acceptable workarounds. Known issues were reported to RaySearch and will be resolved in upcoming releases.

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