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Joint Imaging Education - Quantitative Imaging Symposium: Genomics and Image-Omics for Medical Physicists

M Giger
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M Cowperthwaite

M Markey

M Giger1*, M Cowperthwaite2*, M Markey3*, (1) Univ Chicago, Chicago, IL, (2) Texas Advanced Computing Center, Austin, TX, (3) The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, AA


MO-A-12A-1 Monday 7:30AM - 9:30AM Room: 12A

With the growth of quantitative imaging and quantitative image analysis, image-based biomarkers (i.e. image-based phenotypes) are becoming potential descriptors in personalized medicine, as well as in cancer discovery and neuroscience research. Thus, there is a need to understand (i) the quantitation and standardization involved with image-based phenotypes and (ii) the aspects of datamining and association studies involved in "conventional" phenotype-genotype studies. Imaging scientists and genomic scientists need to be able to speak the same language in this common era of Big Data.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand what are image-based phenotypes and their potential medical significance.
2. Appreciate the complexity of Big Data.
3. Learn about genetic association studies.


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