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An Application of GafChromic RTQA2 Film to the Patient Specified Quality Assurance

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J Peng

J Peng1*, W Hu1 , (1) Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, Shanghai, China


SU-E-T-32 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose:GafChromic RTQA2 film is known as a quality assurance (QA) tool for light field and radiation field verification. This study is attempted to apply the RTQA2 film to the patient specified quality assurance.

Methods: Pre-irradiated and post-irradiated RTQA2 films were scanned in a reflection mode using a flatbed scanner. A plan-based dose calibration method utilized the mapping information of calculated dose image and measured film image to create a dose vs. pixel value calibration model. This model was used to calibrate the measured film image from the pixel value (gray value) image to the dose image. The dose agreement between calculated and measured dose images were analyzed using the gamma analysis. To evaluate the feasibility of this method, three clinical approved RapidArc cases (one abdomen cancer and two head-and-neck cancer patients) were tested. The tolerance of 3% dose difference and 3 mm distance to agreement (DTA) and gamma index ≤ 1 were set for the analysis.

Results:The calibrated film dose image from measurement was successfully compared to the predicted dose image from the commercial treatment planning. The gamma analysis results showed good consistency. Gamma passing rates were 99.02%, 94.84%, and 98.33% for the three patients, respectively.

Conclusion:The plan based calibration method has the feasibility for dose verification without shortages of film batch and development time variation.

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