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Program Information

  Quantitative Imaging Scientific Session Tuesday
X-Ray and CT 7:30AM - 9:30AM  Room: 12A

Moderator 1: Samuel Armato, The University of Chicago
Moderator 2: Sean Bedilion Fain, University of Wisconsin-Madison

7:30 AM
Consistency of Lung Expansion and Contraction During Respiration: Implications for Quantitative Imaging
T. Patton*, K. Du, G. Christensen, J. Reinhardt, J. Bayouth
7:40 AM
Novel Lung Ventilation Imaging with Single Energy CT After Single Inhalation of Xenon: Comparison with SPECT Ventilation Images
M. Negahdar*, T. Yamamoto, D. Shultz, L. Gable, X. Shan, E. Mittra, M. Diehn, B. Loo, P. Maxim
7:50 AM
Monitoring Changes in Tumor Texture Features On Weekly CT and CBCT Scans of NSCLC Patients
X. Fave*, L. Zhang, J. Yang, D. Fried, P. Balter, L. Court
8:00 AM
Quantitative Texture Features Calculated in Lung Tissue From CT Scans Demonstrate Consistency Between Two Databases From Different Institutions
A. Cunliffe*, S. Armato, R. Castillo, N. Pham, T. Guerrero, H. Al-Hallaq
8:10 AM
Evaluating the Consistency of Lesion Volumetry in Chest CT After Substantial Dose Reduction
S. Young*, M. McNitt-Gray
8:20 AM
Intra-Observer Variability in Delineation of Target Volumes in Breast Radiotherapy and Its Effect On Accuracy of Deformation Measurements
P. Juneja*, M. Bonora, P. Evans, E. Harris
8:30 AM
CT-Based Biomarkers to Characterize Lung Lesion: Effects of CT Dose, Slice Thickness and Reconstruction Algorithm Based Upon a Phantom Study
B. Zhao*, Y. Tan, W. Tsai, L. Lu, L. Schwartz, Z. Lu, J. So, J. Goldman
8:40 AM
Computing Longitudinal Material Changes in Bone Metastases Using Dual Energy Computed Tomography
C. Schmidtlein*, S. Hwang, H. Veeraraghavan, D. Fehr, J. Humm, J. Deasy
8:50 AM
Absolute Blood Flow Measurement in a Cardiac Phantom Using Low Dose CT
B. Ziemer*, L. Hubbard, J. Lipinski, S. Molloi
9:00 AM
Robust Radiomics Feature Quantification Using Semiautomatic Volumetric Segmentation
E. Rios *, C. Parmar, m. jermoumi, H. Aerts
9:10 AM
Improved Airway Measurement Accuracy for Low Dose Quantitative CT (qCT) Using Statistical (ASIR), at Reduced DFOV, and High Resolution Kernels in a Phantom and Swine Model
A. Rodriguez*, F. Ranallo, P. Judy, D. Gierada, S. Fain
9:20 AM
Iodine Beam Hardening Correction for Single KVp CT and Quantification Accuracy Relative to Dual-Energy Monochromatic CT
G. Yadava*, Y. Imai, J. Hsieh