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Hurtles and Benefits to Establishing An Academic/industry Diagnostic Medical Physics Residency Collaboration

J Nye

J Nye1*, M Cuddy2 , G Heathcock2 , (1) Emory Univ, Atlanta, GA, (2) Phoenix Technology Corperation, Woodstock, GA


SU-E-E-4 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: Funding and administration of diagnostic residencies presents a barrier to the expansion of these programs. In this work, the authors detail elements included in establishing an academic and industry collaboration to share the training and finances of a new residency program.

Methods: The goals of each partner were prioritized and strengths and weaknesses in expertise were identified as well as their potential benefit to each. Many of the hurtles concerning the broader program administration were addressed through an affiliation agreement. Aspects of program management specific to each resident such as deviations to the approved training plan were addressed through sub-agreements. Some priorities identified may need to be actively managed throughout the resident's training period.

Results: Several hurtles were identified in the administration and training of residents including conflicts between training and service, protection of proprietary materials/knowledge, intellectual property rights, funding and payment models, remote management, resident placement/scheduling and non-compete agreements. Several benefits may be realized through an academic/industry collaboration including mentorship and teaching experience, scholarship, enhancement of the partner's reputation, marketing advantages, minimization of the administrative burden and training of future qualified staff. These hurtles and benefits should be well understood as some may not be negotiable due to institutional or company policies governing the operation of each partner.

Conclusion: Residency collaborations between academic and industry environments present a unique set of hurtles but clear advantages to each stakeholder. The benefit to the future resident is an innovative educational experience comprised of hospital- and consulting-based medical practices.

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