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Characterization and Clinical Validation of the Varian Pivotalâ„¢ Treatment Solution for Prone Breast Care

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K Dewyngaert

K Dewyngaert*, G Jozsef , S Formenti , New York Univ Medical Center, New York, NY


SU-E-T-588 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To report on the clinical validation of the Varian Pivotalâ„¢ Treatment Solution for Prone Breast Care: a platform for prone breast radiation therapy.

Methods: Patients treated using Breast Conserving Radiation Therapy may benefit from treatment in the prone position with the breast tissue falling freely away from the body. This geometry allows the breast tissue to be treated while avoiding the lung and heart tissue. Eighteen patients simulated and treated using the Varian Medical Systems Pivotalâ„¢ Treatment Solution for Prone Breast Care were monitored over the course of treatment for positioning integrity and reproducibility. As this carbon-fiber platform actually replaces a portion of the couch top, indexing is inherent to its design. Patients were positioned on the couch and aligned using fiducial markers and lateral SSD to the breast fiducial point. The daily couch coordinates then serves as indicators for positioning variability with this system.

Results: The variations in couch vertical, longitudinal and lateral positions were centered on a mean value of zero with standard deviations of 0.44cm, 0.75cm and 0.79cm respectively. Other factors explored were variations in distance of mid-sternum to table edge and patient rotation into the opening. The median rotation of the chest wall was found to be 11.5 degrees at CT-Simulation with a median distance of 2.5cm from mid-sternum to support opening. Patient rotation was not associated with either breast size or distance from edge of platform.

Conclusion: The Pivotalâ„¢ Treatment solution consists of a couch top that replaces the standard top and as such is open from beneath without obstruction. This is a distinction from all other solutions which rely on a platform positioned above and indexed to the treatment couch. We found the reproducibility to be consistent with our historical measures while offering benefits of an integrated solution as stated above.

Funding Support, Disclosures, and Conflict of Interest: supported by Professional Services Agreeement with Varian Medical Systems

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