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Program Information

  Therapy Scientific Session Tuesday
SBRT/SRS: Dose Measurement Tools and Equipment QA 4:30PM - 6:00PM  Room: Ballroom E

Moderator 1: Timothy Solberg, University of Pennsylvania
Moderator 2: Peter Dunscombe, Tom Baker Cancer Centre

4:30 PM
A High Resolution Micro Fiber Scintillator Detector Optimized for SRS and SBRT in Vivo Real Time Treatment Verification
E. Izaguirre*, S. Price, T. Knewtson, S. Loyalka, D. Rangaraj
4:40 PM
A Practical QA Method for Respiration-Gated SBRT Verification Using 2D Detector Array
X. Chen*, J. Fan, T. Lin, R. Price, L. Chen, C. Ma
4:50 PM
Application of a Novel Mass-Density Compensation Optimization Method to Improve the Response of a Liquid-Filled Ionization Chamber in Nonstandard Fields
Y. Kamio*, H. Bouchard
5:00 PM
Development of a High-Resolution EPID Based Dosimetry Strategy for Radiosurgery QA
B. Han*, A. Ding, L. Xing, L. Wang
5:10 PM
Experimental Determination of K Factor in Small Field Dosimetry
I. Das*, Y. Akino, P. Francescon
5:20 PM
Flattening-Filter-Free Beam Quality Correction Factor Determination Using Experimental and Monte Carlo Methods
M. Wood*, V. Desai, E. Simiele, S. Taneja, L. DeWerd
5:30 PM
In Vivo Neutron Detection in Patients Undergoing Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) for Primary Kidney Cancer Using 6Li and 7Li Enriched TLD Pairs
P. Lonski*, R. Franich, S. Siva, S. Keehan, M. Taylor, T. Kron
5:40 PM
Significant Variations in Measured Small Cone Output Factor for FFF Beams
A. Sudhyadhom*, L. Ma, N. Kirby
5:50 PM
Towards the Establishment of Dosimetric References in Small Fields Using the New Concept of Dose-Area Product
S. Dufreneix*, J. Bordy, F. Delaunay, J. Daures, J. Gouriou, M. Le Roy, A. Ostrowsky, B. rapp, L. Sommier