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Program Information

  Therapy Scientific Session Tuesday
Photon Therapy - Inverse Planning and Plan Evaluation 10:15AM - 12:15PM  Room: 17A

Moderator 1: Mark Phillips, Univ Washington
Moderator 2: Cedric Yu, Univ Maryland School of Medicine

10:15 AM
A Data-Based Development for Pratical Pareto Optimality Assessment and Identification
D. Ruan*, S. Qi, J. DeMarco, P. Kupelian, D. Low
10:25 AM
An Efficient Method for Making IMRT Treatment Planning Optimizations Results Robust Against Geometrical Uncertainties
Y. Xie*, Y. Chen, M. Wickerhauser, J. Deasy
10:35 AM
An Integrated Contour Evaluation Software Tool Using Supervised Pattern Recognition for Radiotheray
H. Chen*, J. Tan, J. Kavanaugh, S. Dolly, H. Gay, W. Thorstad, M. Anastasio, M. Altman, S. Mutic, H. Li
10:45 AM
BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY) - A Supervised Framework for Automatic Contour Assessment for Radiotherapy Planning of Head-Neck Cancer
H. Chen*, J. Kavanaugh, J. Tan, S. Dolly, H. Gay, W. Thorstad, M. Anastasio, M. Altman, S. Mutic, H. Li
10:55 AM
Dose Domain Optimization of MLC Leaf Patterns for Highly Complicated 4π IMRT Plans
D. Nguyen*, V. Yu, D. Ruan, H. Semwal, D. O'Connor, M. Cao, D. Low, K. Sheng
11:05 AM
Evaluating IMRT Plan Deliverability Via PTV Shape and MLC Motion
R. McGurk*, V. Smith, M. Price
11:15 AM
FusionARC Treatment with Adaptive Beam Selection Method
H. Kim*, R. Li, R. Lee, L. Xing
11:25 AM
Improving IMRT Planning and Reducing Inter-Planner Variability Using the Stochastic Frontier Method: Validation Based On Clinical and Simulated Data
M. Gagné*, D. Tremblay, N. Varfalvy, L. Archambault
11:35 AM
Multi-Case Knowledge-Based IMRT Treatment Planning in Head and Neck Cancer: Are Six Heads Better Than One?
S. Grzetic*, C. Lutzky, S. Das, J. Lo
11:45 AM
Patient Features Based Dosimetric Pareto Front Prediction In Esophagus Cancer Radiotherapy
J. Wang*, X. Jin, K. Zhao, J. Peng, W. Hu
11:55 AM
Progressive Knowledge Modeling for Pelvic IMRT/VMAT Treatment Planning
S. Lu*, L. Yuan, O. Craciunescu, Y. Ge, F. Yin, Q. Wu
12:05 PM
Towards a Passively Optimized Phase-Space Monte Carlo (POPMC) Treatment Planning Method: A Proof of Principle
Y. Yang*, C. Zankowski, M. Svatos, B. Bednarz