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Program Information

  Imaging Scientific Session Thursday
Multi-Detector CT 10:15AM - 12:15PM  Room: 18A

Moderator 1: Jiang Hsieh, GE Healthcare Technologies
Moderator 2: Norbert Pelc, Stanford University

10:15 AM
Is Automatic Tube Current Modulation Still Necessary with Statistical Iterative Reconstruction?
K. Li*, W. Zhao, D. Gomez-Cardona, G. Chen
10:25 AM
Machine Learning and STAPLE Based Simultaneous Longitudinal Segmentation of Bone and Marrow Structures From Dual Energy CT
D. Fehr*, C. Schmidtlein, S. Hwang, J. Deasy, H. Veeraraghavan
10:35 AM
Novel Technique for Dynamic Lung Ventilation Imaging Based On Wide Coverage 4D CT
B. Neal*, J. Kipritidis, R. Kohno, S. Matsumoto, T. Yamamoto
10:45 AM
Validation of Dosimetric Measurement of CT Radiation Profile Width
D. Gauntt*, R. Al-Senan
10:55 AM
Characteristics and Accuracy of CT Radiation Profile Width Measurements Using Radiochromic Films
B. Li*, R. Behrman
11:05 AM
Combined CT Image Quality and Radiation Dose Monitoring Program Based On Patient Data to Assess Consistency of Clinical Imaging Across Scanner Models
O. Christianson*, J. Winslow, E. Samei
11:15 AM
A Software Tool for Automated Analysis of CT Quality Assurance Phantoms
J. Grimes*, S. Leng, C. McCollough
11:25 AM
A Management Tool for CT Dose Monitoring, Analysis, and Protocol Review
J. Wang*, L. Molvin, D. Marsh, C. Zorich, F. Chan, B. Newman, D. Larson, L. Phillips, A. Leung, D. Fleischmann
11:35 AM
Exam and Patient Parameters Affecting the DNA Damage Response Following CT Studies
S. Elgart*, A. Adibi, M. Bostani, S. Ruehm, D. Enzmann, M. McNitt-Gray, K. Iwamoto
11:45 AM
The Influence of Tube Current On X-Ray Focal Spot Size for 70 KV CT Imaging
X. Duan*, J. Grimes, L. Yu, S. Leng, C. McCollough
11:55 AM
Investigating the Minimum Scan Parameters Required to Generate Free-Breathing Fast-Helical CT Scans Without Motion-Artifacts
D. Thomas*, J. Tan, J. Neylon, T. Dou, S. Jani, J. Lamb, D. Low
12:05 PM
Evaluation of the Impact of Body Size and Tube Output Limits in the Optimization of Fast Scanning with High-Pitch Dual Source CT
J. Ramirez Giraldo*, A. Mileto, L. Hurwitz, D. Marin