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Through the Looking Glass: Customized MOC(Maintenance of Certificate) Through Self Improvement Module (SIM) Using Cloud Computing

V Venkatakrishnan

V Venkatakrishnan1*, R Krishnasamy2, (1) ,Bellevue, WA, (2) VMWare, Palo Alto, CA

SU-E-E-3 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

To develop a web based customized MOC model through SIM (self improvement module) using Cloud Computing. I propose here a model to be presented by the ABR-AAPM to a Medical Physics/ Radiology Diplomate in need of MOC. This would enable the candidate to ensure on-going MOC.

On-line documents/images,webinars, web-video conferencing, live expert advice, on-line evaluation system, feedback to the candidate, suggestions for improvement, link to online resources/material, accounting are needed.

The future of licensing/MOC lies in making it accessible from anywhere and going digital. ABR-AAPM can either develop a cloud storage system or buy storage and services from United Healthcare, which is setting up a security rich Cloud Computing center in Michigan. The candidate will have access to the SIM from anywhere at anytime. Once a candidate decides to register for MOC, he/she is assigned a coded username/pwd to login the system. A detailed summary of his/her training and education is elicited through a series of questions. The specialization area of the Diplomate decides one of several experts designated by ABR-AAPM. The candidate may also suggest an expert. The expert will discuss in detail the requirements for MOC and suggest reading/projects the outcome of which will be duly documented. At any time the status of the candidate in meeting the requirements for MOC in all of the categories will be clearly known using the PDB database.

A n on-line SIM module created using Cloud Computing will ensure easy access and tracking of MOC credentials for theABR diplomates.

1. At any point in time, the Diplomate can be worry free knowing that the MOC is in good standing. 2. The Diplomate can access from anywhere. 3.This process will reduce the burden on ABR for audits. 4. It will be a revenue generating operation.

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