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Program Information

  Spectral CT and Breast CT Thursday
Imaging Scientific Session 8:00AM - 9:55AM  Room: 103

Moderator 1: Andrew Karellas, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Moderator 2: Lifeng Yu, Mayo Clinic

8:00 AM
Investigation of Factors Affecting the Accuracy of a Dual Energy Quantitative CT Method for Estimating Regional Bone Marrow Cellularity
A. Shenoy*, M. Goodsitt, J. Shen, M. Schipper, Y. Dewaraja
8:10 AM
Initial Accuracy Assessment of a Post-Processing DECT Method for Linear Attenuation Coefficient Estimation On a Commercial Fan Beam CT Scanner
J. Evans*, B. Whiting, J. O'Sullivan, D. Politte, P. Klahr, Y. Yu, J. Williamson
8:20 AM
Cascaded Systems Analysis of a Silicon-Strip Photon Counting CT System
J. Xu*, W. Zbijewski, G. Gang, E. Fredenberg, K. Taguchi, J. Carrino, J. Stayman, J. Siewerdsen
8:30 AM
Microcalcification and Mass Detection with a Photon-Counting Si Detector for Low Dose Breast Computed Tomography
H. Ding*, H. Cho, F. Masaki, W. Barber, J. Iwanczyk, S. Molloi
8:40 AM
Characterization of An Energy-Resolved Photon-Counting Si Strip Detector for Breast CT Imaging
H. Cho*, H. Ding, W. Barber, J. Iwanczyk, S. Molloi
8:50 AM
Radiation Dose Reduction with Optimal Energy Weighting for a Prototype Energy-Resolved Photon-Counting Si Strip Detector
A. Lam Ng*, H. Ding, H. Cho, W. Barber, J. Iwanczyk, S. Molloi
9:00 AM
A Pan-Sharpening Approach to Multiresolution Image Fusion for Hybrid Counting/integrating CT
D. Rigie*, P. La Riviere
9:10 AM
System Optimization of Spectral Breast CT Based On An Energy-Resolved Photon-Counting Si Strip Detector: A Simulation Study
H. Cho*, H. Ding, F. Masaki, W. Barber, J. Iwanczyk, S. Molloi
9:20 AM
Bowtie Filter Designs for Dedicated Breast CT
K. Kontson*, R. Jennings
9:30 AM
Improved Segmentation of Low-Contrast Fibroglandular Structures in High-Noise Breast CT Volumes for XCAT Modeling
J. Wells*, P. Segars, J. Dobbins
9:40 AM
Breast Density Measurement with Cone-Beam CT and MRI: A Postmortem Study
H. Ding*, T. Johnson, M. Lin, L. Su, S. Molloi