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Program Information

  Therapy SNAP Oral Sunday
Radiobiology Modeling and Pre-Clinical Studies 1:00PM - 1:55PM  Room: Ballroom E

Moderator 1: Ross Berbeco, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Moderator 2: Elwood Armour, Johns Hopkins University

1:00 PM
3D Conformal Micro Irradiation Results of Four Treatment Sites for Preclinical Small Animal and Clinical Treatment Plans
S. Price*, S. Yaddanapudi, D. Rangaraj, D. Rangaraj, E. Izaguirre
1:07 PM
BED Vs. Local Control: Radiobiological Effect of Tumor Volume in Monte Carlo (MC) Lung SBRT Planning
D. Pokhrel*, R. Badkul, H. Jiang, C. Estes, J. Park, P. Kumar, F. Wang
1:14 PM
Dual Compartment Mathematical Modeling of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)
V. Yu*, D. Nguyen, P. Kupelian, T. Kaprealian, M. Selch, D. Low, F. Pajonk, K. Sheng
1:21 PM
Microbeam-Radiation-Therapy (MRT): Characterizing a Novel MRT Device Using High Resolution 3D Dosimetry
Q. Li*, T. Juang, S. Bache, S. Chang, M. Oldham
1:28 PM
PTV Margin Determination Based On Tumor Radiobiological Characteristics and Geometric Uncertainties Derived From Daily Cone-Beam CT Images
J. Selvaraj*
1:35 PM
Radiobiological Advantage of Very Rapid Irradiation
M. Rafat, M. Bazalova*, B. Palma, M. Kozak, D. Jiang, M. Dunning, D. McCormick, J. Nelson, E. Hemsing, F. Lartey, E. Graves, A. Koong, P. Maxim, B. Loo
1:42 PM
Sensitivity Analysis of the Threshold Energy for the Creation of Strand Breaks and of Single and Double Strand Break Clustering Conditions
P. Pater*, I. El Naqa, J. Seuntjens