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Program Information

  Young Investigator Symposium Monday
John R. Cameron Young Investigator Symposium 7:30AM - 9:30AM  Room: Ballroom D

Moderator 1: Mary Martel, Univ. of Texas-MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: G. Donald Frey, The American Board of Radiology

7:30 AM
An Investigation of the Dynamic Response of a Novel Acousto-Optic Liquid Crystal Detector for Full-Field Transmission Ultrasound Breast Imaging
J. Rosenfield*, J. Sandhu, P. La Riviere
7:42 AM
Noise Suppression for Dual-Energy CT Through Entropy Minimization
M. Petrongolo*, T. Niu, L. Zhu
7:54 AM
Quantifying 19F-Labeled Human Natural Killer Cell-Trafficking with MRI
K. Ludwig*, M. Bouchlaka, J. Gordon, B. Bednarz, C. Capitini, S. Fain
8:06 AM
Prognostic Value and Reproducibility of Pretreatment CT Texture Features in Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
D. Fried*, S. Tucker, S. Zhou, Z. Liao, O. Mawlawi, G. Ibbott, L. Court
8:18 AM
Evaluation of Composed Lung Ventilation with 4DCT and Image Registration
K. Du*, J. Reinhardt, G. Christensen, K. Ding, B. Zhao, J. Bayouth
8:30 AM
In Vivo Cherenkov Video Imaging to Verify Whole Breast Irradiation Treatment
R. Zhang*, L. Jarvis, D. Gladstone, J. Andreozzi, W. Hitchcock, A. Glaser, B. Pogue
8:42 AM
Feasibility of X-Ray Acoustic Computed Tomography as a Tool for Calibration and In Vivo Dosimetry of Radiotherapy Electron and Photon Beams
S. Hickling*, M. Hobson, I. El Naqa
8:54 AM
Radiosurgery Beyond Cancer: Real-Time Target Localization and Treatment Planning for Cardiac Radiosurgery Under MRI Guidance
S. Ipsen*, O. Blanck, B. Oborn, F. Bode, G. Liney, P. Keall
9:06 AM
A Data-Mining Algorithm for Large Scale Analysis of Dose-Outcome Relationships in a Database of Irradiated Head-And-Neck (HN) Cancer Patients
S. Robertson*, H. Quon, A. Kiess, J. Moore, W. Yang, Z. Cheng, A. Sharabi, T. McNutt
9:18 AM
A Fast and Accurate GPU-Based Proton Transport Monte Carlo Simulation for Validating Proton Therapy Treatment Plans
H. Wan Chan Tseung*, J. Ma, C. Beltran