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Program Information

ABR Update

J Allison

G Ibbott

G Frey

J Allison1*, G Ibbott2*, G Frey3*, (1) Georgia Health Sciences University, Augusta, GA, (2) UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, (3) Medical Univ of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

MO-D-137-1 Monday 2:00PM - 3:50PM Room: 137

This session will present a review of the ABR requirements and policies for the initial certification of medical physicists. Changes in the program that have occurred in the last several years will be discussed. The requirements for certification for 2014 and beyond will be reviewed. Changes in the oral exam and the board eligibility policy will be presented

The MOC program will also be reviewed. The changes that occurred in 2013 will be emphasized. These include the change to continuous MOC, easy public access to certification status and the new ABR MyABR website. There will be adequate time for questions and group discussion.

Learning Objectives:

The participant will understand the role of the ABR in the certiciation of medical physicists.

The participant will understand the ABR requirements for Medical Physics Certification

The participant will understand the requirements for participation the ABR's Maintenance of Certification process.

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