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Managing and Leading Others: Practical Advice for Medical Physicists

R Miller

J Clements

J Balter

A Molineu1*, R Miller2*, J Clements3*, J Balter4*, (1) UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, (2) Northwest Medical Physics Center, Seattle, WA, (3) Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, Dallas, TX, (4) Univ Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

WE-E-105-1 Wednesday 2:00PM - 2:55PM Room: 105

Medical physicists often find themselves in management and leadership positions, whether they are direct supervisors of other physicists, students, and residents or indirect managers of tasks performed by professionals such as therapists, technologists or dosimitrists who report to someone else. Yet, many medical physicists have had no formal management training to be managers. Educational opportunities for developing this skill set may be limited to hospital-wide human resources, informal training through mentorship, or on the job training without support.
To address the unique needs of medical physicists, this session includes talks from a panel of physicists who are successful in managing others well. Each panelist will present tips and methods that they have learned or developed over their careers that have helped them succeed in managing others effectively. Each panelist will emphasize a different type of management: supervision of interdisciplinary groups (such as therapists and dosimetrists), direct reports for supervised physicists, (such as residents, junior physicists), and direct reports for academic activities (students, post-doctoral associates). They may also share lessons they have learned from situations that were not handled well. Advice will include tips about managing students, residents, physicists and therapists. There will be a moderated question and answer session.

Learning objectives
1. Learn about tools for improving your management skills for directly supervised physicists
2. Learn management skills for interdisciplinary groups
3. Learn management skills for supervision of students and/or post-doctoral associates
4. Learn how to access other tools to become an effective manager

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