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Project Schedule for Commissioning of a Synchrotron Based Modulated Scanning Proton Therapy Machine

T Schultz

T Schultz*, B Arjomandy, W Hsi, T Lee, S Park, McLaren Cancer Institute, Flint, MI

SU-E-P-1 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: The commissioning of a modulated scanning proton machine, CBCT imaging system, and robotic couch is a challenging project. A coordinated project plan can reduce the required time to commission the system and help facilitate the coordination of work both among physics and with other teams. We have proposed a schedule, listing underlying assumptions, which would accomplish this efficiently.

Methods: We used Microsoft Project to create several alternative commissioning schedules for comparison. The commissioning team of five physicists was divided into multiple teams so that work could be accomplished either in parallel or staggered shifts as necessary. Alternative commissioning schedules included a full commissioning of all available energies and options as well as a project plan focused mainly for prostate treatments. Project sub-sections were grouped so that modifications for changes in project scope or other assumptions could be made easily.

Results: The project schedule for full commissioning had a duration of approximately 85 working days while commissioning time for only prostate treatments was 57 days. Detailed beam time requirements and sub-section completion dates provided necessary information for engineering and other related teams. Time savings in the project schedule was realized in several ways. Staggered shifts were utilized to increase the efficiency in beam measurement time while still allowing for extended working time, splitting shifts if increase in beam time is available.

Conclusion: The creation of the project plan has allowed us to have a realistic estimate of the time required to complete the commissioning project along with a list of assumptions made in creating the schedule. This provides a means to track our progress towards completion, quickly assess the impact of any changes to the schedule or difficulties that happen during commissioning, and easily communicate these to interested parties.

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