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Program Information

  Treatment Planning: Optimization Techniques, Plan Evaluation, and Robustness Analysis Monday
Therapy Scientific Session 8:00AM - 9:55AM  Room: 137

Moderator 1: Benedick Fraass, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Moderator 2: Martha Matuszak, University of Michigan

8:00 AM
BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY) - Predictive DVH Models Developed at a Large Institution Impact Clinically Relevant DVH Parameters in IMRT Plans at An Unrelated Radiotherapy Facility
L. Appenzoller*, J. Klaers, J. Tan, D. Yang, S. Mutic, K. Moore
8:10 AM
Comparative Efficacy of Image-Guided Adaptive Treatment Strategies for Prostate Radiation Therapy Via Virtual Clinical Trials
M. Sharma*, J. Williamson, J. Siebers
8:20 AM
Effective Heuristic Cuts for Beam Angle Optimization in Radiation Therapy
H. Yarmand*, D. Craft
8:30 AM
Robustness of Bone Marrow Sparing in Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy for Cervical Cancer
E. Dinges*, D. Wang
8:40 AM
Assessment and Prediction of Treatment Plan Quality Through Integrated Planning Script
M. Cao*, D. Ruan, J. DeMarco, C. King, P. Kupelian, J. Wang, D. Low
8:50 AM
A Stochastic Optimization Approach to Adaptive Lung Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
T. Long*, M. Matuszak, M. Schipper, M. Epelman, F. Kong, R. Ten Haken, E. Romeijn
9:00 AM
Assessment of Metrics to Identify Which Left-Sided Breast Cancer Patients Will Benefit From a Moderate Deep Inspiration Breath-Hold Technique
J. Yu*, D. Brinkmann, R. Mutter, E. Yan, I. Petersen, M. Herman, S. Park
9:10 AM
Direct Leaf Trajectory Optimization for Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy with Sliding Window Delivery
D. Papp*, J. Unkelbach
9:20 AM
Reduced Order Prioritized Optimization for IMRT Planning
L. Rivera*, E. Yorke, A. Kowalski, R. Radke, A. Jackson
9:30 AM
Evaluation of A GPU-Based In-House Automatic Re-Planning System for Adaptive Radiotherapy Re-Planning for Head and Neck Cancer
C. Sutterley*, Q. Gautier, Y. Graves, M. Zarepisheh, N. Li, Z. Tian, X. Jia, K. Moore, D. Rahn, J. Murphy, L. Mell, S. Jiang
9:40 AM
How Successful Are We in Meeting SBRT Planning Goals? A Multi-Institutional Study
M. Surucu*, M. Harkenrider, J. Fan, B. Aydogan, R. Laureckas, F. Vali, J. Roeske