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Program Information

  Cone-Beam CT and CT Image Reconstruction Thursday
Imaging Scientific Session 10:30AM - 12:30PM  Room: 103

Moderator 1: Xiaochuan Pan, Univ Chicago
Moderator 2: Jiang Hsieh, GE Healthcare Technologies

10:30 AM
Motion-Map Constrained Image Reconstruction for 4DCBCT Reconstruction in IGRT
C. Park*, J. Kim, B. Song, W. Song
10:40 AM
Simultaneous Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction (SMEIR) for 4D Cone-Beam CT
J. Wang*, X. Gu
10:50 AM
Iterative CT Reconstruction Via Minimizing Adaptively Reweighted Total Variation
L. Zhu*, T. Niu
11:00 AM
Computed Tomography Image Reconstruction with a Cylindrical Voxelization Method
J. Kim*, D. Ionascu, T. Zhang
11:10 AM
A Novel Method to Improve Single Phase Reconstruction Quality From Conventional CBCT Dataset
E. Hu*, G. Lasio, S. Lee, C. Yu, B. Yi
11:20 AM
Non-Coplanar Cone Beam CT Reconstruction with Limited Angle of Projections Using Rigid Image Registration Facilitated Prior Image Constrained Compressed Sensing
B. Meng*, R. Li, B. Han, J. Cheng, L. Xing
11:30 AM
Iterative Cone Beam CT Reconstruction On a Multi-GPU Platform
X. Wang, H. Yan, L. Cervino, S. Jiang, X. Jia*
11:40 AM
BEST IN PHYSICS (IMAGING) - A Hybrid 4D Cone Beam CT Reconstruction Algorithm for Highly Under-Sampled Projections From the 1-Minute Cone Beam Scan
H. Yan*, x. zhen, M. Folkerts, T. Pan, L. Cervino, S. Jiang, X. Jia
11:50 AM
Potential Gains of Incorporating Iterative Reconstruction Into 4DCT
C. Glide-Hurst*, R. Price, J. Adams, I. Chetty
12:00 PM
AIR: Fused Analytical and Iterative Reconstruction Method for Computed Tomography
H. Gao*, L. Yang, S. Qi, H. Gao
12:10 PM
Accelerated Barrier Optimization Compressed Sensing (ABOCS) for CT Reconstruction with Improved Convergence
T. Niu*, L. Zhu
12:20 PM
Iterative Reconstruction for Dual Energy CT Using Accelerated Barrier Optimization Compressed Sensing (ABOCS)
X. Dong*, T. Niu, L. Zhu