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Building, Maintaining and Improving Physics Residency Program

E Klein

J Nye

E Klein1*, J Nye2*, (1) Washington University, Saint Louis, MO, (2) Emory Univ, Atlanta, GA


TH-E-16A-1 Thursday 1:00PM - 1:55PM Room: 16A

In this session we will discuss the key steps for building, maintaining and improving a physics residency program. The initial momentum starts with a secure commitment of; a program director, physics faculty, physicians, key technical personnel, and, of course, administration. The ultimate goal is to build a strong clinical physicist who practice independently and/or work in an interdisciplinary team. Part of the initiation is to find out the right balance of training, resident empowerment, and service contributed back to the clinic.
Funding of residencies will be discussed including obstacles and benefits to residents participating in clinical service and establishing hub and spoke training collaborations.
Another key step that will be discussed is the recruitment of resident candidates. Namely, where the residents are coming from, what their educational background is, and most importantly during interviews, how to gauge what makes an ideal resident.
The key to maintenance of a residency program is to not allow stagnation, but rather to constantly update. Examples will be given of evolution of programs in terms of the didactic and clinical rotational components. In addition, how to allocate the resident developmental work, whether it be clinical or benchmark, without disrupting training. We will also discuss how to evaluate faculty on the ownership they take regarding resident training. We will discuss both therapy and imaging programs.
Finally, we will share experiences on steps to continually improve one’s program.

The learning objectives:
1. To obtain from the experience of long standing programs the lessons learned.
2. To find out what historically has worked out to be ideal resident candidates.
3. Guidelines for continually improving a program.


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