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Program Information


S Sammet

Z Lu

S Sammet*, Z Lu*

MO-A-144-2 Monday 8:00AM - 9:55AM Room: 144

List of the companies who have promised to support the workshop:

1. Philips MR guided HIFU. (Contact person: Lizette Warner, Ph.D., 595 Miner Rd Cleveland, OH 44143, Tel: (440) 483-3000, e-mail: Lizette Warner@philips.com)
2.InSightec Ltd. ( Contact person: James E. Davis, Chief Executive Officer, 10501 W Research Dr., Ste G100, Milwaukee, WI 53226, Tel: (262)613-4212, email: jamesd@Insightec.com)
3.US HIFU, LLC (Contact: Naren Sanghvi, Chief Scientific Officer, 4000 Pendleton Way, Indianapolis, IN 46226. Email: narensanghvi@ushifu.com , Phone: 317-352-5812.)
4.Alpinion Medical Systems (Contact person: Yuchi Chu, Director, Suite 229, 10604 NE 38th Place, Kirkland, WA 98033, tel: (425) 949-4907, email: ychu@alpinionus.com)
5.FUS Instruments Inc. (Contact person: Daniel Pajek, VP, Operations, (647)238-7146, email: dpajek@fusinstruments.com

Contact Email: