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Program Information

  Ultrasound for Diagnostic Imaging Wednesday
Imaging Scientific Session 2:00PM - 3:50PM  Room: 134

Moderator 1: James Zagzebski, University of Wisconsin
Moderator 2: Paul Carson, The University of Michigan Health System

2:00 PM
Preliminary Application of a Multitaper Generalized Spectrum Approach to Quantify Scatterer Nonrandomness in Breast Lesions
I. Rosado-Mendez*, H. Gerges-Nasief, L. Carlson, S. Kohn, T. Hall, J. Zagzebski
2:10 PM
High Resolution Acoustic Angiography for Early Assessment of Tumor Response to Radiation Treatment in Rat Tumor Model
S. Chang*, R. Gessner, S. Wang, Y. Lee, P. Dayton
2:20 PM
Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization of Parotid-Gland Injury Following Head-And-Neck Radiotherapy Using Nakagami-Parameter Imaging: A Feasibility Study
T. Liu*, D. Yu, J. Beitler, S. Tridandapani, D. Bruner, W. Curran, X. Yang
2:30 PM
Computerized Detection of Breast Cancer On Automated Breast Ultrasound for Women with Dense Breasts
K. Drukker*, C. Sennett, M. Giger
2:40 PM
Noncontact Ultrasound Applied to Osteroporosis Diagnostics Updated to Include Broadband Ultrasonic Attenuation and Offline Data Analysis
K. Ganezer, K. Ganezer*, I. Neeson, P. Halcrow, J. Bulman
2:50 PM
Pilot Project to Test the Feasibility of Automating Quantitative Ultrasound Performance Testing
D. Hoeprich*, W. Davros
3:00 PM
Ultrasound Image Based Measurements of Myocardial Fiber Structure Within the Left and Right Ventricular Walls of the Heart
M. Milne, K. Wallace, G. Singh, J. Miller, M. Holland*
3:10 PM
Characterization of Carotid Plaque with Histology and Quantitative Ultrasound
X. Wang*, S. Salamat, T. Varghese, R. Dempsey
3:20 PM
Evaluation of the Performance of Cardiac Displacement and Strain Imaging Using Radiofrequency and Envelope Signals
C. Ma*, T. Varghese
3:30 PM
Correlation of Cognitive Function with Ultrasound Strain Indices
X. Wang*, C. Mitchell, D. Jackson, T. Varghese, B. Hermann, M. Kliewer, R. Dempsey
3:40 PM
Ultrasound Cardiac Strain Imaging of Left Ventricle Using Lagrangian Tracking
C. Ma*, T. Varghese