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Program Information

  Joint Imaging - Therapy Scientific Session Wednesday
Real-Time Imaging and Tracking 4:30PM - 6:00PM  Room: Ballroom F

Moderator 1: Geoffrey Hugo, Virginia Commonwealth University
Moderator 2: Laura Cervino, University of California, San Diego

4:30 PM
Adaptation to Intrafraction Tumor Deformation During Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy: First Proof-Of-Principle Demonstration
Y. Ge*, R. OBrien, C. Shieh, J. Booth, P. Keall
4:40 PM
Geometrical Verification of Real-Time Tumor Tracking Using Fast MV Fluoroscopy On a New Generation EPID: Investigating the Influence of Pulsing Artifacts and Artifact Suppression Techniques On Fiducial Marker and Marker-Less Soft-Tissue Detection
K. Poels*, D. Verellen, T. Depuydt, I. Van de vondel, M. BURGHELEA, M. De Ridder
4:50 PM
A Quasi-Cine CBCT Reconstruction Technique for Real-Time On-Board Target Tracking of Lung Cancer Treatment
Y. Zhang*, F. Yin, L. Ren
5:00 PM
Robust Real-Time Volumetric Imaging Based On One Single Projection
Y. Xu*, H. Yan, L. Ouyang, J. Wang, L. Zhou, S. Jiang, X. Jia
5:10 PM
Feasibility of Markerless Motion Tracking Using Dual Energy Cone Beam Computed Tomography (DE-CBCT) Projections
J. Panfil*, R. Patel, M. Surucu, J. Roeske
5:20 PM
Positron Emission Tomography (PET)-Guided Dynamic Lung Tumor Tracking for Cancer Radiotherapy: First Patient Simulations
J. Yang*, T. Yamamoto, B. Loo, E. Graves, P. Keall
5:30 PM
Non-Circular Scanning Trajectories with Varian Developer Mode
A. Davis*, E. Pearson, X. Pan, C. Pelizzari
5:40 PM
Robust Characterization and Patient Experience of a Time-Resolved Ultrasound System for Prostate Tracking
R. Sandhu*, D. Yan, D. Ionascu
5:50 PM
Force- and Image-Adaptive Strategies for Robotised Placement of 4D Ultrasound Probes
I. Kuhlemann*, R. Bruder, F. Ernst, A. Schweikard