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Program Information

  Planning, Delivery, and Verification: Brachytherapy Wednesday
Therapy Scientific Session 8:00AM - 9:55AM  Room: 108

Moderator 1: Joann Prisciandaro, University of Michigan
Moderator 2: Jacqueline Esthappan, Washington University School of Medicine

8:00 AM
BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY) - A Real-Time Applicator Position Monitoring System (RAPS) for Intracavitary High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy
J. Xia*, T. Waldron, Y. Kim
8:10 AM
Radiotherapy Enhancement for Prostate Cancer Using Platinum-Based Nanoparticles
G. Cifter*, E. Sajo, G. Makrigiorgos, W. Ngwa
8:20 AM
Design of a New Yb-169 Source Optimized for Gold Nanoparticle-Aided Radiation Therapy
F. Reynoso*, S. Cho
8:30 AM
Experimental Verification of the Thermal Properties of a Novel LDR Thermo-Brachytherapy Seed
G. Warrell*, B. Gautam, D. Shvydka, M. Subramanian, T. Ng, E. Parsai
8:40 AM
Experimental and Computational Dosimetric Characterization of the Xoft AxxentTM Electronic Brachytherapy Source Within a Titanium Cervical Applicator
S. Simiele*, T. Pike, J. Micka, L. DeWerd
8:50 AM
Dynamic Modulated Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer
D. Han*, M. Webster, D. Scanderbeg, C. Yashar, W. Song
9:00 AM
Dynamic Modulated Brachytherapy for Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation
M. Webster*, D. Scanderbeg, C. Yashar, D. Han, W. Song
9:10 AM
Development of Shape Memory Alloy Actuated Flexible Needle Control System for Prostate Brachytherapy
B. Ruiz*, P. Hutapea, K. Darvish, A. Dicker, Y. Yu, T. Podder
9:20 AM
Interstitial Rotating Shield Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer
R. Flynn*, X. Li, Y. Kim, X. Wu, K. Townsend, W. Zhang, B. Woodin, W. Rockey, S. Enger, E. Breitbach, Q. Adams
9:30 AM
Using CT/MR Compatible Multichannel Vaginal Cylinder for Vaginal Cuff Treatment Can Reduce Dose to the Bladder and Rectum
M. Rybak*, L. Huang, H. Blair, P. Xia
9:40 AM
Patient Specific Quality Assurance Tool in Rectal Brachytherapy
S. Asgharizadeh*, A. Syme, J. Seuntjens, I. El Naqa, S. Devic, H. Bekerat, F. DeBlois