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Clinical Implementation and Evaluation of the Acuros Dose Calculation Algorithm

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C Yan

C Yan1*, T Combine2 , K Dickens3 , R Wynn4 , D Pavord5 , M Huq6 , (1) UPMC Cancer Center at Horizon, Farrell, PA, (2) ,Beaver, PA, (3) UPMC Cancer Centers at Horizon, Farrell, Pennsylvania, (4) UPMC Cancer Centers at Horizon, Farrell, Pennsylvania, (5) Health-quest, Poughkeepsie, NY, (6) University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA


SU-E-T-67 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: The main aim of the current study is to present a detailed description of the implementation of the Acuros XB Dose Calculation Algorithm, and subsequently evaluate its clinical impacts by comparing it with AAA algorithm.

Methods: The source models for both Acuros XB and AAA were configured by importing the same measured beam data into Eclipse treatment planning system. Both algorithms were evaluated by comparing calculated dose with measured dose on a homogeneous water phantom for field sizes ranging from 6cm x 6cm to 40cm x 40cm. Central axis and off-axis points with different depths were chosen for the comparison. Similarly, wedge fields with wedge angles from 15 to 60 degree were used. In addition, variable field sizes for a heterogeneous phantom were used to evaluate the Acuros algorithm. Finally, both Acuros and AAA were tested on VMAT patient plans for various sites. Does distributions and calculation time were compared.

Results: On average, computation time is reduced by at least 50% by Acuros XB compared with AAA on single fields and VMAT plans. When used for open 6MV photon beams on homogeneous water phantom, both Acuros XB and AAA calculated doses were within 1% of measurement. For 23 MV photon beams, the calculated doses were within 1.5% of measured doses for Acuros XB and 2% for AAA. When heterogeneous phantom was used, Acuros XB also improved on accuracy.

Conclusion: Compared with AAA, Acuros XB can improve accuracy while significantly reduce computation time for VMAT plans.

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