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Monte Carlo Simulation of a Novel Gamma-Tomo SBRT System

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G Mora

G Mora1*, O Chibani2 , J Li3 , A Eldib4 , C Ma5 , (1) Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa, ,(2) Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, (3) Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, (4) Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, (5) Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA


SU-E-T-240 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To simulate the 60Co beam from a novel Gamma–Tomo SBRT system and to calculate the output factors and dose rates for different source configurations and collimator sizes.

Methods: The BEAM-Monte Carlo code is used to realistically model the system geometry, including 32 source capsules, source housing, primary collimator and 4 different changeable collimators. The sources (6.22 mm of diameter) are located in 2 rows with different angles and distances to the longitudinal axis and the beams can be collimated to obtain four different circular field sizes at the isocenter (35 mm, 16 mm, 7mm, and 3.5mm). Since the dose distributions will be determined in a spherical polystyrene phantom of 8cm radius centered at the isocenter, a new geometry module is designed for the dose calculation.

Results:: The caracteristics of the particle spectra emerging from each source are determined and the influence of the source position on the spectra reaching the isocenter is found to be minimal (<2%). We found that the scattered photons represent about 15% of the total number of photons reaching the scoring plane immediately (1 mm) below the source and primary collimator. The radial photon fluence does not vary significantly inside the collimator opening and decreases quickly beyond the 3cm radius (projected at the isocenter plane).

Conclusion:Our preliminary results indicate that the position of the source and primary collimator assembly does not affect the energy spectra and fluence distributions reaching the isocenter significantly. This allows the use of a well-represented source model for all the sources to perform the dose calculations for all the changeable collimators for this novel Gamma-Tomo SBRT system.

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