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Experiences in ACR MRI Accreditation - Vendor Nuances That Every Clinical MRI Physicist Should Know

Kathryn Huff

K Huff1*, (1) ,RIVERVIEW, FL

MO-A-Salon BCD-1 Monday 7:30:00 AM - 9:30:00 AM Room: Salon BCD

Given the multitude of manufacturers that produce magnetic resonance scanners, it is challenging for the MRI physicist/MRI scientist to maintain a working knowledge of every system and its idiosyncrasies. Each vendor, magnet and software package has its own limitations. Knowing which is a true limitation of the system and what constitutes a genuine artifact or problem can save time in the troubleshooting process. Additionally, understanding the ACR MRI Accreditation phantom, its tests and failures can provide insight into the overall performance of an MRI scanner.

Data collected on more than one thousand scanners established certain general trends. This presentation is a compilation of the experience gained from the testing and problem solving of virtually every make and manufacturer in MRI today. The intent of this lecture is to better equip the MRI Physicist/ MRI Scientist to efficiently troubleshoot issues with each type of MR imaging system.

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