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A Report On Flattening Filter Free C-Arm Linear Accelerators From the Therapy Emerging Technology Assessment Work Group

S Kry

S Kry1*, (1) MD Anderson Cancer Ctr., Houston, TX

TH-A-105-1 Thursday 8:00AM - 8:55AM Room: 105

Flattening filter free beams are either available or are under development on most commercial c-arm linear accelerators. These beams have many similarities to traditional flattened beams, but have unique characteristics such as much higher dose rates, different profile shapes, and different beam spectra.

Consequently, some differences exist in implementation of these beams as compared to traditional flattened beams. Differences exist in the specifics of these beams’ interactions with measurement devices and biological systems. These differences, and related recommendations, are in a Therapy Emerging Technology Assessment Work Group document under review by the AAPM. This session is based on that report, and will provide an overview of flattening filter free beams. This will include a technological review, as well as acceptance testing, commissioning, calibration, and periodic quality assurance for these beams. Radiation safety issues (both for patients and personnel) will be addressed, as will radiobiological considerations. Finally, clinical applications and limitations of flattening filter free beams will be highlighted.

The learning objectives for this session are:
1. Understand unique modifications to acceptance testing, commissioning, and calibration for FFF beams.
2. Understand unique modifications to periodic QA, as well as patient and personnel safety, appropriate for FFF beams.
3. Understand radiobiological considerations of FFF beams.
4. Understand the clinical applications (strengths and weaknesses) of FFF beams.

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