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Program Information

  Proton Range Uncertainty Thursday
Therapy Scientific Session 10:30AM - 12:30PM  Room: 144

Moderator 1: Eric Klein, Washington University
Moderator 2: Indra Das, Indiana University- School of Medicine

10:30 AM
BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY) - Use of Radiation-Induced Ultrasound to Image Proton Dosimetry
K. Stantz*, F. Alsanea, V. Moskvin
10:40 AM
Experimental Study of Discrete Prompt Gamma Lines for In-Vivo Proton Range Verification
J. Verburg*, K. Riley, J. Seco
10:50 AM
Tissue Decomposition From Dual Energy CT Data to Reduce Range Uncertainties in Proton and Carbon Radiotherapy
N. Huenemohr*, H. Paganetti, S. Greilich, O. Jakel, J. Seco
11:00 AM
Robust Optimization in Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy for Base-Of-Skull Cancers
W. Liu*, R. Mohan, X. Zhu, D. Grosshans
11:10 AM
Distal and Lateral Dose Perturbation From Collimator Scattering in Proton Radiotherapy
T. Zhao*, K. Grantham, S. Goddu, E. Klein
11:20 AM
TPSPET - A TPS-Based Approach for In-Vivo Dose Verification with PET in Proton Therapy
K. Frey*, J. Bauer, D. Unholtz, C. Kurz, M. Krämer, T. Bortfeld, K. Parodi
11:30 AM
Proton Lung Planning Based On Beam Specific PTV
S. Flampouri*, B. Hoppe, Z. Li
11:40 AM
Characterizing Prompt Gamma Signal During Proton Radiotherapy
J. Polf*, D. Mackin, E. Lee, S. Avery, D. Dolney, S. Beddar
11:50 AM
Workflow of the in Vivo Range Verification in Proton Therapy
D. Samuel*, M. Testa, J. Lee, E. Cascio, J. ORBAN DE XIVRY, B. Gottschalk, E. Bentefour, H. Lu
12:00 PM
On the Feasibility of Prompt Gamma Imaging in Heterogeneous Patient Anatomy
E. Sterpin*, G. Janssens, J. Smeets, D. Prieels, F. Stichelbault, F. Roellinghoff, E. Clementel, A. Benilov, S. Vynckier
12:10 PM
Radiological Physics Center (RPC) Approval of Proton Centers for NCI-Sponsored Clinical Trials
P. Summers*, G. Ibbott, M. Moyers, R. Grant, D. Followill
12:20 PM
On the Modelling of Facility-Specific PET Imaging for Proton Treatment Verification: Experimental Validation and Inter-Facility Comparison
J. Bauer*, M. Hildebrandt, D. Unholtz, C. Kurz, K. Parodi