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  Therapy General Poster Discussion Sunday
  3:00PM - 6:00PM  Room: Exhibit Hall

SU-E-T-1 Comparison of Head Scatters in Flattening-Filter-Free and Flattened Photon Beams
Y. Chen*, R. Shih, M. Afghan, A. Gopal, H. Chen
SU-E-T-2 Novel GPU-Based Pencil Beam Dose Calculation Including Beam Characteristics
A. Sullivan*
SU-E-T-3 A Comparison of HDR Near Source Dosimetry Using a Treatment Planning System, Monte Carlo Simulation, and Radiochromic Film
A. Amoush*, M. Luckstead, M. Lamba, H. Elson
SU-E-T-4 Application of a Semi-Empirical Formula to Determine Spread Out Bragg Peak Factors and Range Shifter Factors From Measured Depth Dose Curves for Passively Scattered Proton Beams
N. Sahoo*, S. Dhanesar, F. Poenisch, M. Lii, H. Li, X. Zhang, R. Amos, R. Wu, M. Gillin, X. Zhu
SU-E-T-5 The Effect of Leaf Corner Details in Sliding Windows Distributions, Implementation of Corrections in a Commercial Planning System
J. Dumont*, N. Schupp, D. Kristupaitis, O. Krivosheev
SU-E-T-6 Comparison of Different Commercial MU Verification Software in Terms of Accuracy and Performance
R. McKinsey*, Y. Qiu, S. Stathakis, C. Esquivel, N. Papanikolaou, P. Mavroidis
SU-E-T-7 Estimation of Effective Field Size with Leaf-Based Algorithm
R. King*, A. Cheung
SU-E-T-8 How Much Dose to the Eyelid Is Reduced by the Backscatter Cap of the Eye Shield From Electron Beam Radiation Therapy?
J. Bond, H. Song*
SU-E-T-9 Evaluation of Depth Dose Distribution with Limit Scatter Condition and Comparing with Treatment Planning System
P. Zhou*, I. Das
SU-E-T-10 Streamlining and Automating Dosimetric Analysis for Treatment Planning System and Linac QA
N. Ozturk*, B. Smith, K. Ahn, B. Aydogan
SU-E-T-11 Quantitative Validation of a New Algorithm TMR10 by Comparison with Clinically Applied TMR Classic Dose Plans Using Gamma Knife Perfexion for Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
D. Pokhrel*, M. Gopalakrishnan, P. Lee, V. Sathiaseelan
SU-E-T-12 Clinical Implementation of the Dedicated Program for MU Calculation in Proton Beam Therapy
N. Hayashi*, Y. Adachi, H. Kato
SU-E-T-13 An Evaluation of RadCal Software in Its Monitor Unit Calculation Accuracy for Small Dynamic Fields Using HDMLC
M. Morales*, G. Ding
SU-E-T-14 Validation of Electron Monte Carlo(eMC) Algorithm in Heterogenous Conditions Using Imatrixx 2D Array Chamber Detectors
A. Ananda Giri Babu*, K. Ganesh, K. Krishna Murthy, B. Durga Prasad, K. Karunakaran
SU-E-T-15 Parameterization of the Photon Beam Dosimetry
S. Lebron*, J. Li, G. Yan, D. Kahler, C. Liu
SU-E-T-16 A Feasibility Investigation: Radiotherapy Dose Calculation On KV Cone-Beam CT Image for Lung Tumor
C. Ma*
SU-E-T-17 Validation of in House Developed Software Designed Ad Hoc for IMRT QA Analysis Using EPID Based Images
F. Salinas Aranda*, R. Sansogne, V. Suarez, M. Franco, J. Escobar, S. Arbiser
SU-E-T-18 GATE Monte Carlo Simulation in a Cloud Computing Environment
B. Rowedder*, Y. Kuang
SU-E-T-19 Monte Carlo Simulation of XHA600D 6MV Linear Accelerator
SU-E-T-20 Validating That the Gamma Dose Distribution Comparison Defaults to the Distance-To-Agreement (DTA) Test in Steep Dose Gradients for Clinical Dose Distributions
T. Dou*, D. Low, D. Morele
SU-E-T-21 A Grid Intensity-Based Dose Algorithm to Realize MLC Irregular and Inhomogeneous Field Modeling for Monte Carlo Clinical Application
SU-E-T-22 RayStation Clinical MLC Modeling and Commissioning
C. Allen*, P. Sansourekidou, M. Sutton, D. Pavord
SU-E-T-23 Evaluation of Inherent Dose-Uncertainty for VMAT Using a Dose-Uncertainty Model
T. Inoue*, S. Sugimoto, Y. Horikawa, C. Kurokawa, K. Fukata, A. Isobe, K. Ito, K. Sasai
SU-E-T-24 A New Method Correcting the Parabola Effect of Flat-Bed Scanners Used in Radiochromic Film Dosimetry
D. Poppinga*, A. Schoenfeld, O. Blanck, D. Harder, B. Poppe
SU-E-T-25 Investigating the Impact of Polymer-Coating On the Dosimetric Characteristics of a 103Pd Brachytherapy Source Using Photon Spectroscopy
Z. Chen*, J. Kim, R. Nath
SU-E-T-26 Determination of Field Parameters for Unflattened Photon Beams Using a Universal Scaling Factor
Y. Chen*, R. Shih, M. Afghan, A. Gopal, H. Chen
SU-E-T-27 Evaluation of Long-Term Stability of KV Image Panel Position for Proton Gantry-Based Treatment Systems
M. Zhu*, T. Botticello, B. Winey
SU-E-T-28 Commissioning of OSLDs as An In-Vivo Dosimeter in INTRABEAM Radiotherapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer
S. Pillai*, R. Crilly, W. Laub
SU-E-T-29 Monte Carlo Calculated Output Corrections Factors K(Q,f-Clin) for Varian_Clinac-IX 6MV Small Fields
H. Benmakhlouf*, J. Sempau, P. Andreo
SU-E-T-30 Estimation of Dynamic Leaf Gap for IMRT Dose Calculation
W. Yao*, D. Goodyear, M. Gillard, M. Corsten
SU-E-T-31 The Evaluation of Dosimetric Characteristics of OSLDs Based On Output Correction Factor in Low Energy
S. Han*, K. Kim, S. Park, S. Lee, C. Yi, H. Kim, H. Jung, M. Kim, Y. Ji
SU-E-T-32 Monte Carlo Determination of WAFAC Corrections for the Canadian LDR Primary Standard
E. Mainegra-Hing*, H. Shen, J. McCaffrey
SU-E-T-33 A Comparative Study of Commissioning Data of Two TrueBeam LINACs with TrueBeam Representative Beam Data
S. Lim*, G. Tang, T. LoSasso
SU-E-T-34 In-House Computer Controlled Automatic 2D RFA and Dosimeteric Comparison with BJR-25 Report
S. Senthilkumar*, P. Vinothkumar
SU-E-T-35 Extracting a Neutron Dose Using Only TLDs (Thermoluminescent Detectors)
A. Dy*, K. Shahnazi, S. Klein
SU-E-T-36 Determination of the Beam Quality Correction Factor for the Liquid Ioinization Chamber in a Clinical Photon Beam
H. Huh*
SU-E-T-37 Revisiting Stanford Technique for Treatment of Mycosis Fungoid Patient with a Cardiac Pacemaker
s. deore*, X. Xu, L. Luo, T. Kwiatkowski, M. Atanas
SU-E-T-38 The Evaluation of High Dose and Dosimetric Characteristics of Optical Stimulated Luminance Dosimeters in the 60CO Unit
S. Han*, K. Kim, S. Park, H. Jung, S. Lee, H. Kim, C. Yi, M. Kim, Y. Ji
SU-E-T-39 A Study of Dose Response Characteristic for Gafchromic EBT2 Film
W. Chen*, X. Di, S. Wang, B. Wang, X. Bai, J. Yang, B. Guo, K. Huang
SU-E-T-40 Is Accurate 3D Dosimetry Possible When Using Optical-CT Readout with Low (or Without) Refractive Index Matching Fluids?
L. Rankine*, M. Oldham
SU-E-T-41 An Experimental Study of High-Z Thin Layers for Surface Dose Enhancement
H. Zhang*, P. Zhou, n. wakai, I. Das
SU-E-T-42 Absorbed Dose-To-Water Determination in a Double-Scattered Proton Beam Using Water Calorimetry
R. Tosh*, F. Bateman, P. Wong, N. Baillie, B. Athar, C. Butuceanu, M. Moyers
SU-E-T-43 The Impact of Gantry Rotations On the Accuracy of IMRT Dose Measurements Using EPIDs
J. Li*, C. Burman, M. Chan
SU-E-T-44 Phantom 3D Dose Calculation and Anatomy Based DVH Evaluation On VMAT Patient QA Using the Newest Version of Delta4 Dosimetry System
Y. Hu*, C. Ruan, A. Nguyen, W. Duggar, P. Mobit, P. Rajaguru, R. He, C. Yang
SU-E-T-45 Maximizing the Spatial Resolution of the MatriXX Device for Radiosurgery Plan QA
K. Tierney*, C. Coffey, M. Morales, G. Ding
SU-E-T-46 Optimization of Activator Concentration in KCl:Eu2+ Storage Phosphors for Megavoltage Dosimetry
R. Hansel*, Z. Xiao, D. Yang, H. Li
SU-E-T-47 Peak Temperature Ratio Analysis of TLD Glow Curves to Characterize Orthovoltage X-Rays in Terms of Their LET
C. Reft, C. Reft*
SU-E-T-48 Relative Proton Stopping Power Ratio Database for Common Dosimetry Phantom Materials
M. Kerr*, S. Dhanesar, F. Guan, M. Taylor, X. Zhu, M. Gillin, R. Amos, F. Poenisch, N. Sahoo
SU-E-T-49 Implementation of Optically Stimulated Luminescent Detectors in the Clinical Setting
M. Smith*, G. Khelashvili
SU-E-T-50 Anomalous Dose Measurements From Small-Volume Ion Chamber
S. Tanny*, N. Sperling, D. Pearson, E. Parsai
SU-E-T-51 Characterization of a Novel CCD Camera Based Imaging System for Radiochromic Film Dosimetry
K. Alexander*, T. Olding, G. Salomons, L. Schreiner
SU-E-T-52 Evaluation of EBT2 and EBT3 Films for Dosimetry in Laser-Driven Ion Accelerators
S. Reinhardt, M. Hillbrand, J. Wilkens, W. Assmann, K. Parodi*
SU-E-T-53 An Investigation of the Dosimetric Characteristics of a Novel Radiochromic 3D Dosimeter
J. Jackson*, T. Juang, J. Adamovics, M. Oldham
SU-E-T-54 Dosimetric Verification of Monte Carlo Dose Calculations for a GammaMed HDR 192Ir Brachytherapy Source Using Various Detector Types, and Non-Reference Condition Correction Factors KNR
N. Chofor*, N. Lohmann, S. Lütjens, D. Harder, B. Poppe
SU-E-T-55 A Study of Film Dosimetry for Routine Beam Profile and PDD Constancy Checks in Proton Beams
A. Teran*, I. Yeo, A. Ghebremedhin, B. Patyal
SU-E-T-56 Characterization of OSLDs for Use in Small Field Photon Beam Dosimetry
C. Pham*, P. Alvarez, S. Kry, D. Luo, F. Stingo, D. Followill
SU-E-T-57 Assessment of Systematic Uncertainties On Beam Data Collection Using Blue Phantom HelixTM Tomotherapy Scanning System
J. Peng*, M. Ashenafi, D. McDonald, D. Jacqmin, N. Koch, K. Vanek
SU-E-T-58 Submillimeter Dose Measurement with Gafchromic EBT2 and EBT3 Films
N. Corradini*, S. Presilla
SU-E-T-59 3-D Dosimetric Assessment for a Proton Pencil Beam by Optical CT Scanning of Plastic Radiochromic Dosimeters
C. Wuu*, Y. Xu, X. Qian, J. Admovics, E. Cascio, H. Lu
SU-E-T-60 Evaluation of a Two-Dimensional Ionization Chamber Array for Proton Beam Dosimetry
T. Stelljes, M. van Goethem, S. Brandenburg, K. Willborn, B. Poppe*
SU-E-T-61 Towards An End-To-End Test for Image-Guided Stereotactic Radiotherapy Using the ArcCHECK Phantom
O. Sauer, C. Groh*
SU-E-T-62 Dosimetric Properties of the Octavius 1000SRS Liquid Filled Ionization Chamber Array
T. Stelljes, B. Poppe*, H. Looe, D. Harder, K. Willborn
SU-E-T-63 Dose Profile Study On a KV Superficial Radiation Therapy System - Sensus SRT100TM
R. Sheu*, Y. Lo
SU-E-T-64 QUART Nonius - Quality Control in Radiation Therapy Without Film
H. De las Heras, K. Mair, D. Coll Segarra*, F. Schoefer, O. Blanck, S. Szeglin
SU-E-T-65 On the Dose Response Function and the Energy Dependence of a Novel Synthetic Single Crystal Diamond Detector
H. Looe*, N. Chofor, A. Harmeyer, D. Poppinga, A. Schoenfeld, D. Grabowski, K. Willborn, D. Harder, B. Poppe
SU-E-T-66 Phase-Sensitive Microcalorimetry for Activity and Dosimetry of Low-Level Sources
H. Chen-Mayer*, R. Tosh
SU-E-T-67 Evaluation of the 3D Dosimetry of the Nucletron MHDR-V2 Source Using PRESAGETM Dosimeters
O. Huang*, J. Adamovics, G. Ibbott
SU-E-T-68 Improvement of Optical CT Scanner for 3-D Dosimetry
X. Qian*, J. Admovics, C. Wuu
SU-E-T-69 Energy Response Characterization and Calibration of Electronic Personal Dosimeters
J. Meier*, S. Kappadath
SU-E-T-70 Are the Dose Response Functions of Ionization Chambers Gaussian Or Non-Gaussian?
H. Looe*, D. Harder, B. Poppe
SU-E-T-71 An Investigation of Measurement Techniques for Small Field Dosimetry Using Commercially Available Detectors
S. Lim*, G. Tang, T. LoSasso
SU-E-T-72 Influence of Chamber Wall Material On Ionization Chamber Absorbed Dose Energy Response: A Numerical and Experimental Study
G. Aldosary*, J. Seuntjens, A. Sarfehnia
SU-E-T-73 Investigation of 3D Dosimetry for Proton Therapy Using PRESAGE
M. Carroll*, G. Ibbott, M. Gillin, J. Adamovics
SU-E-T-74 Effect of Energy and Field Size On Angular Dependence of a 2D Diode Array
H. Jin*, V. Keeling, S. Ahmad
SU-E-T-75 Application of Film Dosimetry and Comparison to Delta4 to Patient-Specific Preclinical Dosimetric Verification of RapidArc
R. Srivastava*, C. De Wagter
SU-E-T-76 Monte Carlo Based Assessment of Matrixx Array as a QA Tool for HDR
M. Bhagwat, D. O'Farrell, R. Cormack*
SU-E-T-77 Determination of KQ Factor for PTW Bragg Peak Chamber Used in Proton Pencil Beam Dose Calibration
B. Arjomandy*, W. Hsi, V. Nazaryan, M. Pankuch, V. Kozlyuk, N. Sahoo
SU-E-T-78 Fast and Efficient Dosimetry for the Cyberknife's Imaging System
J. Gersh*, R. McLawhorn
SU-E-T-79 Study On the Effective Depth of Measurement for Gafchromic EBT2 and EBT3 Films
N. Corradini*, S. Presilla, E. Sterpin
SU-E-T-80 Energy Dependence of the Response of a Silicon Diode Designed for Small-Field Dosimetry
S. Aeffner*, M. Yarahmadi, O. Sauer
SU-E-T-81 Characteristics of Microchambers for Dosimetry in Proton Beam Therapy
I. Das*, L. Coutinho, L. Zhao, M. McEwen, C. Cheng
SU-E-T-82 Change of Ionization Chamber Correction Factors (Ppol , Pion, Kwall) with Chamber Walls of Different Materials in Continuous and Pulsed Beams
G. Aldosary*, J. Seuntjens, A. Sarfehnia
SU-E-T-83 Validation and Testing of Performance of a Novel Phantom Specially Designed for Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy MU/dose Verification
B. Sarkar*, K. Jassal, C. Sureka
SU-E-T-84 Characterization of a Three-Dimensional Radiochromic Film Stack Dosimeter for Measurements of 6 MV Photon Beams
T. McCaw*, J. Micka, L. DeWerd
SU-E-T-85 Total Body Irradiation (TBI) Optically Stimulated Luminescence In Vivo Dosimetry
C. Holloway*, S. Mahendra, D. Kaurin, L. Sweeney
SU-E-T-86 An Investigation of the Energy Dependence of LiF:Mg,Ti Thermoluminescent Dosimeters in Photon Beams
G. Massillon-JL*, R. Minniti, M. O'Brien, C. Soares
SU-E-T-87 Commissioning of a 50-100 KV X-Ray Unit for Skin Cancer Treatment
Y. Lo*, R. Sheu
SU-E-T-88 Evaluation of the Dose-Rate Dependency of GAFCHROMIC EBT3
G. Twork*, A. Sarfehnia
SU-E-T-89 Quality Control of IMRT Using Computer Radiography with the Oncology Cassette
SU-E-T-90 Sensitivity of MatriXX 2D Array in Detection of MLC Leaf Positioning Errors
Q. Shang*, L. Huang, P. Qi, P. Xia
SU-E-T-91 The Effect of Phantom Setup Uncertainties On Gantry Angle Correction Factors for MatriXX Evolution
D. Jacqmin*, K. Vanek, D. McDonald, J. Peng, M. Ashenafi, N. Koch, J. Jenrette
SU-E-T-92 Comparison of the Depth Dose in the Build-Up Region and Surface Dose for 6MV Flattened and 7MV Unflattened Photon Beams with Different Detectors
A. sigamani*, A. Nambi Raj, S. Sinha, G. Yadav, K. Raman, R. Thiyagarajan, M. Bhushan
SU-E-T-93 A Comparison of Out-Of-Field Dose and Its Constituent Components for 6MV Flattened and 7MV Unflattened Photon Beam
A. sigamani*, A. Nambi Raj, S. Sinha, G. Yadav, K. Raman, R. Thiyagarajan, M. Bhushan
SU-E-T-94 Surface Dose Characteristics of Flattened and Flattening Filter Free Megavoltage Photon Beam
D. Li*, M. Cheung, L. Lee, M. Kam, B. Yu, A. Chan
SU-E-T-95 Impact of Chamber Support Device On In-Air Profile Scans of High-Energy Electron Beams
A. Khan*, V. Narra, N. Yue
SU-E-T-96 Gafchromic EBT2 Film Response at X-Ray Energies From 4.5 KeV to 50 KVp
M. Tucker, J. Rakowski*
SU-E-T-97 A Methodology for Using Gafchromic EBT2-Films for Accurate Relative 2D-Dosimetry Without the Need of An Accurate Calibration Curve
S. Sheim, E. Pappas*, T. El kaissi, S. Paloor, A. Sharif, R. Hammoud, N. Al Hammadi
SU-E-T-98 Towards a Three Dimensional Dosimetry Based On Diffusion Imaging Tools
J. Davila*, R. Martin
SU-E-T-99 From Thermal Response to CT Dose - a Calorimetric Journey in HDPE
H. Chen-Mayer*, R. Tosh, b. zimmerman
SU-E-T-100 The Influence Edge Electrons in Small Fields: Emphasis by the Difference of Copper-Cerrobend Cutout
A. Chu*, J. Deng, W. Feng, Z. Chen, M. Ahmad, R. Nath
SU-E-T-101 Is EBT3 Energy Independent for Radiation-Therapy Photon & Electron Beams?
A. Rubinstein, R. Tailor*, Z. Zhao, J. Yang
SU-E-T-102 Measurement of Absorbed Dose-To-Water for An HDR Ir-192 Source with a Farmer Ionization Chamber in a Sandwich Setup
F. Araki*, T. Kouno, T. Ohno, S. Kawamura, K. Kakei
SU-E-T-103 Radiochromic Film Measurement of Nanoparticle Radiation Dose Enhancement
M. Buczek*, G. Lawes, M. Snyder, Y. Hillman, J. Rakowski
SU-E-T-104 Evaluation of the Dosimetric Properties of a Synthetic Single Crystal Diamond Detector in Clinical Proton Beams
A. Mandapaka*, G. Verona-Rinati, A. Ghebremedhin, B. Patyal
SU-E-T-105 An Evaluation of Two Organic Liquid Scintillators for Use in Real-Time 3D Proton Dosimetry
S. Ingram*, D. Robertson, S. Beddar
SU-E-T-106 Validation of a Nanoparticle Terminated Fiber Optic Dosimeter On 6 MV LINAC for Photon and Electron Beams in a Solid Water Phantom
M. Belley*, I. Stanton, S. Chang, M. Therien, T. Yoshizumi
SU-E-T-107 Portal Dosimetry Output Factors for TrueBeam: A Comparison of Six Machines
J. Gersh*, D. Wiant, E. Fleming, M. DeWeese
SU-E-T-108 Comparison of Absorbed-Dose to Water in High-Energy Photon Beams Due to Differences in Beam Quality Conversion Factor
N. Kinoshita*, A. Takemura, Y. Nishimoto, A. Kita, A. Toi, E. Murai, T. Adachi, H. Shioura
SU-E-T-109 Calypso RF Interference On Portal Images and a Physical Filter Solution
M. Chen*, G. Olivera, W. Lu, X. Mo, S. Frazier, S. Finkelstein, D. Parnell, D. Galmarini, K. McClain
SU-E-T-110 The Effect of Secondary Electron Emission On Ionization Chamber Dosimety
M. McEwen*, C. Cojocaru, C. Ross
SU-E-T-111 Estimation of Characteristics for Dose Distribution in Polymer Gel by Means of Monte Carlo Simulation
M. Park*, J. Bong, S. Kwon, S. Park, K. Kim, Y. Ji, D. Shin, H. Jung
SU-E-T-112 Dose Distribution Verification of Proton Beam Using Light Output On Scintillation Plate
S. Cho*, J. Shin, S. Park, C. Jeong, K. Jo, D. Shin, Y. Lim
SU-E-T-113 Quantitative Evaluation of Dosimetric Accuracy of a Multiple-Diode-Array Detector (MapCHECK2) for High-Dose-Rate Ir-192 Brachytherapy
J. Taguenang*, T. De La Fuente Herman, J. Young, S. Ahmad, I. Ali
SU-E-T-114 Improved MAGIC Gel for Tissue Equivalence and Dose Sensitivity Using Sucrose
S. Kwon*, Y. Cho, K. Kim, H. Jung, Y. Ji
SU-E-T-115 Collimator Scatter Factor (Sc) Measurements for IRIS in CyberKnife Using Build-Up Caps
S. Lee*, C. Tien, B. Curran, S. Jang, E. Sternick
SU-E-T-116 Dosimetry On Beam Modeling at the Small Field for Stereotactic Radiosurgery
J. Jung*, M. Kim, D. Yoon, T. Suh
SU-E-T-117 Optically Stimulated Luminescence for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Low to Medium Energy X-Ray Beams Experimental Dosimetry
E. Spasic, j. adam*
SU-E-T-118 Small Dynamic Field Dosimetry by Gfachromic Film (EBT3) and 2D-Array Diode
A. Chu*, W. Feng, H. Lincoln, F. Su, R. Nath
SU-E-T-119 Characteristics of TLD and PSLD Films for Photon and Electron Dose Measurements
C. Kurokawa*, U. Akio, T. Nishio, S. Sugimoto
SU-E-T-120 Measurement of Time Delays in Gated Radiotherapy for Realistic Breath Motions
B. Chugh*, W. Smith
SU-E-T-121 Determination of MLC QA Criteria for Non-Split IMRT Fields Based On Clinical Quantification
C. Schinkel*, Y. Mutaf, K. Prado, B. Yi
SU-E-T-122 Routine Quality Assurance for the MEVION S250 Proton System
E. Klein*, T. Zhao, K. Grantham, S. Goddu
SU-E-T-123 Development of a Methodology to Assess the Image Quality of the ExacTracTM Localization System Using the PIPSproTM Software and Unfors RaySafe Xi R/F Detector
D. Stanley*, N. Papanikolaou, A. Gutiérrez
SU-E-T-124 Assessing Quality Assurance of Proton Scattering Nozzles Using Monte Carlo
R. Wolf*, H. Paganetti, J. Flanz
SU-E-T-125 Gamma Knife Perfexion Output Factor Measurements Using PRESAGE 3D Optical Dosimeters
S. Klawikowski*, J. Yang, J. Adamovics, G. Ibbott
SU-E-T-126 IMRT and RapidArc Commissioning of Truebeam Linear Accelerator Using Gafchromic EBT3 Film
N. Wen*, B. Zhao, K. Barton, K. Chin, J. Kim, C. Liu, I. Chetty
SU-E-T-127 Detailed Analysis of TomoTherapy Quality Assurance (TQA) Before and After Dose Control System Upgrade (DCS) - 3 Year Collected Data
A. Movahed*, B. Rabbani
SU-E-T-128 A Comprehensive Dosimetric Characterization of the New 160 Leaf Elekta Agility Collimator System
J. Cui*, C. Liu, L. Meng, S. Benedict
SU-E-T-129 An EPID-Based Method for Testing Accuracy of MLC and Backup Jaws
S. Hancock*, S. Hancock, M. Whitaker
SU-E-T-130 Improved Accuracy for Stereotactic Radiotherapy: An Image-Based Method for Submillimeter Alignment of Linear Accelerator Table Rotation About MV Isocenter
M. Nyflot*, N. Cao, E. Ford
SU-E-T-131 Effect of Scanning Speed On MV and FFF Dosimetric Measurements Using a Scanning Chamber and EDGE Detector
E. Sayler*, S. Gardner, I. Buzurovic, M. Studenski
SU-E-T-132 Achieving Sub-Millimeter Accuracy in Radiation Therapy with a Self-Leveling Surveyor Laser
S. Hancock*, S. Hancock, M. Nyflot, E. Ford
SU-E-T-133 The Accuracy of Dose Calculations for the Brainlab Imaging Couch Top with the Eclipse Treatment Planning System
B. Sintay*, J. Terrell, J. Pursley, C. Yount, J. Maurer, D. Wiant
SU-E-T-134 Automated Analysis of Leaf Position Accuracy for Multi-Leaf Collimator Quality Assurance
W. Du*, K. Casey, R. Kudchadker
SU-E-T-135 A Total Imaging Test Sequence to Determine the Isocenter Coordinates of Multi-Modality Imaging Systems On a Stereotactic Linac Relative to the Radiation Isocenter
F. Hacker*, S. Friesen, E. Mannarino, M. Wagar, J. Lewis, Y. Lyatskaya
SU-E-T-136 Novel Secondary Quality Assurance Procedure for the INTRABEAM System Ion Chamber Using Commercial OSLDs
J. Keller*, W. Laub, S. Pillai
SU-E-T-137 Evaluation of Linac Mechanical Systems Using Statistical Process Control
A. Jones*, J. Barnhart, J. Treas
SU-E-T-138 Range Verification for Proton Therapy Systems: A Multi-Center Study
Y. Zheng*, E. Ramirez, S. Rana, M. Pankuch, D. Mah, T. Wong, A. Schreuder
SU-E-T-139 Evaluation of Surface, Peripheral,and Buildup Dose in MR-IGRT
O. Pechenaya Green*, H. Wooten, Y. Hu, L. Santanam, H. Li, S. Mutic
SU-E-T-140 Precise Determination of HDR Timer Accuracy with Novel Multiple-Regressions Method
K. Wang*, K. Padgett, N. Dogan
SU-E-T-141 Evening Output Check Improves Daily QA Reliability
I. Veltchev*, R. Price, C. Ma
SU-E-T-142 New 'In Plane' Reference Profiles for TomoTherapy System Based On 310015, PTW Ion Chamber, and A16 Standard Imaging Ion Chamber
C. De Souza,*
SU-E-T-143 Dosimetric Characteristics of TrueBeam STx System with High Definition Multi-Leaf Collimator: Commissioning of Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Z. Chang*, Q. Wu, H. Yan, Y. Yang, W. Giles, C. Busselberg, R. Lipscomb, F. Yin
SU-E-T-144 A Novel Phantom for Verifying Patient Orientation Integrity in Radiation Oncology Treatment Planning
C. Tien*, E. Sternick, B. Curran, F. Liu
SU-E-T-145 Scanned Percent Depth Dose Curve Discrepancy for Varian TrueBeam Flattening-Filter-Free Photon Beams Using Very Small Sensitive Volume Ion Chamber
H. Zhao*, B. Wang, P. Rassiah-Szegedi, Y. Huang, V. Sarkar, M. Szegedi, B. Salter
SU-E-T-146 Evaluation of MLC QA Software to Determine MLC Accuracy From EPID Images
R. Rice*, G. Kim, M. Whitaker, T. Pawlicki
SU-E-T-147 Commissioning a Commercial HDR Brachytherapy Multi-Channel Vaginal Cylinder for Clinical Use Without the Use of Radiographic Film
G. Nichols*, M. Price
SU-E-T-148 Fluence/Dose Comparison
R. Berg*, J. McKay
SU-E-T-149 Couch and Gantry Rotation Isocenter QA Using Portal Imager
R. Pennell*, G. Jozsef, J. De Wyngaert
SU-E-T-150 A Cyberknife-Specific Phantom for Dose Output and Energy Constancy Measurements
P. Mone*, T. Holmes
SU-E-T-151 Evaluation of the Ability of the Seven29 Array to Measure Jaw Speeds On a TomoTherapy-System
K. Schubert*, S. Klueter, S. Lissner, X. Wester, F. Sterzing, D. Oetzel, J. Debus
SU-E-T-152 A Practical Solution to the Recommendations of TG-142 for a Respiratory Gating Program
E. Cirino*, I. Iftimia, P. Halvorsen
SU-E-T-153 Dosimetric Impact in Moving Tumor Under Irradiation Dose by Chasing Its Motion with DMLC
Y. Narita*, N. Homma, K. Ichiji, Y. Takai
SU-E-T-154 Assessment of Monthly Linear Accelerator Beam Profile Constancy Based On AAPM TG-142 Recommendations
E. Han*, S. Gupta, X. Zhang, M. Hardee, V. Ratanatharathorn, S. Morrill
SU-E-T-155 RapidArc Delivery Performance Using EDR2 Film and EPID Measurement
S. Xu*, R. Ge, W. Xu, X. Cong, C. Xie, H. Gong
SU-E-T-156 A Novel Patient Quality Assurance System for Both Outer and Inner Dose Verification in Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
J. Peng*, W. Hu
SU-E-T-157 Improving Spot Scanning Proton Therapy Patient-Specific Quality Assurance Through Early Application of Second-Check Dose Calculation Software
D. Mackin*, X. Zhang, Y. Li, M. Taylor, M. Kerr, C. Holmes, N. Sahoo, F. Poenisch, H. Li, M. Lii, R. Amos, R. Wu, K. Suzuki, M. Gillin, X. Zhu
SU-E-T-158 Evaluation of the Sensitivities of Patient Specific IMRT QA Dosimeters
E. McKenzie*, P. Balter, J. Jones, D. Followill, F. Stingo, K. Pulliam, S. Kry
SU-E-T-159 Development of An Independent, Monte Carlo, Dose Calculation, Quality Assurance Tool for Clinical Trials
A. Faught*, S. Davidson, J. Fontenot, S. Kry, C. Etzel, G. Ibbott, D. Followill
SU-E-T-160 Exit EPID Image Prediction Below Heterogeneous Phantoms Using Monte Carlo Codes
J. Yoon*, J. Kim, J. Jung, I. Yeo
SU-E-T-161 Assessment of Phantom Positioning Accuracy in IMRT Quality Assurance: Insert Design and Implementation
J. Ren*, A. McNiven, D. Letourneau
SU-E-T-162 Prospective Treatment Plan Modeling To Guide Patient-Specific Treatment Setups for Hypofractionated Intracranial and Spinal Radiosurgery
L. Ma*, B. Wang, S. Hossain, A. Sahgal
SU-E-T-163 Reproducibility in the Field of Patient-Specific IMRT QA
E. McKenzie*, P. Balter, J. Jones, D. Followill, F. Stingo, S. Kry
SU-E-T-164 Comparing Measurement Derived (3DVH) and Machine Log File Derived Dose Reconstruction Methods for VMAT QA in Heterogeneous Patient Geometries
N. Tyagi*, K. Yang, D. Yan
SU-E-T-165 Effects of Statistical Fluctuation in Monte Carlo Photon Beam Dose Calculation On Gamma Index Evaluation
Y. Graves*, X. Jia, S. Jiang
SU-E-T-166 Clinical Impact of Minor Errors Discovered in Conventional IMRT QA On Patient Treatment
S. Chang*, M. Lawrence, T. Cullip, S. Wang, D. Fried
SU-E-T-167 QA of Dose-Painting Plans: Risk of Overdosage in the High-Dose Regions?
K. Haakansson*, M. Aznar, L. Fog, L. Specht, J. Rasmussen, S. Bentzen, I. Vogelius
SU-E-T-168 A Feasibility Study to Use Gamma-Histogram Analysis in Assisting Quality Assurance Criteria for Evaluating Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Treatment Plans
K. Hisey*, M. Morales, G. Ding
SU-E-T-169 Characterization and Evaluation of Octavius 4D System for Patient Specific Quality Assurance Using 3D Gamma Index Analysis in VMAT
D. Rajasekaran*, V. Nagarajan, P. Jeevanandam, P. Sukumar, A. Ranganathan
SU-E-T-170 A Survey of Quality Assurance in Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy in Japan
M. Nakamura*, T. Ono, M. Akimoto, N. Mukumoto, Y. Ishihara, S. Utsunomiya, T. Shiinoki, Y. Miyabe, S. Sato, H. Monzen, M. Hiraoka
SU-E-T-171 Pre-Treatment Radiotherapy Dose Verification Using Monte Carlo Doselet Modulation in a Spherical Phantom
R. Townson*, S. Zavgorodni
SU-E-T-172 Portal Dosimetry of Gated VMAT; with and Without Gating
D. Mynampati*, R. Yaparpalvi, L. Hong, H. Kuo, W. Tome
SU-E-T-173 Patient-Specific IMRT QA for Large Volume CyberKnife Plans Using MatriXX
I. Veltchev*, M. Lin, R. Price, C. Ma
SU-E-T-174 Standardization of Gamma Analysis for the Evaluation of Pre-Treatment Quality Assurance of RapidArc Plans Using 2D Array Combined with Octavius Phantom
s. kumar*, S. Ajaykumar, R. Bharathan, C. Suja
SU-E-T-175 ArcCheck Hypothesis Testing: Is Dose Error in a Phantom Applicable to the Patient?
j. barbiere*, A. Ndlovu
SU-E-T-176 Commissiong and Initial Clinical Experience with Dosimetry Check, a Commercial Software for in Vivo Volumetric Dosimetry
J. Gimeno-Olmos, M. Pujades-Claumarchirant, T. Garcia, V. Carmona Meseguer, F. Lliso-Valverde, R. Palomo, F. Ballester, J. Perez-Calatayud*
SU-E-T-177 Radiochromic Film: Towards a Public Calibration Function
D. Lewis*, X. Yu, M. Chan
SU-E-T-178 Dosimetric Evaluation of Gated and Non-Gated IMRT Treatments Using Portal Dose Image Prediction Software
K. Karunakaran*, A. Nambi Raj, K. Krishna Murthy, A. Ananda Giri Babu, B. Durga Prasad
SU-E-T-179 Evaluating Treatment Couch Dosimetric Effects in Spine SBRT Treatment Planning
B. Winey*, J. Wolfgang, C. Speier, B. Crawford, B. Winey
SU-E-T-180 Empirical Determination of Output Factors for Proton Therapy Fields Using a Uniform Scanning Proton Beam and 10cm Snout
E. Aaron*, C. Cheng, M. Lamba
SU-E-T-181 Commissioning of COMPASS System for Flattening Filter Free Beams Patient Specific Quality Assurance
A. Perez-Rozos*
SU-E-T-182 The Effect of Multi Leaf Collimator Characteristics in Treatment Planning Systems Calculation Errors as Detected in Phantom and in Patient QA
M. Bakhtiari*, J. Schmitt, A. Sedaghat, V. Aroumougame, M. Sarfaraz, J. Rodgers
SU-E-T-183 Lateral Scattering Penumbra for Radiation Therapy with High Energy Electrons Using Small Cutouts
E. Lief*, C. Marsden, E. Ruff, R. Gianadda, H. Lee, R. Stevens
SU-E-T-184 Practical Method of Scanner Stability Compensation for Film Dosimetry
M. Ishikawa*, H. Kojima, H. Tachibana, S. Tanabe, R. Suzuki, T. Minemura, N. Tohyama, Y. Narita, T. Nishio, S. Ishikura
SU-E-T-185 Time-Dependent Calibration Correction for EBT Film Dosimetry
D. Chen*, J. Kim, J. Gordon, I. Chetty
SU-E-T-186 Treatment Planning Dose Accuracy of Whole Breast Irradiation Using Field-In-Field Technique
D. Choi*, P. Nookala, B. Patyal, J. Yoon
SU-E-T-187 The Value of Rapid Reviews
J. Lowenstein*, J. Roll, A. Hollan, H. Nguyen, D. Followill
SU-E-T-188 An Effective Quality Assurance Method for TomoTherapy Craniospinal Irradiation Patients with A 3D Semiconductor Phantom
S. Wang*, K. Burkhardt, S. Chang, J. Lian
SU-E-T-189 A Protocol for 3D IMRT Quality Assurance of Prostate Radiotherapy
G. Gueorguiev*, G. Sharp, M. MahD, J. Turcotte, B. Crawford
SU-E-T-190 Manufacturing Accuracy of Range Compensators - Analysis of Over 12,000 Milling Points
E. Ramirez*, M. Rains, S. Rana, Y. Zheng
SU-E-T-191 Transit Dose Based Quality Assurance of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy with Two Dimensional Array Detector
T. Baek, M. Yoon*
SU-E-T-192 Investigating the Importance of Phantom Geometry in Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance
B. Hamilton*, U. Langner
SU-E-T-193 A Custom Web Application for a GPU-Based Monte Carlo IMRT/VMAT QA Tool
M. Folkerts*, Y. Graves, Q. Gautier, G. Kim, X. Jia, S. Jiang
SU-E-T-194 Radiochromic Film Based Transit Dosimetry for Verification of Dose Delivery with Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
K. Chung, M. Yoon*, J. Son, S. Park, K. Lee, D. Shin, Y. Lim, S. Lee
SU-E-T-195 An Algorithm for the Reconstruction of An Entrance Beam Fluence Using a Simulated Exit Phantom Fluence
N. Sperling*, E. Parsai
SU-E-T-196 Pretreatment Patient Clinical Objective IMRT Quality Assurance Using a 3D Diode Array
L. Ren*, Y. Zhang, Y. Yang, J. Adamson, F. Yin
SU-E-T-197 Is the COMPASS 3D Dosimetry System An Accurate and Safe Quality Assurance Tool for Verifying Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Dose Delivery for Non-Small-Cell Lung Carcinoma?
B. Hu*, M. Huq
SU-E-T-198 Dosimetric Effect of Multi-Leaf Collimator Transmission On Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy
R. Yang*, J. Wang
SU-E-T-199 A Software Tool for the Efficient Correction and Analysis of IMRT QA Experimental Data Using MatriXX
M. Wagar*, P. Zygmanski, R. Cormack
SU-E-T-200 Impact of Detector Element-Specific Angular Correction Factors for the MaxtriXX Ion Chamber Array for Patient-Specific Dose Validation
O. Casares*, S. Kim, J. Armas, N. Papanikolaou, A. Gutiérrez
SU-E-T-201 Dosimetric Comparison of Patient Specific IMRT QA Using Varian DynaLog Files and TPS Calculations in a Phantom Geometry
Y. Qiu*, S. Kim, P. Mavroidis, N. Papanikolaou, S. Stathakis
SU-E-T-202 Statistical Analysis of Patient's Treatment Site Specific QA Using MapCHECK2 for Local Delivery Guideline
X. Ding*, A. Olszanski
SU-E-T-203 Patient Specific IMRT QA Analysis Comparison of Four Commercially Available Systems
J. Briceno*, R. McKinsey, C. Esquivel, P. Mavroidis, N. Papanikolaou, S. Stathakis
SU-E-T-204 Preliminary Study of the Comparison of Patient-Specific QAs Using the Diode and Ionization Chamber Based Dosimetry Systems
S. Gupta*, X. Zhang, E. Han, X. Liang, S. Sharma, S. Morrill, M. Hardee, J. Penagaricano, V. Ratanatharathorn
SU-E-T-205 Development of Institutional Consistency Metrics for the Prevention of Injurious and Reportable Radiation Delivery Errors
J. Molloy*, U. Langner, S. Gerring, D. Lewis, P. Otageri, J. Yagelski, M. Gillie, T. Greist
SU-E-T-206 IMRT/VMAT Quality Assurance Using Portal Dosimetry
X. Pan*, T. Ochran, W. Bradley
SU-E-T-207 Establishing Institution-Specific Action Levels for EPID-Based QA for IMRT
A. Saldan, A. Gray*, D. Rosenzweig, R. Meiler, D. Clark, R. Abu-Aita, M. Schell, D. Cavanaugh
SU-E-T-208 Automated Routine 3D Secondary Patient Dose Calculation Prior to and During Fractionated Treatment
W. Schillemans*, Y. Seppenwoolde, H. Akhiat, X. Doorn, B. Kanis, N. Linton, B. Heijmen, M. Dirkx
SU-E-T-209 Deconvolution of An Integral Film Exposure in a Cylindrical Phantom for VMAT QA
j. barbiere*, A. Ndlovu
SU-E-T-210 An Investigation for the Use of OSLDs for in Vivo Patient-Specific Quality Assurance for Patients Requiring Bolus
M. Savacool*, R. Yaparpalvi, D. Mynampati, Y. Chen, W. Tome
SU-E-T-211 Development of Correction Factors for a 2D Ion Chamber Array Inserted in a Cubic and Homogeneous Phantom for VMAT Patient-Specific QA
F. Clemente*, C. Perez-Vara
SU-E-T-212 To Evaluate Significance of Gamma Index Between the Measurement of 2D Detector Arrays and the Calculated Patient 3D Dose Distribution
S. Kim*, Y. Qiu, P. Mavroidis, N. Papanikolaou, S. Stathakis
SU-E-T-213 Comparison of Two Methods for Patient Specific VMAT QA Using Portal Dosimetry and IBA MatriXX
H. Xu*
SU-E-T-214 Patient-Specific QA for HDR Brachytherapy Skin Treatments
G. Palaniswaamy*, B. Massingill, N. Deb, S. Mutyala, D. Rangaraj
SU-E-T-215 The Effect of Treatment Plan Complexity On Optically-Stimulated Luminescent Dosimetry
A. Kuruvilla*, A. Rea, A. Riegel, A. Kapur, A. Jamshidi, L. Potters
SU-E-T-216 A Clinical Dosimetry Analysis of Total Body Irradiation for Leukemia Patients
J. Filippi, A. Patel, N. Gupta, M. Weldon, J. Woollard, A. Ayan, Y. Rong, D. Martin, C. Pelloski, M. Welliver, L. Lu, J. Filippi*
SU-E-T-217 The Effect of Image-Guided Isocenter Shifts On Optically-Stimulated Luminescent in Vivo Dosimetry
A. Rea*, A. Kuruvilla, A. Riegel, A. Kapur, H. Chou, A. Jamshidi, L. Potters
SU-E-T-218 Octavius 4D: Commissioning and Clinical Implementation of a New Device for VMAT Verifications
J. Gimeno-Olmos, V. Carmona Meseguer, F. Lliso-Valverde, T. Garcia, M. Pujades-Claumarchirant, R. Palomo, F. Ballester, J. Perez-Calatayud*
SU-E-T-219 Illustration of Electron Beam Loss of Field Edge Fidelity (Beam Shape) and Uniformity with Air Gap
D. Lightfoot*, D. Lightfoot
SU-E-T-220 Comparison of Two Different Setups for VMAT Patient-Specific QA
F. Clemente*, C. Perez-Vara
SU-E-T-221 Evaluation of Quality Assurance for Rapid Arc Treatments Using EPIQA Software
K. Karunakaran*, A. Nambi Raj, K. Krishna Murthy, A. Ananda Giri Babu, B. Prasad
SU-E-T-222 Contribution Of In Vivo Dose Measurement To The Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Technique In The Treatment Of Prostate Cancer
SU-E-T-223 Dose Distribution Verification in a Moving Target Using Moving Platform and 2D Diode Array
S. Adamczyk*, M. Adamczyk, T. Piotrowski
SU-E-T-224 A Study of Real-Time Treatment Quality Assurance
X. Pan*, W. Bradley, C. Boyd, K. Kennedy, L. Robertson, D. Jones, M. Wauqua, L. Smith, T. Ochran
SU-E-T-225 Factors Influencing Point A Treatment Volume for Tandem/Ring Applicators
D. Wilkinson*, M. Kolar
SU-E-T-226 SRT/SBRT Patient Specific QA with a New High Resolution 2D Detector Array
S. Stathakis*, P. Mavroidis, M. Markovic, C. Esquivel, P. Myers, R. Crownover, Y. Li, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-227 Feasibility of Collision Avoidance Using In Room 3D Camera
R. Cardan*, R. Popple, X. Wu, J. Duan, S. Shen, I. Brezovich
SU-E-T-228 Automatic Second Check of RT Treatment Record Using Event Triggered Audit
S. Hadley*, X. Chen, G. Weyburne, W. Keranen
SU-E-T-229 Adopting Toyota Production System Principles & Tools to Improve Radiation Therapy Processes
S. Boddu*, N. Neba, G. Palaniswaamy, B. Massingill, T. Tseng, A. Morrow, N. Deb, S. Mutyala, D. Rangaraj
SU-E-T-230 Patient Safety Improvement Related to Changes in Ongoing Radiation Treatment Plan Identified with Near-Miss Incidents Reporting
J. Zeng*, M. Nyflot, P. Sponseller, A. Kusano, A. Novak, L. Jordan, J. Carlson, R. Ermoian, G. Kane, E. Ford
SU-E-T-231 Breathing Pattern of Patients with and Without SBRT Immobilization Device
D. Michalski*, M. Huq, G. Bednarz, R. Lalonde, Y. Yang, D. Heron
SU-E-T-232 Safety and Quality Improvements in a Pediatric Total Body Irradiation Procedure
N. Cao*, E. Ford, M. Nyflot, R. Ermoian, L. Young, K. Hendrickson
SU-E-T-233 Application of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis to COMS Eye Plaque Brachytherapy
T. Tseng*, G. Palaniswaamy, N. Deb, S. Mutyala, D. Rangaraj
SU-E-T-234 An Automated Tool for Treatment Plan Quality Evaluation and Clinical Trial Quality Assurance
J. Wang*, W. Chen, M. Studenski, Y. Cui, A. Lee, Y. Xiao
SU-E-T-235 A Comparison of Small Field Output Factors for Three SRS/SRBT Systems
W. Gao*
SU-E-T-236 Checklists - A Powerful Error Mitigation Tool in Radiation Therapy
G. Palaniswaamy*, A. Morrow, S. Boddu, S. Mutyala, N. Deb, D. Rangaraj
SU-E-T-237 Patient Safety Improvement with a Software Tool to Prevent Isocenter Errors
E. Ford*, M. Nyflot, L. Jordan, J. Carlson
SU-E-T-238 Investigation of Heuristic Checks for Treatment Beam Data
J. Chang*, R. Heaton, M. Islam
SU-E-T-239 Implementation of QA Procedures and Their Effect On the Radiation Treatment Delivery Error Rate Over a 12 Year Period
S. Wasserman*, V. Feygelman, E. Moros
SU-E-T-240 Risk Assessment for Stereotactic Intracranial Radiosurgery (SRS) in Brazil Using FMEA
F. Teixeira*, C. de ALMEIDA
SU-E-T-241 Achieving Optimal Treatment Workflow Configurations in Multi-Room Proton Centers Via Monte Carlo Simulation
H. Zhang*, K. Prado, M. Mehta, W. Regine, W. D'Souza
SU-E-T-242 A Gateway for GPU Computations in Radiotherapy
F. Shi*, S. Sivagnanam, M. Folkerts, Q. Gautier, X. Jia, A. Majumdar, S. Jiang
SU-E-T-243 Analysis of Planner Dependence in IMRT
A. Roy*, I. Das, S. Srivastava, O. Nohadani
SU-E-T-244 Interfractional Motion Simulation of Head and Neck and Lung Patients Correlated to Treatment Outcome
A. Zuniga*, A. Apte, J. Bradley, W. Thorstad, J. Deasy
SU-E-T-245 A Physics Database for a Multi-Institutional Quality Consortium
J. Moran*, M. Feng, L. Benedetti (Burgess), M. McMullen, M. Matuszak, T. Nurushev, M. Hess, K. Griffith, J. Hayman, J. Fisher, S. Brossard, M. Grubb, L. Pierce
SU-E-T-246 On Augmented DVH Analysis
A. Loveless*, A. Roy, I. Das, O. Nohadani
SU-E-T-247 Design and Implement of the Radiation Therapy Case Conference Multi-Media System Based On Windows Remote Desktop Feature
Q. Wu*, G. Li
SU-E-T-248 A Patient Data Management System for Philips Pinnacle-3 TPS
B. Zhang*
SU-E-T-249 Information Systems Infrastructure and Architecture for a Large Integrated and Centralized Oncology System
M. Izadbakhsh*, A. Le, E. Brandner, D. Heron, M. Huq
SU-E-T-250 Measurements of Surface and Interface Dose for 6 MV Photons in a Parallel Magnetic Field
A. Ghila*, B. Fallone, S. Rathee
SU-E-T-251 3D Collision Viewer for Proton Therapy Treatment Planning
Y. Hojo*, M. Gillin, K. Suzuki, R. Wu, X. Zhu
SU-E-T-252 Micro-Sized Implantable Electrocardiogram (ECG) Sensor for Real-Time Monitoring of Atrial Fibrillation
J. Lee*, H. Park, C. Son, H. Park, J. Lim, Y. Kim
SU-E-T-253 Treatment Planning and Dose Delivery of Photon Radiation Therapy of Cardiac Arrhythmias for Isolated Perfused Porcine Hearts
L. Song*, H. Lehmann, J. Cusma, J. Misiri, K. Parker, S. Johnson, R. Miller, D. Packer, M. Herman
SU-E-T-254 Tissue Specific Characteristics of Prompt Gamma in Proton Radiotherapy: A GEANT4 Simulation Study
A. Lau*, Y. Chen, S. Ahmad
SU-E-T-255 Monte Carlo Quantification of Dose Distributions Around Thin Lead Foils
L. Warmington*, Y. Watanabe
SU-E-T-256 Evaluation of Silver Dressing as Bolus
E. Hipp*, S. Becker, K. Osterman
SU-E-T-257 A Monte Carlo Simulation Study of Photon Beam with Energies 6X, 10X, 6FFF, 10FFF From a TrueBeam Linear Accelerator
D. Johnson*, Y. Chen, E. Schnell, S. Ahmad
SU-E-T-258 Commissioning of a Commercial Treatment Planning System Verification Software Package
C. Nelson, S. Davidson, B. Mason, S. Kirsner*
SU-E-T-259 Dosimetric Comparison of Cs-131 Vs. I-125 Vs. Pd-103 Intraoperative Brachytherapy in Patients with Resected Brain Metastasis
L. Nedialkova*, A. Sabbas, S. Trichter, F. Kulidzhanov, M. Delamerced, B. Parashar, D. Nori, K. Chao, M. Yondorf, G. Wernicke
SU-E-T-260 Risk of Second Cancer From Scattered Dose During the Radiation Therapy with Lung Cancer
D. Kim*, W. Chung, D. Shin, S. Park, K. Chung, M. Yoon
SU-E-T-261 Dosimetric Characterization and Comparison of the Elekta Agility and MLCi2 Multi-Leaf Collimator Heads
D. Cutright*, M. Gopalakrishnan, V. Sathiaseelan
SU-E-T-262 Comparing Linear Accelerator Gantry Angle Measurements Using An EPID and Spirit Level
J. Treas*, A. Jones, K. Higgins
SU-E-T-263 MRI-Guided Targeted Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy: Multi-Image Co-Registration
A. Bao*, Y. Zheng, R. Ellis, J. Fabien, C. Rhodes, V. Colussi, B. Wessels
SU-E-T-264 CTRC Experience: Patient Specific IMRT Quality Assurance with Ionization Chamber and Detector Arrays
W. Cruz*, S. Stathakis, P. Mavroidis, C. Esquivel, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-265 Measurement of Secondary Neutrons Produced in the (gamma,n) Reaction From the TrueBeam Linac Head
M. Harvey*, J. Pollard, Z. Wen, S. Gao
SU-E-T-266 New Improved Methods to Read Output Factors for Small Fields
C. Smith*, A. Bacala, S. Pella
SU-E-T-267 Preliminary Study of Development of the Respiratory Training System by Using the MEMS Acceleration Sensor for the Radiation Therapy
J. Sung, M. Yoon, W. Chung, D. Shin, S. Bae, D. Kim*
SU-E-T-268 Comparison of Dosimetry Characteristic Between Brass Mesh Bolus and Tissue Equivalent Bolus (conventional Bolus)
J. Gong*, D. Pavord
SU-E-T-269 Trends in Medical Physics Research
R. Keyes*
SU-E-T-270 Comparison of Different Methods of Iodine-125 Fixation On Silver Substrate for a Brachytherapy Seed
C. Daruich de Souza*, M. Chuery Martins Rostelato, C. Zeituni, J. Moura, F. Rodrigues de Mattos, F. dos Santos Peleias Jr, E. Santana de Moura, A. Feher, O. da Costa
SU-E-T-272 Cochlea Dose Tolerance for Acoustic Neuroma Patients Treated with CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiosurgery
A. Rashid*, D. Pang, S. Karam
SU-E-T-273 Investigation of Alopecia for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patient Treated with IMRT and Tomotherapy
W. Kong*, F. Lee, R. Ming Chun Chau
SU-E-T-274 Dosimetric Indicators of Radiation-Induced Toxicity in Meningioma Patients
L. Yin*, E. Kremmel, M. Alonso-Basanta, R. Munbodh
SU-E-T-275 Voxelized Second Cancer Risk Calculation - Comparison of Proton and Photon Radiotherapies for Hodgkin Lymphoma
K. Homann*, W. Newhauser, J. Eley, A. Giebeler, D. Mirkovic, A. Mahajan, R. Howell
SU-E-T-276 Equivalent Dose in Children Receiving Craniospinal Irradiation with Photons in a Developing Country Or with Protons in a Developed Country
P. Taddei*, N. Khater, B. Youssef, W. Jalbout, R. Howell, A. Mahajan, R. Zhang, D. Mirkovic, A. Giebeler, F. Geara, W. Newhauser
SU-E-T-277 Modeling Normal Tissue Complication Probability Based On Compiled Clinical Data From Skin Cancer Radiotherapy
P. Prior*, J. Wilson, X. Li
SU-E-T-278 Risk of Developing a Second Cancer in the Breast for Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients Receiving Carbon Ion Therapy Versus Proton Therapy
J. Eley*, T. Friedrich, K. Homann, A. Mahajan, M. Durante, C. Bert, R. Howell, M. Scholz, W. Newhauser
SU-E-T-279 Towards a Personalized Cardiovascular Dosimetry in Radiation Therapy
SU-E-T-280 CT Texture Analysis of Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Is Not Predictive of SNP Status
J. Yang*, T. Xu, S. Tucker, R. Williamson, Z. Liao, L. Court
SU-E-T-281 Pediatric Cranio-Spinal Axis Irradiation: Comparison of Radiation-Induced Secondary Malignancy Estimations Based On Three Methods of Analysis for Three Different Treatment Techniques
P. Myers*, S. Stathakis, P. Mavroidis, C. Esquivel, A. Gutiérrez, W. Jones, T. Eng, C. Ha, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-282 Prediction of Secondary Cancer in Pediatric, Adolescent, and Young Adult Patients Receiving Abdominal External Beam Radiotherapy
A. Toltz*, N. Shin, C. Laude, D. Roberge, C. Freeman, J. Seuntjens, W. Parker
SU-E-T-283 Risks of Cardiac Toxicity in Pediatric Patients Receiving Photon Or Proton Radiotherapy
R. Zhang*, R. Howell, K. Homann, A. Giebeler, P. Taddei, A. Mahajan, W. Newhauser
SU-E-T-284 Conversion of Computational Phantom to DICOM CT Images to Be Used in a Treatment Planning System for Epidemiologic Dose Reconstruction Studies
S. Lamart, C. Lee*, C. Lee
SU-E-T-285 Use of Computational Human Phantoms Combined with a Treatment Planning System to Study the Sensitivity of Reconstructed Normal Tissue Dose to Patient Size and Assumptions On Second Tumor Location
C. Lee, C. Lee*, S. Lamart, S. Simon, R. Curtis, P. Inskip
SU-E-T-286 Radiation Shielding Evaluation Based On Five Years of Data From A Busy CyberKnife Center
J. Yang*, J. Feng
SU-E-T-287 Measured Neutron Levels at the Washington University Proton Therapy Facility
C. Bloch*, K. Grantham, E. Klein
SU-E-T-288 Prediction of Initial Thyroid Therapy Clinical Exposure Rates Given the Amount of I-131 Activity and the Patient Habitus
C. Pickering, J. Dykes, J. Mas, M. Domingo, D. Yamauchi, G. Lopatin, J. Patricko, L. Williams*
SU-E-T-289 Investigation of the Backscatter and Attenuation Effect of the IntraOp Mobetron Attenuation Plate
X. Kong*, A. Zacarias, J. Harris
SU-E-T-290 Results of a 12 Year Survey of Workload for 10 Linear Accelerators at a High-Throughput Comprehensive Cancer Center
Z. Saleh*, L. Dauer, J. Mechalakos, J. St. Germain
SU-E-T-291 Study of Reduction Technique for the Secondary Dose Due to CBCT in Image Guided Radiotherapy
J. Sung, D. Kim, W. Chung, D. Kim, M. Yoon*
SU-E-T-292 In-Vivo Blood Oxygen Measurements Via Interstitial Fiber Optic Probe and Photoacoustic Imaging
D. Campos*, A. Torres, M. Lakshman, M. Kissick, R. Kimple, S. Jacques, Y. Yue
SU-E-T-293 A Radiobiological Model Based Approach to Evaluate Brain Radiotherapy Fractionation Regimens
N. Xiao*, F. Kong, S. Ryu, I. Chetty, J. Burmeister, M. Joiner, J. Jin
SU-E-T-294 Biological Effect of Motion On Fractionated Dose Delivery: Statistical Analysis and Simulation
D. Ruan*
SU-E-T-295 Optimizing Radiotherapy for Glioblastoma Using A Patient-Specific Mathematical Model
D. Corwin*, C. Holdsworth, R. Rockne, M. Phillips, K. Swanson, R. Stewart
SU-E-T-296 A Few Dosimetric Quality Indicators Provide Enough Dose Volume Histogram Information to Calculate Accurate Radiobiological Parameters in a Randomized Prostate Brachytherapy Trial
W. Butler*, G. Merrick
SU-E-T-297 Modeling the Cell Inactivation Process for High LET Particles by Using the Law of Mass Action
L. Perles*, U. Titt, D. Mirkovic, R. Mohan
SU-E-T-298 Dose and LET Based Normal Tissue Complication Probability Calculations in Proton Radiotherapy
A. Carabe-Fernandez*, M. Kondrla, R. Dale
SU-E-T-299 Sensitivity Analysis of the Radiobiological Parameters Used to Examine the Effectiveness of Different Fractionation Schedules in Prostate Cancer HDR Brachytherapy
W. Cruz*, P. Mavroidis, N. Milickovic, A. Karabis, S. Stathakis, N. Papanikolaou, N. Zamboglou, D. Baltas
SU-E-T-300 Physical Evidence of Gold Nanoparticle Induced Dose Enhancement in Radiotherapy
J. Son, D. Shin, D. Kim, J. Sung, M. Yoon*
SU-E-T-301 Evaluation of Simultaneously Integrated Boost (SIB) and Sequential IMRT Boost (SqIB) Treatments of Head and Neck Cancer Using Empirical Radiobiological Modeling
G. Narayanasamy*, S. Jang, A. Pyakuryal, I. Bacchus, A. Perez-Andujar, T. Sio, M. Kudrimoti
SU-E-T-302 Customizable Radiotherapy Enhancement (CuRE) for Retinal Diseases Using Nanoparticles
Y. Altundal*, E. Sajo, G. Makrigiorgos, W. Ngwa
SU-E-T-303 Radiobiological Evaluation of the Impact of Lung Density Variation in the Effectiveness of IMRT Treatment Plans
I. Jurkovic*, P. Mavroidis, S. Stathakis, C. Esquivel, Y. Li, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-304 On Dose Error Sensitivities for Hypofractionated Helical Tomotherapy Treatments
M. Kissick*, D. Campos, Y. Yue
SU-E-T-305 Study of Morphological Change in Apoptotic Cells
X. Yang, Y. Feng*, N. Zhang, Y. Liu, Y. Zhang, W. Liang, P. Wang, X. Hu
SU-E-T-306 Electronic Equilibrium in RBE of DSB Induction in Monte Carlo Simulations of Low Energy Photon and Electron Track Structures
P. Pater*, J. Seuntjens, M. Bernal, I. El Naqa
SU-E-T-307 Methodology for Spinal Cord Retreat Calculations
C. Geraghty*, B. Hasson, D. Workie
SU-E-T-308 Radiobiological Evaluation of the Three Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy, SmartArc, and Helical Tomotherapy Treatment Techniques for Pediatric Cranio-Spinal Axis Irradiation
P. Myers*, S. Stathakis, P. Mavroidis, A. Gutiérrez, C. Esquivel, W. Jones, T. Eng, C. Ha, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-309 Estimating Tumor Growth Rate After Single Fraction of Dosage
Y. Watanabe*, E. Dahlman
SU-E-T-310 Oxygen in S Pahse of a Cell Cycle
S. Akber*
SU-E-T-311 Tissue Weighting Factor and Its Clinical Relevance
S. Akber*
SU-E-T-312 Diagnosis of Microbeam Broadening From a Prototype Nanotechnology Microbeam Radiation Therapy Device Using Gafchromic EBT2 Film
M. Hadsell, R. Ger*, C. Inscoe, J. Lu, S. Chang, O. Zhou
SU-E-T-313 In Vivo Studies On the Pulsed Low-Dose Hyper-Radiosensitivity in Prostate Cancer
J. Ren*, B. Wang, X. Chen, L. Chen, D. Cvetkovic, F. Chen, C. Ma
SU-E-T-314 Novel System for Delivery of Electron Dose From Short Lived Isotopes
R. O'Brien*, W. Culbreth
SU-E-T-315 Preliminary Results of the Dosimetric Impact of Set-Up Accuracy for An Electron Breast Boost Technique
S. Davidson*, B. Mason, K. Kisling, R. Barrett, A. Bonetati, M. Ballo, S. Kirsner
SU-E-T-316 Dosimetry of Electron Beams at Extremely Extended SSD: Monte Carlo Calculations and Measurements
W. Xu, R. Zhang, M. Xu*, J. Roeske
SU-E-T-317 Play-Doh as a Bolus Material in Electron Radiotherapy
N. Kahler, H. Shi*, M. West, C. Nguyen
SU-E-T-318 A Simulation Study for Active Scanning Nozzle Design Using Beam Optic Parameters
C. Kim*, T. Yang, G. Han, H. Lee, H. Kim, H. Jang, J. Kim, D. Park, S. Chang, W. Hwang, G. Kim
SU-E-T-319 Verification of Dose Perturbations Due to High-Z Materials Inside Tissue
n. wakai*, H. Zhang, P. Zhou, I. Das, M. Takashina, M. Koizumi, k. ogawa, T. Teshima, n. matsuura
SU-E-T-320 Low Dose Rate Pediatric Total Body Irradiation (TBI) Using TrueBeam
N. Knutson*, S. Yaddanapudi, H. Li
SU-E-T-321 Scatter Factor and Dose Per MU Verification for FFF Fields
A. Sharikova*, T. Zhu
SU-E-T-322 Evaluation of Total Body Irradiation Technique Using 20 Diodes In-Vivo Dosimetry System
P. Zhou*, D. Kiszka, H. Zhang, Y. Jia, C. Desrosiers
SU-E-T-323 Characterization of the Two-Dimensional Liquid Field Ion Chamber Detector Array Used for the Verification of the Treatments in Radiation Therapy
M. Markovic*, S. Stathakis, C. Ha, B. Poppe, A. Gutierrez, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-324 Multi-Institution Comparison for TrueBeam Commissioning Data and Beam Modeling Verification Using An Anisotropic Analytical Algorithm
X. Zhang*, S. Gupta, E. Han, S. Morrill, J. Penagaricano, X. Liang, S. Sharma, M. Hardee, V. Ratanatharathorn
SU-E-T-325 Study of the Accuracy of the Dynamic Tracking System Using Radiographic Films
T. Yamagishi*, S. Sugimoto, R. Baba, H. Takato, T. Okumura, S. Takahashi, Y. Ogihara, S. Ozawa, K. Ebe
SU-E-T-326 Assessment of 2D / 3D Intra-Fractional Tumor Motion for Respiratory-Gated Radiotherapy
J. Lee, Y. Park, K. Choi*, S. Ye
SU-E-T-327 Dosimetry and Implementation of High-Dose Rate MLC-Based GRID Therapy Using a 6MV Flattened Filter Free (FFF) Photon Beam
K. Dou*
SU-E-T-328 3D Extrusion Based Printing of Custom Bolus Using a Non-Invasive and Low Cost Method
T. Fisher*, M. Bligh, T. Laurel, K. Rasmussen
SU-E-T-329 An Oracle Solution for Performance Benchmarking of Dynamic Multi-Leaf Collimator Algorithms
J. Sherman*, P. Keall
SU-E-T-330 Achieving a Uniform Breast Junction with the Elekta Agility
E. Letourneau*, F. Girard
SU-E-T-331 Dose Comparison of IVD2 Measurement and Eclipse Treatment Planning Calculation for Whole Brain Irradiation
Y. Jia*, H. Costlow, P. Zhou, C. Desrosiers, H. Zhang
SU-E-T-332 Verification of Prostate VMAT Treatment Plans Using the Octavius 4D System
T. Stelljes, H. Looe, K. Willborn, B. Poppe*
SU-E-T-333 A New Approach in Radiation Therapy: Proton Grid Therapy
G. Fois, Y. Prezado*
SU-E-T-334 APBI Contralateral Breast Dose
R. Robinson, C. Nelson, K. Kisling, G. Fisher, S. Kirsner*
SU-E-T-335 Healthy Tissue Dose Modeling Using Monte Carlo Methods for HDR Ir-192 Breast Brachytherapy Applicators
Y. Yang*, Y. Zhang, M. Rivard
SU-E-T-336 Geometric Optimizations of a Directional High Dose Rate Brachytherapy Source Using Monte Carlo
A. Heredia*, D. Henderson, B. Thomadsen
SU-E-T-337 Intensity Modulated Brachytherapy for Rectal Cancer Using A Novel Grooved Shielding Design
M. Webster*, S. Devic, T. Vuong, D. Scanderbeg, D. Han, W. Song
SU-E-T-338 Calculation of Dose Distributions From 106 Ruthenium COC-Type Eye Applicator
M. Futaguchi*, A. Haga, A. Sakumi, H. Okamoto, M. Hamada, M. Fuse, Y. Abe, N. Murakami, J. Itami, K. Nakagawa
SU-E-T-339 Dosimetric Verification of New Accuboost Applicators
J. Garcia-Cobian, S. Lee*, B. Curran, E. Sternick
SU-E-T-340 Predictive Models for Dosimetry of the Organs-At-Risk in Interstitial Gynecologic Brachytherapy
A. Damato*, A. Viswanathan, R. Cormack
SU-E-T-341 Experimental Evaluation of Free Radical Generation in Nanoparticle-Aided Radiation Therapy
N. Paudel*, D. Shvydka, E. Findsen, E. Parsai
SU-E-T-342 Differences of Dose to Pelvic Organs at Risk (OAR) with Use of Vaginal Multi-Channel Cylinder Applicator for Adjuvant High-Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy to the Vaginal Cuff
T. Neicu*, V. Valakh, P. Chan, P. Charpentier, S. Li
SU-E-T-343 Dosimetric Analysis of Catheter Displacement in High Dose Rate Prostate Brachytherapy
S. Park*, M. Kamrava, R. Banerjee, D. Demanes
SU-E-T-344 Interfractional Needle Displacement During HDR Brachytherapy for Patients with Gynecological Cancer Using Interstitial Needle Template
S. Benhabib*, R. Kim, J. Duan, L. Burnett, R. Popple, X. Wu, R. Cardan, I. Brezovich, S. Shen
SU-E-T-345 Dose Comparison of TG-43 and Acuros Algorithm to Account Lateral Scatter in Dose Distribution
s. deshpande*, P. Patwe, S. Avdhoot, V. Anand, R. Bajpai, V. Kannan
SU-E-T-346 Dosimetric Evaluation of a High-Dose-Rate Modified-Rotte "Y" Applicator for Treatment of Inoperable Endometrial Cancer
C. Esquivel*, S. Stathakis, T. Eng, A. Patel, A. Gutiérrez, P. Mavroidis, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-347 Dosimetric Effects Of Air Cavity Migration Through The Mammosite Multi-Lumen Balloon Treatments
W. Li*, L. Liu, A. Shapiro
SU-E-T-348 Dosimetric Characteristic of Zeiss IntraBeam Flat and Surface Applicators
Y. Xu*, S. Lam
SU-E-T-349 An Optimized Dosimetric Study of a Multi-Channel Vaginal Cylindrical Applicator in Brachytherapy
J. Syh*, J. Syh, H. Wu, M. White, B. Patel, L. Rosen
SU-E-T-350 Investigation About Source of Errors in Treatment Planning of HDR Brachytherapy by Using a New Phantom Design Combined with Gafchromic Films and TG-43 Calculation
S. Gholami*, H. Mirzaei, A. Meigooni, A. Jabariarfaei, S. Mahdavi, e. blookat, m. ghorbani
SU-E-T-351 Pre-Treatment Simulation Tolerance and Dosimetry Effects On OARs for the Cylinder High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy Treatment of Vaginal Cuff Cancer
C. Shi*, D. Fang, C. Iannuzzi
SU-E-T-352 MRI-Based Post Dosimetry for Prostate Seed Implant
J. Li*, M. Lin, L. Chen, C. Ma
SU-E-T-353 Feasibility of 3D Dosimetry for Prostate LDR: Monte Carlo Simulations of Pd-103, I-125, and Cs-131 Seeds in Deformable PRESAGE
Y. Yang*, M. Oldham, J. Adamovics, J. Adamson
SU-E-T-354 Dosimetry Parameters Revisited for the IsoAid Model IAI-125A Brachytherapy Seed
P. Aryal*, J. Molloy, M. Rivard
SU-E-T-355 A Novel Ophthalmic Applicator Design for Brachytherapy for Conjunctival Melanoma
C. Lee*, H. Demirci, J. Hayman
SU-E-T-356 Brachytherapy Iodine-125 Seeds: New Laboratory Developed in Brazil
C. Daruich de Souza*, M. Chuery Martins Rostelato, C. Zeituini, J. Moura, F. Rodrigues de Mattos, F. dos Santos Peleias Jr, E. Santana de Moura, A. Feher, O. da Costa
SU-E-T-357 Dosimetric Verification of the Enhanced Dynamic Wedges Using a 2D Ion Chamber Array
S. Oh, S. Kim*, m. kang, J. Yea
SU-E-T-358 Double-Ends Quasi-Breath-Hold (DE-QBH) Technique for Respiratory Motion Management
S. Kim*, Y. Park, J. Lee, K. Choi, S. Ye
SU-E-T-359 Patients Could (and Should) Be Treated in An Upright Position
L. Court*, J. Yang, D. Fullen, N. Han, J. Ko, S. Mason, K. Nguyen, S. Stein, X. Fave, M. Hsieh, S. Kuruvila, E. Hillebrandt, J. Palmer, B. Beadle, B. Dabaja, H. Skinner, G. Ibbott, P. Balter
SU-E-T-360 Development of a Detection System for Intra-Fractional Motion in Intracranial Treatment Using Patient Surface Pressure
H. Inata*, F. Araki, Y. Nakaguchi, S. Nakayama, Y. Itoh, K. Uwatsu, O. Nishizaki
SU-E-T-361 Use of a MEMS Accelerometer to Detect Motion in Patients During Delivery of Radiotherapy
A. Markovic*
SU-E-T-362 Use of a MEMS Accelerometer to Monitor Breathing Motion
A. Markovic*
SU-E-T-363 Combination of Dental Putty Based Bite Block and Immobilization Mask Improves the Setup Accuracy of Stereotactic Radiosurgery of Brain Metastasis
Z. Liu*, A. Tazi, J. Barrett, S. Sha
SU-E-T-364 Investigation of the PMLC Delivery Accuracy for MERT On An Artiste Linac
L. Jin*, A. Eldib, J. Li, J. Fan, L. Wang, T. Lin, C. Ma
SU-E-T-365 Respiratory Motion-Induced Dose Uncertainty in Step-And-Shoot IMRT
H. Li*, P. Park, W. Liu, J. Matney, Z. Liao, X. Zhang, X. Zhu
SU-E-T-366 Time-Resolved EPID Dosimetry for Validating ArcIMRT
I. Yeo*, J. Jung, J. Kim, B. Patyal
SU-E-T-367 Dosimetric Comparison of VMAT and S&S IMRT Regarding the Dose Delivered to the Skin in Different Cancer Sites
D. Defoor*, S. Stathakis, M. Regan, C. Esquivel, P. Mavroidis, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-368 Effect of Oblique Beam Incidence On 3D Dose Reconstruction for Small Field IMRT QA
J. Zhang*, W. Laub
SU-E-T-369 Dosimetric Accuracy of Delivering Cu-ATSM PET Dose Painting Plans with Tomotherapy
T. Bradshaw*, M. Henzler, L. Forrest, R. Jeraj
SU-E-T-370 To Study the Impact of Energy Variation On Cone Ratio, PDD, TMR and IMRT Doses for Flattening Filter Free (FFF) Beam of TomoTherapy Hi-Art(TM)
R. Tolakanahalli*, L. Robeck, D. Tewatia
SU-E-T-371 Can Dose Matrix Mapping to Kilo-Voltage Cone Beam CT Images Be Reliably Used to Monitor Weekly Dose Changes for Head and Neck Cancer Patients?
H. Liu*, Q. Shang, J. Greskovich, S. Koyfman, R. Lotey, P. Xia
SU-E-T-372 Quality Assurance Plan Veto (QAPV): Reincarnation of Record and Verify System and Its Potential Value
V. Gutti*, C. Noel, D. Yang, W. Bosch, S. Mutic, E. Ford, S. Terezakis, L. Santanam
SU-E-T-373 Feasibility of Treatment Adaptation Using MLC Leaf Shifting Algorithm to Account for Neck Position Changes for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer
Q. Shang*, H. Liu, S. Koyfman, J. Greskovich, P. Xia
SU-E-T-374 A Simple Virtual Source Model for Monte Carlo Simulation of Helical TomoTherapy
J. Yuan*, Y. Zheng, J. Brindle, Q. Chen
SU-E-T-375 Evaluation of the Ability of Three Commercially Available Dosimeters to Detect Systematic Delivery Errors in IMRT Plans
A. Gray*, O. Bawazeer, S. Arumugam, P. Vial, D. Thwaites, L. Holloway
SU-E-T-376 Incorporating Photon Beamlet Energy in Optimization of Intensity Modulated Beams
P. McGeachy*, R. Khan
SU-E-T-377 Evaluation and Implementation of An IMRT Quality Assurance Procedure to Include Patient-Specific Volumetric Dose Analysis
B. Mathews*, E. Grant, S. Maricle
SU-E-T-378 IMRT Severity Scoring for TG-100: Do You Really Know?
J. Tonigan*, S. Kry, P. Balter, A. Faught, D. Followill
SU-E-T-379 Clinical Implementation of VMAT
P. Kapur*, D. Kahler, C. Liu, R. Kapoor
SU-E-T-380 Modeling MLC Leaf End in 2D for Sliding Window IMRT and Arc Therapy
X. Liang*, T. Zhu
SU-E-T-381 The Step-And-Shoot IMRT Overshooting Phenomena: A Novel Method to Mitigate Patient Overdosage
A. Pompos*, H. Zhen, L. Ouyang, Q. Bao, S. Stojadinovic
SU-E-T-382 Investigation of the Characteristics of the OCTAVIUS Detector 1000 SRS for Verification of the Small Field Size IMRT and SRS Beams
M. Markovic*, S. Stathakis, C. Ha, B. Poppe, A. Guiterrez, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-383 3D Dose Reconstruction From Tomotherapy Detector Response of the Pre-Treatment QA
S. Suh*, A. Liu, J. Wong, T. Schultheiss
SU-E-T-384 Combining Multiple Arcs Into a Single Arc for Efficient Delivery
S. Oddiraju*, D. Rangaraj, L. Papiez
SU-E-T-385 Comparison of Breast Radiotherapy Induced Secondary Cancer Risk for 3D-Conformal Therapy, IMRT and VMAT
B. Lee, J. Sung, M. Yoon*
SU-E-T-386 Does the Couch Need to Be Included for Accurate IMRT Planning?
M. Gulam*, A. Gopal, K. Chin, J. Kim, A. Orfali, J. Gordon, I. Chetty, T. Nurushev
SU-E-T-387 Evaluation of VMAT Dosimetric Effect Caused by Slowing MLC Leaves Using MapCHECK
Z. Xu*, I. Wang
SU-E-T-388 The Feasibility Study for the New IMRT Technique of Expansion Radiation Field Using the Vero4DRT Gimbal Mechanism
S. Kabuki*, M. Yoshida, T. Yamakawa, E. Kunieda
SU-E-T-389 Treatment Interruptions in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) and Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS): Influence and Compensation
F. Guo*, V. Chiang, J. Yu, B. Chang, J. Bond, Z. Chen, R. Nath, J. Deng
SU-E-T-390 Impact of Collimator Angles During VMAT Planning and Delivery
C. Yang*, N. Mistry, Y. Chen, K. Doxsee
SU-E-T-391 Quantitative Measurement and Modeling of the Variations in Dose Distributions Induced by Cyclic Motion
J. Taguenang*, S. Ahmad, I. Ali
SU-E-T-392 Physical Characterization and Clinical Experience for An Integrated 160-Leaf Multi-Leaf Collimator with a New Concept Design
Y. Nakaguchi*, F. Araki, T. Ono, H. Inata
SU-E-T-393 A Study of Varian Linac Beam Data Equivalency for IMRT
A. Dimofte*, T. Zhu
SU-E-T-394 Evaluation of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) Efficiency Using the Elekta Agility
J. Moore*, K. Smith, M. Duhon, J. Qian, R. Gonzales, T. McNutt, J. Wong
SU-E-T-395 MCNPX Simulation of Dosimetry From Grid Tpye Multi-Layer Pixel Collimator for Radiation Therapy Treatment
D. Yoon*, T. Suh
SU-E-T-396 An Improved Sequencing Algorithm for Dynamic Multileaf Collimator in Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
j. jia*, J. Chow
SU-E-T-397 A Review of RapidArc Standard Deviations
E. Brandner*, R. Specht, S. Bahri, I. Poltinnikov, M. Huq
SU-E-T-398 Case Study of Performance Testing Method for An Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning System Named RayStation
Q. Wu*, X. Zhang, X. Yang, W. Yan, G. Li
SU-E-T-399 Improving Gated Delivery Efficiency Using Brief Breath Holds at Both Inhale and Exhale
S. Geneser*, B. Fahimian, L. Xing
SU-E-T-400 Impact of Inhomogeneous Tissue On IMRT QA for MatriXX
Y. Yin*, J. Chen
SU-E-T-401 On the Use of Onboard Portal Dosimetry for Patient-Specific QA of RapidArc Plans
H. Abbas*, D. Carlson, J. Deng, R. Nath, Z. Chen
SU-E-T-402 Comparison of Two Methods for Minimizing the Effect of Delayed Charge On the Dose Delivered with a Synchrotron Based Discrete Spot Scanning Proton Beam
T. Whitaker*, C. Beltran, J. Kruse, M. Bues, N. Remmes, E. Tryggestad, A. Tasson, M. Herman
SU-E-T-403 Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy Plans with Multiple Fields for Prostate Cancer
S. Dhanesar*, N. Sahoo, M. Kerr, M. Taylor, P. Summers, P. Alvarez, R. Wu, F. Poenisch, X. Zhu, M. Gillin
SU-E-T-404 Quantification of Proton Dose Enhancement Resulting From Gold Nanoparticles
J. Schuemann*, S. Dowdell, G. Barbone, H. Paganetti
SU-E-T-405 Basic Performance Comparison Between Two Types of Proton Beam Modulated Scanning Systems
J. Farr*, F. Dessy, O. DeWilde, O. Bietzer, D. Schoenenberg, M. Stuschke
SU-E-T-406 Dosimetric Impact of the Air-Filled Rectal Balloon for Prostate Proton Treatment
J. Li*, M. Lin, W. Luo, C. Ma
SU-E-T-407 Dosimetric Influence of Setup Errors On RapidArc-Based SRS for Simultaneous Irradiation of Multiple Intracranial Targets
Y. Yang*, Y. Zhang, T. Li, X. Li, D. Heron, M. Huq
SU-E-T-408 Dosimetric Effect of Intrafraction Motion in Spine SRS: A Retrospective Study
D. Schulze*, D. Yan, I. Grills, M. Jawad, J. Wloch, S. Martin, J. Zhou
SU-E-T-409 A Probability Density Function Based Dose Calculation for Gated Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy in Lung Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
Y. Zhang*, Y. Yang, X. Li, T. Li, D. Heron, M. Huq
SU-E-T-410 Initial Results From Multiple Irradiations of An Anthropomorphic Liver Phantom
A. Molineu*, P. Alvarez, C. Amador, T. Craig, M. Gillin, D. Followill
SU-E-T-411 Monte Carlo Simulations for Quality Assurance of Varian TrueBeam 10XFFF VMAT SABR Treatments
E. Gete*, A. Bergman, C. Duzenli, R. Lee, F. Viel, T. Teke
SU-E-T-412 What Is the Benefit of Fiducial Marker Implantation for Pancreatic SBRT?
B. Jones*, G. Gan, T. Schefter, M. Miften
SU-E-T-413 Dosimetric Evaluation and Clinical Implementation of IPlan Monte Carlo Algorithm For Lung Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR)
R. Badkul*, D. Pokhrel, H. Jiang, F. Wang, P. Kumar
SU-E-T-414 4D Vs 3D Dose Calculations for Non-Small-Lung-Cancer: A Comparison Using Tumor Control Probability (TCP)
G. Valdes*, D. Low, P. Lee, K. Iwamoto, C. Robinson, J. Lamb
SU-E-T-415 Dosimetric Measurements of An N-Butyl Cyanoacrylate Embolization Material for Arteriovenous Malformations
Z. Labby*, D. Roberts, N. Chaudhary, J. Gemmete, A. Pandey
SU-E-T-416 Targeting Accuracy of a TrueBeam System for Multi-Lesion Cranial Radiosurgery with Single Isocenter
H. Li*, J. Kim, J. Gordon, J. Jin, Y. Huang, K. Chin, N. Wen, I. Chetty, S. Ryu
SU-E-T-417 Registration with and Without the Cranium When Using the ExacTrac System for Frameless Intracranial SRS
B. McCabe*, J. Li, K. Yenice
SU-E-T-418 Dynamic Arc Technique Improves Delivery Accuracy of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) for Spine
L. Huang*, T. Djemil, S. Chao, J. Suh, P. Xia
SU-E-T-419 To Validate Dose Delivery in Static Field Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) of Lung Cancer
C. Joshi*, L. Garcia, T. Olding, K. Alexander, T. Owen, A. Kerr
SU-E-T-420 Optimizing Accuracy of the BrainLab SRS Mask System On a Varian TrueBeam Linac
B. Rasmussen*, K. Chu
SU-E-T-421 Commissioning of Brainlab Cones for 6xFFF and 10xFFF Beams On a Varian TrueBeam STx
D. Wiant*, J. Terrell, C. Yount, J. Maurer, J. Pursley, B. Sintay
SU-E-T-422 Evaluation of PTV Dose Margins for Lung SBRT On Cyberknife Treatment
J. Fan*, L. Wang, L. Jin, Q. Xu, X. Chen, J. Li, R. Price, C. Ma
SU-E-T-423 Effect of X-Ray Source Spot Size Modeling in AcurosXB Dose Calculation Algorithm On VMAT Based SBRT Treatments
M. Kathirvel*, V. Sai Subramanian, S. Thirumalai Swamy, G. Arun, N. Jagadheeskumar, I. Arivarasan, V. Subramani
SU-E-T-424 Improved Dosimetric Accuracy for Cyberknife Patient Plans Using a Dual-Detector Measurement Method for Relative Output Factors
E. Vandervoort*, D. La Russa, N. Ploquin, J. Szanto, E. Henderson, P. Francescon
SU-E-T-425 Implementation of the TG-147 Protocol in Conjunction with the Calypso GPS Tracking System for Higher Confidence of Prostate Patients Being Treated On RTOG Study 0938
A. Morris*, B. Hasson, P. Sullivan, C. Hand, S. Philbrook
SU-E-T-426 Dynamic Conformal Sub-Arc Vs VMAT Planning for SBRT Lung Treatment
C. Yount*, B. Sintay, D. Wiant, J. Pursley, J. Terrell, J. Maurer, A. Baydush
SU-E-T-427 Beam-Attenuation in the Aktina Memorial Body Cradle: An SBRT Frame
E. Hipp*, S. Becker, K. Osterman
SU-E-T-428 A Comparative Study of Conventional Radiotherapy, Hypofractionation, and SBRT in Prostate Cancer Using Biological Effective Dose
M. Sigler*, M. Snyder
SU-E-T-429 Delivery Accuracy of Stereotactic Radiosurgery with Tomotherapy Using Treatment Planning System Version V4.0 and the Recent Upgrade V4.2
V. Thakur*, R. Ruo, J. Seuntjens, W. Parker, R. Doucet, E. Soisson
SU-E-T-430 Planning and Dosimetric Comparison of the Gamma Knife Convolution and TMR 10 Algorithms
J. Cates*, R. Drzymala, E. Izaguirre, B. Sun
SU-E-T-431 Validation of Dose Escalation in Hypofractionated Hemi-Larynx Irradiation of Early-Stage True Vocal Cord Cancer Based On Anthropomorphic Phantom Measurements
C. Ding*, S. Chun, B. Hrycushko, T. Solberg, R. Timmerman
SU-E-T-432 Dosimetric Computation of Cyberknife SBRT Plans for Treatment of Kidney and Adrenal Gland
D. Albani*, J. Fabien, J. Brindle, Y. Zhang, D. Dobbins, B. Wessels, R. Ellis, T. Podder
SU-E-T-433 Evaluation of the ArcCheck Device for Patient-Specific Quality Assurance in Step-And-Shoot IMRT for Single-Fraction Spinal SBRT
J. Daartz*, B. Winey, M. Bussiere, D. Gierga, B. Crawford, D. Sedlacek, C. Cotter
SU-E-T-434 A Comparison Between Cyberknife-Based and LINAC-Based Fiducial-Less Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy of Lung Lesions Without Respiratory Gating Or Tracking
M. Monterroso, Z. Wang*, D. Arsenault, W. Amestoy
SU-E-T-435 4D MIMVista Workflow Vs 4D Dose Calculations Based On a Monte Carlo Method
G. Valdes*, K. Iwamoto, P. Lee, D. Low, C. Robinson, J. Lamb
SU-E-T-436 Lung Material Phantom for Small Field Monte Carlo Dose Validation
J. McKay*, I. Das, C. Cheng, J. Xue, J. Grimm, R. Berg
SU-E-T-437 Dosimetric Effect of Uncorrected Rotations in Lung SBRT with Stereotactic Imaging Guidance
T. Zhuang*, A. Markovich, P. Xia
SU-E-T-438 Dosimetric Effect of Patient Arm Position in Spinal CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery
I. Mihaylov*, C. Tien, J. Hepel
SU-E-T-439 3D Dosimetry for Volumetric Modulated Arc Stereotactic Delivery Using Compass
S. Vikraman*, D. Manigandan, U. Mohanraj, K. Karrthick, N. Karthikeyan, B. Saranganathan, R. Sambasivaselli, V. Senniandavar, P. Sathiyaraj, K. Tejinder
SU-E-T-440 Analysis of Plan Quality with Different Penalties On Segment Width for Volumetric Modulated Arc Delivery of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
N. Karthikeyan*, K. Ganesh, S. Vikraman, K. Karrthick, U. Mohanraj, B. Saranganathan, V. Senniandavar, R. Sambasivaselli, P. Sathiyaraj, K. Tejinder, S. Supe
SU-E-T-441 First Results Using Thermoluminescent Chips to Estimate Neutron Doses Near Proton Dose Delivery Regions in Solid Water Phantoms
C. Allgower*, C. Reft
SU-E-T-442 Characteristics of Prompt Gamma Compton Interactions in Detectors
D. Mackin*, J. Polf, S. Avery, E. Lee, D. Dolney, S. Beddar
SU-E-T-443 Measuring Prompt Gamma Emission During Passive Beam Proton Radiotherapy for Real Time Treatment Verification
J. Jeyasugiththan*, S. Peterson
SU-E-T-444 A Comparison of Single-Field Vs Multi-Field Delivery Uncertainty in Proton Therapy
K. Grantham*, E. Klein
SU-E-T-445 Prostate Motion Effect Evaluation in Proton Pencil Beam Scanning Delivery
S. Tang*, C. Deville, J. McDonough, Z. Tochner, K. Wang, N. Vapiwala, S. Both
SU-E-T-447 Methods and Device for Dose Based Proton Radiography
E. Bentefour*, D. Samuel, M. Testa, H. Lu
SU-E-T-448 Effectiveness of An In-Gate Beam Tracking Method in Spot-Scanning Proton Therapy
T. Matsuura*, Y. Fujii, R. Fujimoto, M. Umezawa, N. Miyamoto, K. Sutherland, S. Takao, H. Nihongi, C. Toramatsu, S. Shimizu, K. Umegaki, H. Shirato
SU-E-T-449 In-Vivo Dosimetry and Range Verification for Proton Therapy
Y. Zheng*
SU-E-T-450 Dose Perturbation of Spinal Metal Implants in Proton Beam Therapy
Y. Jia*, L. Zhao, C. Cheng, M. McDonald, I. Das
SU-E-T-451 Patient and Site-Specific Assessment of the Value of Routine Monte Carlo Dose Calculation in Proton Therapy
J. Schuemann*, M. Testa, M. Bueno, C. Min, M. Moteabbed, D. Giantsoudi, H. Paganetti
SU-E-T-452 Episcleral Eye Plaque Dosimetry Comparison for the Eye Physics EP917 Using Plaque Simulator and Monte Carlo Simulation
L. Zimmermann*, A. Amoush, D. Wilkinson
SU-E-T-453 PET Image-Guided Dose Escalation Study for Cervical Cancer Patients Receiving HDR Brachytherapy
J. Anderson*, K. Kiel, R. Yao, Y. Liao, D. Bernard, N. Biswal, J. Turian, J. Chu
SU-E-T-454 Comparative Dosimetry of the Xoft Cervical Applicator and HDR Ir-192 Henschke Applicator
R. Holt*, L. Kelley, T. Rusch, H. Hausen
SU-E-T-455 A Treatment Planning Feasibility Study for Prostate LDR Brachytherapy Treatments Using the New 103-Pd CivaString Source. Comparison with Clinical Cases Using the TheraSeed Model 200 103-Pd Source
J. Ververs*, M. Anscher, M. Rivard, D. Todor
SU-E-T-456 Prospective Investigation of Feasibility of Three-Dimensional Treatment Planning of Intracavitary Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer Based On Computed Tomography Images
O. Yoshifumi*, A. Hidetaka, H. Yoshiyuki, S. Yasumasa, T. Masahiko, I. Mutsumi, F. Noboru, N. Masayuki, H. Hideki
SU-E-T-457 Evaluation of Image-Guided LDR Syed Implant and Differential Loading in the Treatment of Uterine Cervix
N. Bhandare*
SU-E-T-458 Adjoint Sensitivity Based Greedy Heuristic Treatment Planning Algorithm: Application To Multicatheter Interstitial High Dose Rate Brachytherapy For Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation
V. Chaswal*, B. Thomadsen
SU-E-T-459 Distance Matters --- the Minimum CTV-To-Bladder Distance Tells All in HDR Cervical Cancer Treatment
M. Li*, J. Wong, M. Karim, Z. Gao, Y. Goldberg
SU-E-T-460 Image Based Treatment Planning for Intraluminal Brachytherapy in Bile Duct Carcinoma
S. Chaudhari*, R. Engineer, D. Deshpande, S. Shrivastava
SU-E-T-461 Cervical HDR Optimization Using Oncentra Masterplan's IPSA Algorithm
C. Knill*, R. Halford, M. Dominello, S. Miller
SU-E-T-462 Energy Modulated Photon Radiotherapy: A Monte Carlo Investigation
Y. Zhang*, Y. Feng, X. Ming, R. Nath, J. Deng
SU-E-T-463 A Dosimetric Evaluation of CBCT Guided Intra-Fractional Adaptive Radiotherapy for VMAT
V. Kearney*, L. Jiang, X. Gu, T. Solberg, W. Mao
SU-E-T-464 Dosimetric Assessment of a New Multi-Center Protocol for Radiotherapy of Multiple Ipsilateral Breast Cancers
G. Chen*, A. Currey, T. Yen, X. Li
SU-E-T-465 A Patient Pebble Bed Pool for TBI
S. Koren*, K. Bernstein, S. Chen, D. Passarelli, D. No, C. Tai, N. Kalach, E. Furhang
SU-E-T-466 A New Evaluation Method of Deformable Image Registration Algorithms for Image-Guided Radiation Therapy
Y. Saito*, K. TATEOKA, A. Nakata, T. Nakazawa, T. Abe, M. Yano, K. Sakata
SU-E-T-467 A New Conversion Method of Pixel Values to Hounsfield Units for Cone Beam CT Images
K. TATEOKA*, T. Abe, T. Nakazawa, Y. Saito, A. Nakata, M. Yano, K. Sakata
SU-E-T-468 Daily KV Cone-Beam CT and Deformable Image Registration as a Method for Studying Dosimetric Consequences of Anatomic Changes in Adaptive CRT of Lung Cancer
C. Ma*
SU-E-T-469 Dosimetric Impact of Whole Breast Treatment Planning with Tissue Heterogeneity Correction
S. Nishioka*, L. Kim, S. Goyal, A. Khan, B. Haffty, N. Yue
SU-E-T-470 Monte Carlo Simulation of Fast Neutron Treatments for Head and Neck Cancers
G. Moffitt*, R. Stewart, G. Sandison, R. Emery, T. Jevremovic
SU-E-T-471 Potential of Using Simultaneous Integrated Boost (SIB) to Significantly Improve the Normal Tissue Sparing For Advanced Staged Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer(NSCLC)
X. Wang*, L. Liao, H. Wang, H. Li, Y. Li, X. Li, M. Quan, Z. Liao, X. Zhang
SU-E-T-472 Personalized 3D Dose Prediction for Intrabeam Treatments Based On Patient CT Imaging with Monte Carlo GATE Simulations
d. bouzid*, N. Boussion, P. Dupré, J. Bert, O. Pradier, D. Visvikis
SU-E-T-473 Preplanning of Stereotactic Radiosurgery Using the Brainlab IPlan Treatment Planning System
K. Ahn*, N. Ozturk, B. Smith, B. Aydogan
SU-E-T-474 Adaptive Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) Planning for Lung Cancer: Can We Predict Who Will Benefit?
Y. Qin*, C. Kelsey, D. Yoo, F. Yin, J. Cai
SU-E-T-475 Dynamic Conformal Sub-Arc Vs 3D Planning for SBRT Lung Treatment
A. Baydush*, D. Wiant, J. Terrell, J. Pursley, C. Yount, J. Maurer, B. Sintay
SU-E-T-476 4-Dimensional Dosimetric Comparison of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Lung Tumor With Versus Without Tumor Tracking Technique
C. Ding*, B. Hrycushko, T. Solberg
SU-E-T-477 Study of MLC Apertures and Their Significance for Volumetric Arc Therapy in the Management of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
J. Spaans, L. Mackowiak, H. Malhotra*
SU-E-T-478 Prescription to 50-75% Isodose Line May Be Optimum for Linac Radiosurgery of Cranial Lesions
B. Zhao*, J. Jin, N. Wen, I. Chetty, S. Ryu
SU-E-T-479 Dosimetric Evaluation of 3 Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy (3DCRT), Dynamic Conformal Arc Therapy (DCAT) & Volumetric Arc Therapy (VMAT) in the Management of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Using Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
B. Rauschenbach, L. Mackowiak, H. Malhotra*
SU-E-T-480 Can PTV Density Be Overridden for SBRT Lung Planning?
. Fu*, H. Perera, S. Rudoler, Y. Yu
SU-E-T-481 Treatment Plans of Brain Metastasis with Cutting Edge Radiation Therapy Techniques: A Dosimetric Comparison Study of 3D Conformational Radiotherapy, Intensity Modulation Radiation Therapy, Dynamic Stereotactic Radiation Therapy and Contrast-Enhanced Synchrotron Radiation Therapy
A. Tessier, M. Vautrin, M. Benkebil, j. adam*
SU-E-T-482 Novel Planning Technique for Treating Large Volume Arteriovenous Malformations Using SRS
P. Desai*, B. Caroprese, H. McKellar
SU-E-T-483 Factors Contributing to the Increased Proton RBE at the Distal Edge of Bragg Peak
C. Cheng*, M. Takashina, M. Suga, I. Das, V. Moskvin
SU-E-T-484 A Closed Parameterization of Microscopic Damage as a Function of Energy in Dose Deposition by Charged Particles
F. Van den Heuvel*
SU-E-T-485 Comparison of the Oncogenic Potential for Radiation-Associated, Second Malignant Neoplasms for Several Prostate Radiotherapy Modalities as a Function of Relative OAR & PTV Volumes
M. Price*, J. Fontenot, J. Lian, G. Nichols, K. Burkhardt, R. Erwin, N. VanderWalde, J. Dooley, G. Tracton, S. Chang
SU-E-T-486 Evaluation of the Fisher-Kolmogorov Glioma Growth Model for Radiotherapy Target Delineation
J. Unkelbach*, F. Dittmann, B. Menze, E. Konukoglu, H. Shih
SU-E-T-487 A Method to Vectorize the Dose Distribution, the Dose Volume Histogram
C. Mayo*, C. Zankowski, M. Herman, R. Miller, K. Olivier, J. Suominen
SU-E-T-488 Secondary Malignancy Risks in Lung Cancer Radiotherapy with Helical Tomotherapy, Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy, and Conformal Radiotherapy
N. Papanikolaou*, G. Komisopoulos, S. Rodriguez, S. Stathakis, C. Esquivel, G. Nikiforidis, G. Sakellaropoulos, P. Mavroidis
SU-E-T-489 Radiobiological Evaluation of the Inter-Fractional Organ Deformations in Cervical Cancer Treatments with HDR Brachytherapy
C. Esquivel*, P. Mavroidis, S. Stathakis, J. Choi, T. Eng, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-490 A Geant4 Implementation of the Generalized Boltzmann Fokker-Plank Method
D. Dixon*, A. Prinja
SU-E-T-492 High Precision Cross Sections and Physics Models for Proton Interactions Below 20 MeV in Geant4
S. Enger*, V. Giusti, P. Arce
SU-E-T-495 Monte Carlo Simulations of Relative DNA Damage From KV CBCT Radiation
C. Kirkby*, E. Ghasroddashti, Y. Poirier, M. Tambasco, R. Stewart
SU-E-T-497 A Method for Automatic Commissioning of a GPU-Based Monte Carlo Code for Clinical Photon Beam Dose Calculation
Z. Tian*, R. Townson, Y. Graves, X. Jia, S. Jiang
SU-E-T-498 Implementation of Clinical Monte Carlo Dose Calculation for CyberKnife On a Web-Based Treatment Planning System WebTPS
K. Zerouali*, M. Renaud, F. DeBlois, H. Bouchard, J. Carrier
SU-E-T-499 A Geant4/TOPAS Monte Carlo System for Validating Proton Therapy Treatment Plan Calculations at Mayo Clinic
H. Wan Chan Tseung*, C. Beltran
SU-E-T-500 3D-Personalized Monte Carlo Dosimetry in 90Y-Microspheres Therapies of Primary and Secondary Hepatic Cancers: Absorbed Dose and Biological Effective Dose Considerations
A. Petitguillaume*, M. BERNARDINI, C. Michel, C. de Labriolle-Vaylet, D. Franck, A. Desbree
SU-E-T-501 A Sensitivity Study of Tissue Characterization for Brachytherapy Monte Carlo Dose Calculation
S. Bedwani*, J. Carrier, H. Bouchard
SU-E-T-502 In Search of the Optimum Ion for Radiotherapy
F. Guan*, U. Titt, M. Bangert, R. Mohan
SU-E-T-503 Exploiting the Rotational Symmetry of Tomotherapy to Reduce Dose Perturbations From MRI-Guided Radiotherapy: A Monte Carlo Investigation
Y. Yang*, M. Geurts, J. Smilowitz, E. Sterpin, B. Bednarz
SU-E-T-504 Electron Beam Tuning Methodology for TrueBeam Phase-Space Library Generation
M. Constantin*, D. Sawkey, M. Svatos
SU-E-T-505 Monte Carlo Simulations for TrueBeam Using 4D IAEA Phase Spaces
J. Lobo*, I. Popescu
SU-E-T-506 Modification of the Low-Energy Electron Energy Spectrum in the Presence of Gold Nanoparticle
j. jia*, J. Chow, M. Leung, D. Jaffray
SU-E-T-507 Dosimetric Validation of An IntrabeamTM GATE Model, Based On Monte Carlo GEANT4 Toolkit, for IORT Applications
d. bouzid*, D. Visvikis, P. Dupré, J. Bert, O. Pradier, N. Boussion
SU-E-T-508 Monte Carlo Dosimetric Study of the CSM40 Low Dose Rate Source
J. Vijande*, D. Granero, C. Candela-Juan, F. Ballester, J. Perez-Calatayud
SU-E-T-509 DICOM Test Case Plans for Model-Based Dose Calculations Methods in Brachytherapy
P. Papagiannis, F. Ballester*, A. Carlsson Tedgren, A. Haworth, G. Ibbott, F. Mourtada, M. Rivard, F. Siebert, R. Sloboda, R. Thomson, F. Verhaegen, T. Wareing, L. Beaulieu
SU-E-T-510 Mitigation Strategies to Reduce the Relative Extrafocal Dose (RED)
M. Constantin*, H. Hsu, S. Mansfield, M. Svatos
SU-E-T-511 A Dosimetric Comparison Between Superposition Algorithm and Monte Carlo Simulation for SBRT
W. Luo*, A. Meacham, J. Molloy
SU-E-T-512 Monte Carlo Dose Verification of Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy
D. Giantsoudi*, B. Clasie, C. Grassberger, S. Dowdell, N. Depauw, T. Madden, H. Kooy, H. Paganetti
SU-E-T-513 Evaluation Output Dose of Electron Beams Based On Monte Carlo
D. Liu, Z. Chi, c. gao*, C. Han
SU-E-T-514 Building a Brachytherapy Parallel Monte Carlo Simulation Framework Through Source Parameterization
M. Zhang*, W. Zou, T. Chen, L. Kim, N. Yue
SU-E-T-515 Clinical Evaluation of Dose Calculation Algorithms in Stereotactic Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer
Y. Tomiyama*, F. Araki, T. Ono, K. Hioki
SU-E-T-516 Limitations and Clinical Implications of the TG-43 Formalism for High-Dose-Rate Skin Brachytherapy
D. Granero*, J. Perez-Calatayud, J. Vijande, F. Ballester, C. Candela-Juan, M. Rivard
SU-E-T-517 Ray Tracing and Mote Carlo Based Dose Computation for Chest Wall and Ribs for Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Cyberknife
T. Podder*, T. Biswas, M. Yao, S. Lo, M. Machtay
SU-E-T-518 Effect of Statistic Uncertainty On DVH and Dose Mass Histogram (DMH) Derived Dose Indices (DI) for Head and Neck IMRT-Monte Carlo(MC) Treatments
G. Mora*, J. Li, J. Fan, C. Ma
SU-E-T-519 HDRMC, An Accelerated CT-Based Monte Carlo Dose Calculator for HDR Brachytherapy
O. Chibani*, C. Ma
SU-E-T-520 Deriving Energy Spectrum From Depth Dose Measurements for X-Rays of CT Scanner
X. Ming*, Y. Feng, Y. Zhang, R. Nath, J. Deng
SU-E-T-521 Monte Carlo Dose Calculation for TomoTherapy Using Cloud Computing
Q. Chen*, M. Humphrey, K. Ding, E. Sterpin, p. read, J. Larner
SU-E-T-522 Modeling the Agility MLC for Monte Carlo IMRT and VMAT Calculations
S. Ueyama*, H. Takegawa, E. Korevaar, D. Wauben, M. Takashina, M. Koizumi, A. Veld, T. Teshima
SU-E-T-523 Runtime Optimization for the Automatic Monte Carlo Dose Computation System MC2
U. Titt*, A. Liu, D. Mirkovic
SU-E-T-524 Effects On Dose and RBE From High Density Materials in Proton Therapy
G. McAuley*, J. Slater, A. Wroe
SU-E-T-525 Developing a GYN Cs-Selectron Brachytherapy Treatment Planning Software Accounting for Inter-Source, Applicator and Heterogeneity Effects
H. Safigholi, D. Sardari, S. Sina, S. Karimi Jashni, S. Mahdavi, M. Mosleh-Shirazi, S. Karbasi, F. Massicano, R. Guedes Possoni, H. Yoriyaz, A. Meigooni*
SU-E-T-526 Modeling of a Compact Proton Therapy System Using TOPAS Monte Carlo Code
M. Prusator*, S. Ahmad, Y. Chen
SU-E-T-527 A Fast Novel Analytical Model Accounting for Interseed Attenuation Effect in Low Energy Brachytherapy Sources
H. Safigholi, D. Sardari, S. Karimi Jashni, A. Meigooni*
SU-E-T-528 Beam Model Interface for Treatment Planning in Proton Therapy Using Macro Monte Carlo
M. Fix*, D. Frei, W. Volken, E. Born, D. Aebersold, P. Manser
SU-E-T-529 A Study of the Dosimetric Impact of Gold Fiducial Markers in Image Guided Radiation Therapy
L. Wang*, E. Mok, L. Xing, L. Wang
SU-E-T-530 Comparison of Analytical and Monte Carlo Calculations for Heterogeneity Corrections in LDR Prostate Brachytherapy
F. Hueso, J. Vijande*, J. Perez-Calatayud, F. Ballester, F. Siebert
SU-E-T-531 Spatial Fractionation of the Dose in Heavy Ion Therapy
G. Fois, Y. Prezado*
SU-E-T-532 An Improved Deterministic 3D Dose Calculation for Radiation Therapy Application
M. Huang*, K. Manalo, A. Dhabaan, W. Bolch, C. Lee, J. Li, G. Sjoden
SU-E-T-533 Surface Dosimetry in the Presence of a Bone in Skin Radiotherapy: A Monte Carlo Study Using KV Photon Beams
J. Chow*, A. Owrangi, G. Grigorov
SU-E-T-534 Evaluation of Eclipse Electron Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Algorithm in Inhomogeneous Medium
G. Pokharel*, S. Rana
SU-E-T-535 On the Out-Of-Field-Doses Caused by Secondary Particles From Light Ion Beams in Charged Particle Therapy
U. Titt*, F. Guan, D. Mirkovic, R. Mohan
SU-E-T-536 A Simple Method for Optimal Field Abutment Between Photon and Electron Beams in Mixed Beam Radiation Therapy
E. Al-Ashkar*, K. Tohamy, K. El-Shahat, A. Eldib, C. Ma
SU-E-T-537 Towards a Spectroscopic Determination of Dose to Water
M. Malin*, L. DeWerd
SU-E-T-538 Validation of Monte Carlo Dose Algorithm in Heterogeneous Medium
A. Sethi*, P. Leo, C. Kabat, P. Cecilio
SU-E-T-539 Developing a Method for Dose Heterogeneity Corrections for Cs-137 Brachytherapy Sources
S. Sina, R. Faghihi, H. Safigholi, A. Meigooni*
SU-E-T-540 Comparison of CT and MRI Based Monte Carlo Simulation for Gamma Knife Stereotactic Radiosurgery
W. Xiong*, D. Huang
SU-E-T-541 An Optimum Normalization Technique for Electron Monte Carlo Treatment Planning
G. Bartlett*, X. Lu, J. Kent, C. Desrosiers, Y. Akino, I. Das
SU-E-T-542 Impact of Convolution Algorithm Based Treatment Planning in Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
g. natanasabapathi*, R. Bisht
SU-E-T-543 Build-Up Region Dosimetry of Megavoltage Photon Beams for Breast Radiotherapy
M. Ahmad*, J. Deng, H. Lincoln, K. Nguyen, M. Griffin, Z. Chen, S. Nath, M. Moran, Z. Husain, R. Nath
SU-E-T-544 An Empirical Formula to Obtain Tissue-Phantom Ratios From Percentage Depth Dose Curves for Small Fields
G. Ding*, R. Krauss
SU-E-T-545 The Accuracy of the Out-Of-Field Dose Calculations of a Commercial Treatment Planning System
L. Wang*, G. Ding
SU-E-T-546 On the Evaluation of GATE Monte Carlo Toolkit Performance for the Dosimetry of Ir-192 and I-125 Brachytherapy Sources
E. Pappas*, R. Hammoud, G. Kagadis, A. Sharif, A. Bakas, P. Papadimitroulas, G. Anagnostopoulos, I. Kantemiris, G. Loudos, N. Al Hammadi
SU-E-T-547 Influence of Phantom Voxel Size Setup On Monte Carlo Simulation in Gamma Knife Using EGSnrc
T. Song*, H. Chen, L. Zhou
SU-E-T-549 Validation of a Commercial Model-Based Collapsed Cone Dose Algorithm for High Dose-Rate Gynecological Brachytherapy Treatment Planning
M. Price*, J. Fontenot
SU-E-T-550 Significant Improvement in Agreement Between Calculated and Measured Dose Distributions: Proper Modeling of Elekta LINAC Couchtops in Pinnacle Treatment Planning System
W. Duggar*, A. Nguyen, C. Yang
SU-E-T-551 A Novel Analytical Model to Determine Inhomogeneity Correction Factor in TG-43U1 Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy
H. Safigholi*, D. Sardari, S. Karimi Jashni, S. Mahdavi, A. Meigooni
SU-E-T-552 Validation of the Leksell GammaPlan Convolution-Based Dose Calculation Algorithm
B. Hundertmark*, Y. Watanabe
SU-E-T-553 Measurement of Incident Electron Spots On TrueBeam
D. Sawkey*, M. Constantin, M. Svatos, S. Mansfield, J. Star-Lack, A. Rodrigues, Q. Wu
SU-E-T-554 Dosimetric Impact of Implementing Kernel Hardening and Material-Specific Kernels in the Convolution/Superposition Method
J. Huang*, D. Eklund, N. Childress, R. Howell, D. Mirkovic, S. Kry
SU-E-T-555 A Model-Based Dose Calculation Algorithm for Kilovoltage X-Rays
J. Pawlowski*, G. Ding
SU-E-T-556 Verification and Evaluation of Acuros XB Dose Calculations for Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy of the Thoracic Spine
H. Zhen*, B. Hrycushko, A. Pompos, R. Foster, Y. Yan, S. Stojadinovic, T. Solberg, X. Gu
SU-E-T-557 Dosimetric Evaluation of Elekta-XiO Superposition Convolution Algorithm for Siemens MultiLeaf Collimators
T. Lin*, M. Hossain, C. Ma
SU-E-T-558 Photon Fluence Model for Distributed Radiation Sources Using the Convolution Method
S. Dhanesar*, J. Darko, L. Schreiner
SU-E-T-559 TBI Lung Dose Comparison Using Bilateral and Anterior-Posterior Delivery Techniques and Tissue Density Corrections
D. Bailey*, I. Wang, L. Hales, A. Singh, M. Podgorsak
SU-E-T-560 A Method to Determine Optimal Dynamic MLC Parameters for Varian Truebeam with Millennium MLC and HDMLC
Q. Wu*, Z. Chang, J. Adamson, L. Ren, F. Yin
SU-E-T-561 Small Target Dose Calculation Accuracy for Multiple-Target Single-Isocenter VMAT
R. Popple*, X. Wu, Y. Yuan, R. Cardan, J. Duan, S. Shen, I. Brezovich
SU-E-T-562 Do the Differences Between Photon Dose Distributions in the Breast Have Significant Impact On the Parameters of Radiobiological Models?
S. Petillion*, K. Verhoeven, C. Weltens, F. Van den Heuvel, G. Defraene
SU-E-T-563 Dosimetry for Small Moving Lung Tumors: Considerations for Treatment Planning of Free Breathing Lung SBRT
B. Guo*, S. Hadley
SU-E-T-564 Validation of Photon Dose Calculation Using Mobius3D System Compared to AAA and Acuros XB Systems
L. Majithia*, D. DiCostanzo, M. Weldon, N. Gupta, Y. Rong
SU-E-T-565 Fast Dose Kernel Interpolation Using Fourier Transform with Application to Permanent Prostate Brachytherapy
D. Liu*, R. Sloboda
SU-E-T-566 Optimization of Permanent Seed Implant Dosimetry Incorporating Tissue Heterogeneity
S. Mashouf*, E. Lechtman, A. Ravi, B. Keller, J. Pignol
SU-E-T-567 Evaluation of Contrast Induced CT Artifact for Intracavitary Brachytherapy
B. Libby*, L. Handsfield, K. Reardon, T. Showalter
SU-E-T-568 Individualize the Treatment Plan with Anatomic Optimization for Lung Tumor Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy
S. Yu*, B. Loo, P. Maxim
SU-E-T-569 Comparison of AAA and Acuros Dose Calculations in a Hetergenous Phantom
A. Readshaw*, R. Lalonde, H. Kim
SU-E-T-570 Optimizing Dose Calculation Parameters for GPU-Based Treatment Planning
C. Sutterley*, Q. Gautier, Y. Graves, N. Li, X. Jia, S. Jiang
SU-E-T-571 Comparison of Collapsed Cone Convolution with the Traditional Tissue Maximum Ratio Algorithms for Dose Calculation in a Gamma Knife Radiation Treatment Planning System
G. Neyman*, G. Neyman, B. Somell, H. Nordström
SU-E-T-573 Philips Pinnacle Photon Beam Modeling for Elekta Agility 160 Leaf Multi-Leaf Collimator
E. Letourneau*, M. Hinse
SU-E-T-574 Benchmark Comparison Between Varian TrueBeam and Other Linac Models
T. Zhu*, X. Liang, A. Dimofte
SU-E-T-575 Independent Verification of VMAT Treatment Plans Using a DICOM-RT Framework
R. Reynolds*, S. Stojadinovic, A. Pompos, X. Gu, R. Foster, T. Solberg
SU-E-T-576 Dosimetric Evaluation of Collapsed Cone Convolution (CCC) Algorithm in Predicting Dose Beyond Air Gap
S. Oyewale*, S. Rana
SU-E-T-577 A Study of Primary Dose-To-Collision Kerma Ratio and Primary Collision Kerma Gradient
T. Zhu*, B. Bjarngard
SU-E-T-578 Dose Differences Between the Three Dose Calculation Algorithms in Leksell GammaPlan
Y. Xu*, J. Bhatnagar, G. Bednarz, A. Niranjan, J. Flickinger, D. Lunsford, M. Huq
SU-E-T-579 Effect of Dose Calculation Grid Size On Proton Dose Calculation
L. Zhao*
SU-E-T-580 Effect of Lung and Target Density On Small Field Dose Coverage
P. Higgins*, K. Dusenbery
SU-E-T-581 Effect of CT Number to the Dose Calculation in Heterogeneity Correction Algorithm
M. Su*
SU-E-T-582 Modelling of 7MV Unflat Beam of ONCOR in Pinnacle3 Planning System
J. Bhangle*, S. Vatyam, J. Randuthaikkal, R. Shende, D. Sekar
SU-E-T-583 Optimizing Dosimetric Indices for HDR Brachytherapy Using CVaR
A. Holm*, T. Larsson, A. Carlsson Tedgren
SU-E-T-584 Evaluation of Collapsed Cone Dose Calculation Algorithm for HDR Brachytherapy Using Monte Carlo
W. Volken*, D. Terribilini, M. Fix, K. Loessl, B. van Veelen, P. Manser
SU-E-T-585 Inverse Optimization Using Smoothness Control for Rotating Shield Brachytherapy
Y. Liu, R. Flynn*, Y. Kim, X. Wu
SU-E-T-586 Brachytherapy Application with in Situ Dose-Painting Administered Via Gold-Nanoparticle Eluters (BANDAGE) for Prostate Cancer (PCa)
N. Sinha*, E. Sajo, H. Korideck, G. Makrigiorgos, W. Ngwa
SU-E-T-587 Evaluation of Dosimetric Effect in Vaginal Cylindrical Application Using HDR Brachy Therapy
SU-E-T-588 A Novel IMRT Plan Optimization Algorithm for Physician-Driven Plan Tuning
M. Zarepisheh*, N. Li, L. Cervino, K. Moore, X. Jia, S. Jiang
SU-E-T-589 A Robust 4D Treatment Planning Approach for Lung Radiotherapy
C. Pokhrel*, E. Heath
SU-E-T-590 Automate IMRT Planning in Pinnacle: A Study in Head-And-Neck Cancer
M. Kusters*, K. Bzdusek, P. Kumar, P. vanKollenburg, M. Kunze-Busch, H. Kaanders
SU-E-T-591 Geometry-Based Non-Coplanar Beam Selection for Intensity Modulated Robotic Radiotherapy
B. Wang*, J. Wang, J. Li, J. Fan, J. Kang, C. Ma
SU-E-T-592 Investigation of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for Total Body Irradiation with Lung Blocks
H. Wang*, S. Tung, C. Wang, A. Mahajan, B. Dabaja, M. Martel
SU-E-T-593 Comparison of Three IMRT Adaptive Methods: The Case of Prostate Cancer
A. Cantin*, N. Octave, J. Goudreault, W. Foster, B. Lachance, L. Beaulieu, L. Archambault, L. Gingras
SU-E-T-594 Software Application for Comparison and Verification of Radiotherapy Treatment Plans
I. Bacchus*, M. Gopalakrishnan, Z. Kang
SU-E-T-595 A Study of Sequential and Simultaneously Integrated Boost IMRT Methods in Head and Neck Cancer
S. Jang*, A. Pyakuryal, O. Cahlon, A. Greenberg, H. Tsai, S. Lee, T. Sio, J. Hanley
SU-E-T-596 A Comprehensive Comparison of Plan Quality: Non-Coplanar IMRT Vs. RapidArc and Conventional IMRT
J. Wang*, B. Wang, R. Wang, J. Fan, M. Lin, J. Li, C. Ma
SU-E-T-597 Online Adaptive Replanning for Sequential Boost After Whole Breast Irradiation
X. Chen*, Q. Qiao, A. Currey, J. Nascimento, J. Wilson, X. Li
SU-E-T-598 Variability of Computer-Generated Organ at Risk Contours as Part of An Automated Deformable Registration Workflow for Prostate Cancer
S. Gardner*, N. Zaorsky, K. Yamoah, Y. Cui, Y. Xiao, R. Den, M. Studenski
SU-E-T-599 A Dosimetric Comparison Between Multiple Junction Shifts and Single Gradient Dose Junction for Craniospinal Irradiation (CSI)
A. Hadley*, G. Ding
SU-E-T-600 Exploration of Reduced Order Prioritized Optimization for IMRT Treatment Planning
G. Kalantzis*, L. Rivera, A. Apte, R. Radke, A. Jackson
SU-E-T-601 Optimal Beam Selection for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy: High Intensity Flattening-Filter Free Versus Conventional Flattened Beams
J. Duan*, S. Shen, Y. Yuan, X. Wu, R. Cardan, R. Popple, I. Brezovich
SU-E-T-602 Dynamic Electron Arc Radiotherapy (DEAR): A Planning Study
A. Rodrigues*, F. Yin, Q. Wu
SU-E-T-603 Evaluation of MLC-Based Robotic Radiotherapy
B. Fahimian*, S. Soltys, L. Xing, I. Gibbs, S. Chang, L. Wang
SU-E-T-604 16-MV Photon Beams Do Not Improve Plan Quality Compared to 6-MV Photon Beams in Prostate Cancer IMRT
R. Yaparpalvi*, D. Mynampati, W. Tome, J. Shen, L. Hong, H. Kuo, M. Garg, W. Bodner, S. Kalnicki
SU-E-T-605 A Modified Adaptive Radiotherapy Based On CT-CT Image Fusion with a Repeat CT in the VMAT Treatment of Nasopharyngeal Cancer Patients
X. Jin*, C. Xie, C. Han
SU-E-T-606 Forward Planned Fluence-Painted Reduced Fields with Tangential Parent Beams for Total Breast Irradiation
M. Hawkins*, S. Wentworth, B. Sintay, D. Wiant
SU-E-T-607 Should We Care About Delivery Time in IMRT Planning?
K. Mittauer*, B. Lu, G. Yan, D. Kahler, C. Liu
SU-E-T-608 Feasibility Study of Stereotactic Radiosurgery Using a Non-Commercial VMAT Treatment Planning System with a Non-Coplanar Delivery Technique
Y. Song*, B. Mueller, C. Obcemea, C. Burman, B. Mychalczak
SU-E-T-609 Treatment Planning Evaluation of Various Modalities for the Tretment of Skin Cancer On Foot
J. Park*, K. Kim, J. Kim, C. Choi, S. Ye
SU-E-T-610 Evaluation of the Performance of the Segmentation Methods Used in the CMS XiO Step-And-Shoot IMRT
I. Jurkovic*, P. Mavroidis, S. Stathakis, C. Esquivel, V. Chyle, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-611 Investigating VMAT Planning Technique to Reduce Rectal and Bladder Dose in Prostate Cancer Treatment Plans
S. Rana*, C. Cheng
SU-E-T-612 Integral Dose Study of Non-Coplanar 4pi Radiotherapy
D. Nguyen*, P. Dong, D. Ruan, D. Low, K. Sheng
SU-E-T-613 A Multi-Isocenter IMRT Approach of Large Fields to Reduce the Hot Or Cold Spots Caused by Setup Error
B. Liu*, S. Zhou, S. Song
SU-E-T-614 A Comparison of IMRT Plans for the ViewRay MR-Guided RT System with TomoTherapy and Pinnacle
D. Saenz*, J. Bayouth, B. Paliwal
SU-E-T-615 SmartArc-Based Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for Endometrial Cancer: A Dosimetric Comparison with Helical Tomotherapy and Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy
R. Yang*, J. Wang, S. Xu, H. Li
SU-E-T-616 Dosimetric Comparison of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy, Step-And-Shoot, and Sliding Window IMRT for Prostate Cancer
E. Schnell*, T. De La Fuente Herman, J. Young, K. Hildebrand, O. Algan, E. Syzek, T. Herman, S. Ahmad
SU-E-T-617 Commissioning the Eclipse Pencil Beam for Low Energy X-Rays
M. Cherven*, M. Cherven, J. Burmeister, J. Rakowski, M. Snyder
SU-E-T-618 Development of a Graphic User Interface for An In-House Monte Carlo Based Treatment Planning System for Mixed Beam Radiation Therapy
A. Eldib*, M. Lin, L. Jin, J. Li, C. Ma
SU-E-T-619 Dosimetric Comparison Between Static IMRT and VMAT for Cervical Cancer
M. Kang*, J. Dai, Y. Xu
SU-E-T-620 Radiobiological Implication of Margin for Target Expansion in Head and Neck IMRT with Daily IGRT
S. Srivastava*, I. Das, C. Cheng
SU-E-T-621 Is Non-Coplanar Tangential Beam IMRT Better Than the Field in Field Technique for Left Sided Whole Breast Radiotherapy?
H. Sidhique*, M. Madebo, T. Kron, J. Cramb, B. Chua, M. Durai
SU-E-T-622 Feasibility of Partial Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for Boost Treatment of Breast Cancer
Y. Yuan*, J. Duan, L. Klepczyk, R. Meredith, R. Popple, X. Wu, R. Cardan, I. Brezovich, S. Shen
SU-E-T-623 Comparison of Planned and Delivered Doses for Prostate Cancer Using a Deformable Image-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy (IGART) Method
R. Ellis*, B. Traughber, A. Bao, G. Pereira, D. Kaminsky, S. Pirozzi, Z. Shen, I. Liu, A. Nelson, J. Piper
SU-E-T-624 Population Based Respiratory Analysis of Partial Breast IMRT and Impact of Breast Shape and Size
S. Quirk*, L. Conroy, W. Smith
SU-E-T-625 Dosimetric Dependence On Patient Size Reduction Between Prostate IMRT and VMAT
J. Chow*, R. Jiang
SU-E-T-626 Three-Beam Technique for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy in Oesophagus: Dosimetric Differences in Organs at Risk
F. Maneru*, N. Fuentemilla, A. Otal, J. Olasolo, M. Martïn, S. Lozares, S. Pellejero, S. Miquelez, P. Soto, F. Arias, A. Rubio
SU-E-T-627 An Optimal Treatment Planning Scheme for Breast IMRT
W. Yao*
SU-E-T-628 Impact of Large SSD On the Plan Quality of Energy-Intensity Modulated Electron Therapy
L. Jin*, A. Eldib, J. Fan, J. Li, L. Wang, C. Ma
SU-E-T-629 Initial Results of VMAT Re-Planning for On-Line Adaptive Radiotherapy
L. Jiang*, V. Kearney, Z. Zhong, J. Yordy, S. Chen, L. Nedzi, T. Solberg, W. Mao
SU-E-T-630 Feasibility Study of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy with Constant Dose Rate for Endometrial Cancer
R. Yang*, J. Wang, F. Xu, H. Li, X. Zhang
SU-E-T-631 A Fixed Jaw Method to Protect Critical Organs in Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy
J. Chen*, J. Dai
SU-E-T-632 Study the Effect of Grid Size On Head and Neck IMRT Dosimetry
S. Srivastava*, I. Das, C. Cheng, O. Nohadani
SU-E-T-633 Hypofractionated Prostate Treatment in a Single VMAT Arc
F. Clemente*, C. Perez-Vara, M. Couselo, C. Lopez-Carrizosa, C. Ibañez, M. Martin de Miguel, J. Saez, J. Zapatero, V. Jerviz, M. Dominguez
SU-E-T-634 Accuracy of Patient Dose Calculation for Lung VMAT Plans: Comparison of Multiple TPS
X. Wang*
SU-E-T-635 Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for the Treatment of Cervical Cancer in Lieu of HDR Brachytherapy
C. Merrow*, S. De Boer, M. Podgorsak
SU-E-T-636 Impact of Different Intensity Levels On Step and Shoot IMRT Plan Quality and Deliverability
D. Manigandan*, S. Sharma, A. Biswas, B. Mohanty, V. Subramani, S. Chander, P. Julka, G. Rath
SU-E-T-637 IMRT for Pancreas and Prostate Cancer Using Pulsed Low Dose Rate Delivery Techniques
J. Li*, J. Lang, P. Wang, S. Kang, M. Lin, X. Chen, M. Guo, F. Chen, C. Ma
SU-E-T-638 Influence of Dose Rate On Step and Shoot IMRT Plan Quality and Deliverability
S. Sharma*, D. Manigandan, A. Biswas, B. Mohanty, V. Subramani, S. Chander, P. Julka, G. Rath
SU-E-T-639 Convex Imputing for Automatic Treatment Planning
G. Sayre*, D. Low, D. Ruan
SU-E-T-640 Using An Open Source Interior Point Optimization Solver for Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
P. Tiwari*, Y. Chen, Y. Xie, J. Deasy
SU-E-T-641 Incorporation of Non-Uniform Segment Sampling Into Fluence-Map Based VMAT Planning
H. Kim*, R. Li, L. Xing
SU-E-T-642 A Patient Population Based Approach for Disease Site Specific Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Treatment Planning
H. Zhang*, D. Stanojevic, R. Meyer, W. D'Souza
SU-E-T-643 Quality Study of Beam Angle Optimization Algorithm In IMRT Plan for Cervix Cancer Radiotherapy
T. Pang*, B. Yang, J. Qiu, F. Zhang
SU-E-T-644 Time-Resolved Stochastic IMRT Planning
A. Roy*, O. Nohadani
SU-E-T-645 Beam Selection for 4Pi Non-Coplanar Converging (4PiNC) Delivery Using a Genetic Algorithm (GA)
D. Cho*, S. Wang, A. Sabbas, K. Chao, J. Chang
SU-E-T-647 Fast Treatment Planning for Arc Therapy Using Maximum Intensity Regularized Quadratic Optimization (MIRQO)
T. Niu*, L. Zhu
SU-E-T-648 Multi-Criteria Optimization for Real-Time Planning of Lung Cancer Radiotherapy
W. Watkins*, W. Song, J. Merrick, E. Weiss, G. Hugo, J. Siebers
SU-E-T-649 Planning Margins Validation for Concurrent Treatment of Prostate and Pelvic Lymph Nodes Under Daily Image Guided Delivery
S. Ferjani*, K. Stephans, R. Tendulkar, P. Xia
SU-E-T-650 Evaluation of Novel IMRT Auto-Planning Tool for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cases
K. Jeong*, K. Bzdusek, P. Kumar, W. Tome
SU-E-T-651 A Novel Non-Uniformly Distributed Control Points-Based Algorithm for VMAT Treatment Plan Optimization
Y. Na*, R. Li, T. Suh, L. Xing
SU-E-T-652 GPU-Based Automatic Treatment Planning Using Previously Delivered Treatment Plans as Prior Knowledge
N. Li*, Q. Gautier, M. Zarepisheh, Y. Graves, Z. Tian, L. Zhou, X. Jia, K. Moore, S. Jiang
SU-E-T-653 Predicting Objective Function Weights for IMRT Prostate Treatment Planning Using Patient Anatomy
T. Lee*, M. Hammad, T. Chan, T. Craig, M. Sharpe
SU-E-T-654 Direct Aperture Optimization Using An Inverse Form of Back Projection
X. Zhu*, T. Cullip, G. Tracton, J. Dooley, S. Chang
SU-E-T-655 Dose Matrix Sampling Heuristic Applied to Improving IMRT Optimization Efficiency
J. Spaans*, D. Nazareth
SU-E-T-656 Multi-Criteria Direct Aperture Optimization
E. Salari*, J. Unkelbach
SU-E-T-657 Prostate Robotic Radiotherapy On Conventional C-Arm Linacs
P. Dong*, D. Nguyen, D. Ruan, E. Romeijn, T. Long, P. Kupelian, Y. Yang, D. Low, C. King, M. Steinberg, K. Sheng
SU-E-T-658 Iterative Optimization Method for IMRT Treatment Planning of Patients with Prosthetic Hardware
D. Peskorski*, R. Lalonde
SU-E-T-659 Inverse Treatment Planning for MERT Using Monte Carlo Calculations
D. Henzen*, P. Manser, D. Frei, W. Volken, H. Neuenschwander, A. Joosten, E. Born, M. Fix, M. Stampanoni
SU-E-T-660 Intermediate IMRT Dose Planning in Lung 4DCT Data Sets
R. Lalonde*
SU-E-T-661 Nonlinear Continuous Method for Non-Negatively Constrained Inverse Problem of IMRT Planning
Y. Tanaka*, K. Fujimoto, T. Yoshinaga
SU-E-T-662 Does Optimizing the Placement of Machine Isocenter Affect the Overall Optimized Plan Obtained Using Tomotherapy Treatment Planning System ? A Dosimetric and Analysis Study
D. Tewatia*, R. Tolakanahalli
SU-E-T-663 Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer Using RapidArc: Does Radiation Energy Make a Difference?
H. Sidhique*, S. Kaliyappa, T. Kron, J. Cramb, M. Durai
SU-E-T-664 A Comparison of Metaheuristic Techniques for Optimizing Gamma Knife Inverse Treatment Planning
J. Langas*
SU-E-T-665 Investigation of Uniform Planning Margin for Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy of Pediatric Brain Tumors
C. Beltran*, D. Fernandez, N. Laack
SU-E-T-666 Evaluation of Various Spot MU Correction Methods for Range Adaptive Scanning-Beam Proton Planning
J. Cheung*, L. Court, P. Park, X. Zhu, S. Frank, R. Kudchadker, L. Dong
SU-E-T-667 Accuracy of XiO Treatment Planning System in Predicting Lateral Penumbra for Different Air Gap and Compensator Thickness in Uniform Scanning Proton Therapy
S. Rana*, O. Zeidan, E. Ramirez, M. Rains, J. Gao, Y. Zheng
SU-E-T-668 Feasibility Study of Prostate Seed Implant with Intensity Modulated Proton Boost
J. Wu*, C. Cheng, H. Wu
SU-E-T-669 Dose Interplay Effects in Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) of Multiple Brain Lesions
L. Ma*, A. Sahgal, B. Wang, S. Hossain, S. Ahmad, D. Larson
SU-E-T-670 Using Overlap Volume Histogram Analysis of a Prior Plan Dataset to Generate Clinically Acceptable Plans for CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery Treatment of Localized Prostate Cancer
B. Wu*, D. Pang, J. Gatti, S. Lei, S. Colin, T. McNutt, T. Kole, S. Collins, A. Dritschilo
SU-E-T-671 Is There Really a Favorable Image Data Set Between Free-Breathing, Average Or Maximum Intensity Projections for Peripheral Lung SBRT?
D. Mihailidis*, L. Whaley, M. Harmon, P. Raja, L. Farinash, P. Tomara
SU-E-T-672 Comparisons of Single and Multiple Isocenter Stereotactic IMRT Treatment Planning for Multiple Brain Metastases Treatment
S. Hossain*, O. Algan, I. Ali, J. Young, S. Ahmad
SU-E-T-673 Factors Influencing Normal Brain Dose for Single-Isocenter Multi-Target Radiosurgery
Y. Yuan*, E. Thomas, G. Clark, J. FIveash, R. Popple
SU-E-T-674 Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of VMAT Planning for Spine SBRT
H. Chen*, B. Winey, J. Daartz, D. Gierga
SU-E-T-675 The Effect of Diaphragm Motion to Dose Calculation During Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) Treatment of Spine Lesions Located at the Superior-Inferior Level of the Diaphragm
R. Yao*, J. Chu, A. Diaz, J. Turian
SU-E-T-676 Impact of Carbon Fiber Couchtop On TrueBeam Flattening-Filter-Free (FFF) SRS/SBRT Radiation Therapy
A. Le*, M. Huq, S. Jang
SU-E-T-677 The Effects of Respiratory Motion in RapidArc Spinal Stereotactic Radiosurgery
J. Pursley*, M. Manning, B. Sintay, J. Terrell, J. Maurer, C. Yount, D. Wiant
SU-E-T-678 Normal Tissue Dose-Volume Constrains for Inverse Planning of Acoustic Neuroma Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)
H. Liu*, D. Andrews, M. Werner-Wasik, Y. Xiao, Y. Yu, W. Shi
SU-E-T-679 Implications of Radiobiological Bath and Shower Effects On Brainstem Dose Tolerance
J. Grimm*, A. Chen, W. Ying, J. Xue
SU-E-T-680 An Interactive Graphical User Interface for Physician-Driven Treatment Plan Tuning
F. Shi*, M. Zarepisheh, Q. Gautier, K. Moore, L. Cervino, X. Jia, S. Jiang
SU-E-T-681 Pitfalls in Dose-Volume Histogram Computations
F. Kaster, M. Aznar, T. Kadir*
SU-E-T-682 The Dosimetric Consequences of 4DCT-Based Motion Margin Estimation for Proton Radiotherapy
O. Koybasi*, J. Lewis, P. Mishra, S. James, J. Seco
SU-E-T-683 Prediction of Sensitivity of IMPT Plans to Anatomical Change Due to Plan Complexity
J. Cheung*, L. Dong, P. Park, X. Zhu, R. Kudchadker, S. Frank, M. Palmer, W. Liu, L. Court
SU-E-T-684 A Comprehensive Dosimetric Study of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Using Three Dimensional (3D) Conformal Radiation Therapy, Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Volumetric Modulated Radiation Therapy (VMAT), Passive Scattering and Modulated Scanning Proton Therapy (PT)
X. Ding*, S. Avery, A. Kassaee, J. Metz, V. Prionas, L. Huang, S. McQuiggan, I. Butterwick, A. Martinsen
SU-E-T-685 Impact of Lesion Morphology and Separation On One- Versus Two-Isocenter Frameless Radiosurgery
J. Roper*, V. Chanyavanich, G. Betzel, A. Dhabaan
SU-E-T-686 A New Plan Quality Index for Dose-Painting Radiotherapy
Y. Park*, S. Kim, S. Park, J. Park
SU-E-T-687 Reverse Auto-Planning: Assessing Dose Escalation in Pancreatic Stereotactic Radiotherapy From a Shape Database of Prior Patients
J. Moore*, W. Yang, K. Evans, J. Herman, T. McNutt
SU-E-T-688 Software to Evaluate the Effect of Applicator Translations and Rotations On HDR Plans
M. Bakhtiari*, J. Schmitt, k. zarkoob, V. Aroumougame, M. Sarfaraz, J. Rodgers
SU-E-T-689 Effects of Coordinate System Orientation On ICRU Bladder Point Dose
B. Parker*, J. Cox
SU-E-T-690 Radiosurgery of Peripheral Brain Lesions by Spot Scanning Proton Therapy
B. Dirksen*, D. Wang, D. Hyer, J. Buatti, A. Sheybani, M. TenNapel, J. Bayouth, R. Flynn
SU-E-T-691 Comparison of 5-Channel Versus Single and 9-Channel Vaginal Cylinder Treatment Plans
M. White*, J. Syh, L. Rosen, B. Patel, J. Syh, H. Wu
SU-E-T-692 Validation of Permanent Interstitial I-125 Implant Pre-Plans Against An Experimentally Derived Nomogram Can Potentially Reduce Variability of Day 0 Post-Implant Dosimetry
B. Wolthuis*, J. Dolan, D. Shasha, J. Santoro, R. Ambrose, E. Furhang
SU-E-T-693 Comparison of Discrete Spot Scanning and Passive Scattering Craniospinal Proton Irradiation
J. Stoker*, R. Amos, Y. Li, W. Liu, P. Park, N. Sahoo, X. Zhang, X. Zhu, M. Gillin
SU-E-T-694 Correlation Between Geometric Information and Dose Fractionation in Lung SBRT Treatment Plans
T. Coroller*, J. Lewis, R. Mak, A. Chen, F. Hacker, D. Kozono, E. Mannarino, C. Molodowitch, J. Killoran
SU-E-T-695 Treatment Planning Optimization for Pulsed Low-Dose-Rate IMRT of Lung and Head and Neck Cancer
S. Kang*, J. Lang, P. Wang, J. Li, M. Lin, X. Chen, M. Guo, F. Chen, C. Ma
SU-E-T-696 Registry Based Framework for Plan Quality Improvement: A Head-And-Neck Radiotherapy Application Improving Simultaneous Integrated Boost Treatments
S. Qi*, S. Lee, P. Kupelian, A. Pham, D. Low, J. DeMarco
SU-E-T-697 Correlation Between Day 0 Post-Implant Dosimetry Parameters and Differences in Pre- and Post-Implant Prostate Volume-How Much Can Post-Plan Quality Be Improved Through Better Assessment of Volume for Permanent Interstitial I-125 Prostate Implants?
J. Dolan*, B. Wolthuis, D. Shasha, R. Ambrose, J. Santoro, E. Furhang
SU-E-T-698 Fractal Analysis for Assessing IMRT Modulation Complexity
Y. Kakinohana*, T. Toita, T. Ariga, G. Kasuya
SU-E-T-699 Dosimetric Evaluation of Tandem-Based Cervical HDR Brachytherapy Treatment Planning Using ABS 2011 Recommendations
M. Goyal*, K. Shide, B. Heintz, D. Rai, T. Kehwar, J. Barker
SU-E-T-700 Characterization of the Dosimetric Impact of Rotational Errors On Individual Patients in IMRT Plan Using a Canine Model
G. Edmunds*, R. Holt, L. Trestrail, M. Kent
SU-E-T-701 Equivalence and Differences Between Robust Optimization Methods and PTV Based Optimization Method for IMRT and IMPT
S. Ge*, M. Quan, L. Zhang, W. Liu, K. Randeniya, R. Mohan
SU-E-T-702 Performance of Multiple Conformity, Homogeneity and Dose Gradient Indices in SRS and SBRT Treatment Planning of the Spinal, Pelvic and Lung Lesions
R. Bassalow*, A. Sabbas, J. Chang, B. Parashar, G. Wernicke, K. Chao
SU-E-T-703 Brain Dose From Gamma Knife Depends Primarily On the Treated Volume and Not On the Number, Shape Or Location of the Lesions
G. Narayanasamy*, A. Smith, E. Van Meter, R. McGarry, J. Molloy
SU-E-T-704 Differences Between 7MV-Flattening Filter Free and 6MV-Flat Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Plans at Different Fractionation and Dose Rates
J. Gray*, E. Ekwelundu, J. Farr
SU-E-T-705 Investigation of the Planning Strategy with Dual-Algorithm for Small Lesions in the Heterogeneous Region
M. Lin*, J. Li, L. Wang, E. Fourkal, R. Price, J. Fan, C. Ma
SU-E-T-706 Effect of Gantry and Collimator Positional Errors On Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy(VMAT)
R. Holla*, V. Anand Ravikumar, B. Pillai
SU-E-T-707 Evaluation of the Quality of Organs-At-Risk Dose Sparing in Anorectal and Prostate IMRT Plans
S. Lu*, L. Yuan, F. Yin, Q. Wu
SU-E-T-708 The Role of Small Bowel in Cervical Cancer Brachytherapy
Y. Liao*, V. Dandekar, J. Chu, D. Bernard, J. Turian, K. Kiel
SU-E-T-709 Dosimetric Study On Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for Left Breast Using Four Partial Arc Technique
R. Boopathy*, V. Sakthivel, S. Mani, S. Padmanaban
SU-E-T-710 Competitive Advantage Applying the Volume-Modulated Arc Techniques to Radiotherapy of Upper Esophageal Carcinoma
P. Ma*, L. Wang, N. Lu, Y. Xu, J. Dai
SU-E-T-711 Normal Tissue Tolerance Evaluation Tool for Clinical Protocols
S. Lee*, H. Kim, S. Han, M. Kim, H. Yoo, C. Yi, S. Park, H. Jung, Y. Ji, K. Kim
SU-E-T-712 Analyzing the Feasibility of the Margin From CTV to PTV for Esophageal Carcinoma with Retraction Method
c. gao, C. Han*, Z. Chi, D. Liu
SU-E-T-713 Radiobiological Evaluation of the Inter-Fractional Variations in Cervical Cancer Treatments with HDR Brachytherapy
B. Tuazon*, C. Esquivel, T. Biggers, P. Mavroidis, S. Stathakis, T. Eng, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-714 Analysis of Two Overall Biological Effective Dose (OBED) Calculation Methods and Their Impact On the Accurate Determination of the Maximum Biological Effective Dose (BED) in Multi-Phase Treatment Plans
K. Kauweloa*, N. Papanikolaou, S. Stathakis, C. Esquivel, R. Crownover, P. Mavroidis
SU-E-T-715 Evaluation of Off-Target Isocenter Placement On TArget Coverage and Critical Structure Dose
R. Sadagopan*, P. Balter
SU-E-T-716 Comparison Between Two and Three Beam Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) Plans for Base of Skull Chordomas
C. Yeager*, P. Lichtenwalner, B. Teo, M. Alonso-Basanta, A. Kassaee
SU-E-T-717 An Automatic Self-Customizable Tool to Analyze the Dosimetric Quality of a Radiation Therapy Plan
J. Lian*, B. Chera, R. Liu, H. Song, K. Burkhardt, S. Chang
SU-E-T-718 Automatic IMRT Plan Quality Control for GYN Cancer Clinical Trials
T. Song*, N. Li, Y. Graves, Q. Gautier, M. Zarepisheh, Y. Li, A. Mundt, L. Zhou, K. Moore, C. Yashar, L. Mell, X. Jia, S. Jiang, L. Cervino
SU-E-T-719 Dosimetric Differences of Post HDR Prostate IMRT Plans Generated From RayStation Multi-Criteria Optimization (MCO) and Pinnacle Direct Machine Parameter Optimization (DMPO)
Y. Chen*, X. Liao, K. Doxsee, C. Yang
SU-E-T-720 Maintaining Prostate IMRT Plan Quality Using the Fraction of Rectum Overlapping the PTV
T. Hwang*, S. Kang, T. Suh
SU-E-T-721 Validation of a 3D Treatment Verification System Based On AAPM TG-119 Recommendations
S. Gajdos*, J. Donaghue
SU-E-T-722 CT Calibration Curves for Proton Therapy: A Practical Approach
C. Yeager*, C. Ainsley
SU-E-T-723 An Effective Atomic Number of the Compounds in Proton Beam Therapy
V. Moskvin*, M. Suga, C. Cheng, I. Das
SU-E-T-724 Evaluate the Impact of Bowel Gas Movement in Pancreatic Proton Therapy
X. Ding*, A. Kassaee, S. Avery, J. Metz, P. Lichtenwalner, L. Huang, I. Butterwick
SU-E-T-726 A Monte Carlo Simulation Study for Production and Subsequent Interaction of Secondary Particles From Carbon-Ion Radiation Therapy in Water
D. Johnson*, Y. Chen, S. Ahmad
SU-E-T-727 MR-Based Contour Density Override for Proton Dose Calculation: A Dosimetric Evaluation On Head and Neck Cases
C. Chang*, O. Cahlon, E. Hug, D. Mah