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  Imaging General Poster Discussion Sunday
  3:00PM - 6:00PM  Room: Exhibit Hall

SU-E-I-1 A Fast, Analytical Pencil Beam Based Method for First Order X-Ray Scatter Estimation of Kilovoltage Cone Beam X-Rays
J. Liu*, J. Bourland
SU-E-I-2 A Framework to Perform Batch Simulations of Computational Voxel Phantoms to Study Organ Doses in Computed Tomography Using a Commercial Monte Carlo Software Package
R. Bujila*, P. Nowik, G. Poludniowski
SU-E-I-3 A Kinect-Based Method of Bone and Soft Tissue Image Separation Using Object Thickness Measurement
R. Fukuyoshi*, T. Kurata, S. Sato, K. Kozono, M. Ono, F. Toyofuku
SU-E-I-5 A Novel Application of SIFT Technique to Microcalcification Detection
Y. Wang*, S. Lin, C. Lu, K. Lue, L. Lai, K. Chuang
SU-E-I-6 A Robust and Improved Method of Analysis for Dose Calibrator Linearity Data Based On First Principles
D. Gress*, S. Kappadath
SU-E-I-7 An Improved Technique for Scatter Correction in PET
S. Lin*, Y. Wang, K. Lue, H. Lin, K. Chuang
SU-E-I-8 An Inpaint-Based Interpolation Technique to Recover Blocked Information for Cone Beam CT with a Synchronized Moving Grid (SMOG)
V. Kong*, H. Zhang, L. Ren, J. Jin
SU-E-I-9 Application of LiF:Mg,Cu (TLD-100H) Dosimeters for in Diagnostic Radiology
s. sina, B. Zeinali, M. Karimipourfard, F. Lotfalizadeh, M. Sadeghi, R. Faghihi*
SU-E-I-10 Automatic Monitoring of Accumulated Dose Indices From DICOM RDSR to Improve Radiation Safety in X-Ray Angiography
A. Omar*, R. Bujila, P. Nowik, A. Karambatsakidou
SU-E-I-11 Cascaded Linear System Model for Columnar CsI Flat Panel Imagers with Depth Dependent Gain and Blur
B. Peng*, A. Lubinsky, A. Teymurazyan, H. Zheng, W. Zhao
SU-E-I-12 Characterization of Edge Effects in a Commercial Low-Dose Image Processing System
R. Marsh*, M. Silosky
SU-E-I-13 Comparison of CCD and CMOS Micro-Angiographic Fluoroscope (MAF) Detector Systems Using Contrast Measurements for Specific Imaging Tasks Related to Neuro-Endovascular Image-Guided Interventional (EIGI) Procedures
R. Rana*, A. Jain, S. Setlur Nagesh, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-14 Comparison of Iodine-Labeled and Indium-Labeled Antibody Biodistributions
L. Williams*
SU-E-I-15 Comparison of Radiation Dose for Radiography and EOS in Adolescent Scoliosis Patients
B. Schueler*, A. Walz-Flannigan
SU-E-I-16 Comparison of the Blue Part of the Spectral Power Distribution in a Medical Liquid-Crystal Display for Different Color Temperature Settings
H. Akamine*, T. Kuramoto, T. Kato, S. Awamoto, Y. Nakamura, N. Hashimoto, J. Morishita
SU-E-I-17 Comparison of Two Novel Algorithms for the Modulation Transfer Function of CT Using a Simple Cylindrical Phantom
S. Kam, H. Jeon*, H. Youn, H. Kim, D. Park
SU-E-I-18 CT Scanner QA Using Normalized CTDI Ratio
M. Randazzo*, M. Tambasco, B. Russell
SU-E-I-19 CTDI Values for All Protocols: Using the Ratio of the DLP Measured in CTDI Phantoms to the Measured Air Exposure
G. Raterman*, D. Gauntt
SU-E-I-20 Dead Time Count Loss Compensation in SPECT/CT: Projection Versus Global Correction
W. Siman*, S. Kappadath
SU-E-I-21 Deformation Mapping and Shape Prediction with 3D Tumor Volume Morphing
S. Mao*, H. Wu, S. Fang, M. Lu
SU-E-I-22 Dependence On Calibration Phantom and Field Area of the Conversion Factor Used to Calculate Skin Dose During Neuro-Interventional Fluoroscopic Procedures
V. Rana*, S. Vijayan, S. Rudin, D. Bednarek
SU-E-I-23 Design and Clinical Application of External Marking Body in Multi-Mode Medical Images Registration and Fusion
Z. Chen*, G. Gong
SU-E-I-24 Design and Fabrication of a Multi-Functional Neck and Thyroid Phantom for Medical Dosimetry and Calibration
S. Mehdizadeh, s. sina, M. Karimipourfard, F. Lotfalizadeh, R. Faghihi*, A. Babaei
SU-E-I-25 Determining Tube Current, Tube Voltage and Pitch Suitable for Low-Dose Lung Screening CT
K. Williams, K. Matthews*
SU-E-I-26 Development and Characterization of a Temporally Stable Tissue-Mimicking Photoacoustic-Ultrasonic Phantom
T. Mitcham, J. Lynch, J. Cook, S. Emelianov, R. Bouchard*
SU-E-I-27 Establishing Target Exposure Index Values for Computed Radiography
N. Murphy*, P. Tchou, K. Belcher, A. Scott
SU-E-I-28 Evaluating the Organ Dose From Computed Tomography Using Monte Carlo Calculations
T. Ono*, F. Araki
SU-E-I-29 Generalized Relative Object Detectability (G-ROD): A Metric for Comparing X-Ray Imaging Detector Systems
V. Singh*, A. Jain, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-30 Image Analysis in Ultrasonography for Diagnosis of Sjoegren's Syndrome Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
T. Matsui*, M. Ohki, T. Nakamura, Y. Takagi
SU-E-I-31 Image-Based Kernel Conversion Technique Normalizes the Reconstruction Kernel Effects in the Measurement of Emphysema Index in CT
H. Jin*, J. Kim
SU-E-I-32 Improving Vessel Delineation in Brain Using Susceptibility Weighted MRI and Group Sparse Reconstruction
W. Stefan*, K. Hwang, J. Hazle, R. Stafford
SU-E-I-33 Initial Evaluation of Model-Based Iterative CT Reconstruction Using Standard Image Quality Phantoms
E. Gingold*, J. Dave
SU-E-I-34 Intermittent Low- and High-Dose Ethanol Exposure Alters Neurochemical Responses in Adult Rat Brain: An Ex Vivo 1H NMR Spectroscopy at 11.7 T
D. Lee*, S. Kim, K. Song, B. Choe
SU-E-I-35 Investigation of Commercially Available Image Uniformity Filters in MRI Imaging
Y. Zhou*
SU-E-I-36 Investigation of Geometric Image Distortion Correction Using the Bricks Phantom for Multi-Modality Imaging
C. Hong*, H. Cho, D. Lee, B. Ahn
SU-E-I-37 Low-Dose Real-Time Region-Of-Interest X-Ray Fluoroscopic Imaging with a GPU-Accelerated Spatially Different Bilateral Filtering
H. Chung*, J. Lee, R. Pua, W. Jung, S. Cho
SU-E-I-38 Meeting the ACR QC Requirements for Mechanically Scanned Transducers
A. Blatnica, A. Errico*
SU-E-I-39 Molecular Image Guided Cancer Stem Cells Therapy
H. Abdollahi*
SU-E-I-40 New Method for Measurement of Task-Specific, High-Resolution Detector System Performance
B. Loughran*, V. Singh, A. Jain, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-41 Non-Cartesian MR Image Reconstruction with Integrated Gradient Non-Linearity Correction
S. Tao*, J. Trzasko, T. Polley, Y. Shu, M. Bernstein
SU-E-I-42 Normalized Embryo/fetus Doses for Fluoroscopically Guided Pacemaker Implantation Procedures Calculated Using a Monte Carlo Technique
SU-E-I-43 Pediatric CT Dose and Image Quality Optimization
G. Stevens, R. Singh*
SU-E-I-44 Physics of MR Imaging to Study Whole Brain Atrophy in Ischemic Stroke Patients
R. Konduru*, S. Konduru, M. Kasam
SU-E-I-45 Reconstruction of CT Images From Sparsely-Sampled Data Using the Logarithmic Barrier Method
H. Xu*
SU-E-I-46 Sample-Size Dependence of Model Observers for Estimating Low-Contrast Detection Performance From CT Images
I. Reiser*, Z. Lu
SU-E-I-47 Simultaneous Acquisition Quality Assurance and Design of Fused MRI-MRS Phantom for the Performance Evaluation
K. Song*, D. Lee, S. Kim, B. Choe
SU-E-I-48 The Behavior of AEC in Scan Regions Outside the Localizer Radiograph FOV: An In Phantom Study of CT Systems From Four Vendors
M. Supanich*, N. Bevins
SU-E-I-49 The Evaluation of Usability of Multileaf Collimator for Diagnostic Radiation in Cephalometric Exposure
S. Han*, S. Park, K. kim, S. Choi, H. Jung, M. kim, Y. Ji
SU-E-I-50 Ultrahigh Resolution Reduced Field-Of-View Diffusion Tensor Imaging in the Spinal Cord
W. Gaggl*, J. Reuss, A. Field
SU-E-I-51 Use of Blade Sequences in Cervical Spine MR Imaging for Eliminating Motion, Truncation and Flow Artifacts
P. Mavroidis*, E. Lavdas, S. Kostopoulos, C. Ninos, A. Strikou, D. Glotsos, A. Vlachopoulou, G. Oikonomou, N. Economopoulos, V. Roka, G. Sakkas, A. Tsagkalis, S. Stathakis, N. Papanikolaou, G. Batsikas
SU-E-I-52 Validation of Multi-Frequency Electrical Impedance Tomography Using Computed Tomography
K. Kohli*, F. Liu, K. Krishnan
SU-E-I-53 Variation in Measurements of Breast Skin Thickness Obtained Using Different Imaging Modalities
U. Nguyen*, N. Kumaraswamy, M. Markey
SU-E-I-54 Volumetric Breast Density: Comparison of Estimates From Tomosynthesis Reconstructions with Mammography
L. Shi*, S. Vedantham, K. Michaelsen, V. Krishnaswamy, A. Shenoy, B. Pogue, A. Karellas, K. Paulsen
SU-E-I-55 White Matter Fiber Tract Abnormalities by Voxel Wise Correlation Analysis in Neurodegenerative Disease
R. Juh*, T. Suh
SU-E-I-56 Scan Angle Reduction for a Limited-Angle Intrafraction Verification (LIVE) System
L. Ren*, Y. Zhang, F. Yin
SU-E-I-57 Evaluation and Optimization of Effective-Dose Using Different Beam-Hardening Filters in Clinical Pediatric Shunt CT Protocol
K. Gill*, S. Aldoohan, J. Collier
SU-E-I-58 Detecting Tumors with Extremely Low Contrast in CT Images
K. Sheng*, S. Gou, P. Kupelian, M. Steinberg, D. Low
SU-E-I-59 Image Quality and Dose Measurement for Partial Cone-Beam CT
E. Abouei*, N. Ford
SU-E-I-60 The Correct Selection of Pitch and Rotation Time for Optimal CT Scanning : The Big Misconception
F. Ranallo*, T. Szczykutowicz
SU-E-I-61 The Role of Interpolation Method in Computing Dose-Volume Histograms
L. Pickup*, M. Aznar, T. Kadir
SU-E-I-62 Assessing Radiation Dose Reduction and CT Image Optimization Through the Measurement and Analysis of the Detector Quantum Efficiency (DQE) of CT Images Using Different Beam Hardening Filters
J. Collier*, S. Aldoohan, K. Gill
SU-E-I-63 Quantitative Evaluation of the Effects of Orthopedic Metal Artifact Reduction (OMAR) Software On CT Images for Radiotherapy Simulation
S. Jani*
SU-E-I-64 X-Ray Coherent Scatter Mammography Simulation
L. Hassan*, C. MacDonald
SU-E-I-65 The Joint Commission's Requirements for Annual Diagnostic Physics Testing of Nuclear Medicine Equipment, and a Clinically Relevant Methodology for Testing Low-Contrast Resolution
W. West, D. Gray*
SU-E-I-66 Radiomics and Image Registration Updates for the Computational Environment for Radiotherapy Research (CERR)
A. Apte*, Y. Wang, J. Deasy
SU-E-I-67 X-Ray Fluorescence for Energy Response Calibration of a Photon Counting Detector: A Simulation Study
H. Cho*, H. Ding, B. Ziemer, S. Molloi
SU-E-I-68 Practical Considerations On Implementation of the Image Gently Pediatric CT Protocols
J. Zhang*, E. Woods, C. Adams, C. Lumby, E. Richer, J. Dillon
SU-E-I-69 How to Appropriately Calculate Effective Dose for CT Using Either SSDE Or DLP
S. Brady*, A. Mirro, B. Moore, R. Kaufman
SU-E-I-70 Quantification of Noise Reduction Dependency On Spatial Granularity With Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction
Y. Zhou*, A. Scott
SU-E-I-71 KVp Dependence of Transmitted Exposure for a Radiography Unit
Y. Liang*, D. Lynch, J. So, A. Dutta
SU-E-I-72 First Experimental Study of On-Board CBCT Imaging Using 2.5MV Beam On a Radiotherapy Linac
Q. Xu*, R. Li, Y. Yang, L. Xing
SU-E-I-73 Clinical Evaluation of CT Image Reconstructed Using Interior Tomography
J. Zhang, G. Ge*, M. Winkler, W. Cong, G. Wang
SU-E-I-74 Quantitative Instrumentation for Subject Workload From Exercise During 31-Phosphorus MR Spectroscopy to Monitor Phosophocreatine Recovery as An Index for Mitochondrial Metabolism
F. Settles*, G. Clarke
SU-E-I-75 Evaluation of An Orthopedic Metal Artifact Reduction (O-MAR) Algorithm On Patients with Spinal Prostheses Near Spinal Tumors
Z. Shen*, P. Klahr, P. Xia, T. Djemil
SU-E-I-76 Matching Primary and Scattered X-Ray Spectra for Use in Calculating the Diagnostic Radiation Index of Protection
A. Pasciak*, A. Jones, L. Wagner
SU-E-I-77 A Noise Reduction Technique for Energy-Resolved Photon-Counting Detectors
A. Lam Ng*, H. Ding, H. Cho, S. Molloi
SU-E-I-78 Improving Prostatic Delineation Using Dual-Energy CT
J. Gersh*, D. Fried
SU-E-I-79 Effect of Number of Pinholes in Onboard Robotic Multi-Pinhole SPECT System
M. Touch*, J. Bowsher, S. Yan, F. Yin
SU-E-I-80 Beta-Minus Emitting Radiotracers Improves Molecular Endoscopy
C. Carpenter*, X. Ma, C. Sun, G. Pratx, Z. Cheng, L. Xing
SU-E-I-81 Assessment of CT Radiation Dose and Image Quality for An Automated Tube Potential Selection Algorithm Using Adult Anthropomorphic and ACR Phantoms
U. Mahmood*, Y. Erdi, W. Wang
SU-E-I-82 Improving CT Image Quality for Radiation Therapy Using Iterative Reconstruction Algorithms and Slightly Increasing Imaging Doses
G. Noid*, G. Chen, A. Tai, X. Li
SU-E-I-83 Parallel Programming Upgrades for the Control Acquisition, Processing and Image Display System (CAPIDS) of the Micro Angiographic Fluoroscope (MAF)
S. Setlur Nagesh*, B. Loughran, R. Rana, C. Ionita, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-84 MRI Relaxation Properties of a Pre-Clinical Hypoxia-Sensitive MRI Contrast Agent
S. Yee*, G. Wilson, F. Chavez
SU-E-I-85 Exploring the 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose PET Characteristics in Staging of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
C. Ma*, Y. Yin
SU-E-I-86 Evaluation of the New RaySafe Unfors X2 Dosimetry System
P. Heintz*, G. Chambers, D. Sandoval
SU-E-I-87 Automated Liver Segmentation Method for CBCT Dataset by Combining Sparse Shape Composition and Probabilistic Atlas Construction
D. Li*, L. Liu, J. Chen, H. Li
SU-E-I-88 Mammography Imaging: Does Positioning Matter?
J. Zhang*, M. Szabunio
SU-E-I-89 Assessment of CT Radiation Dose and Image Quality for An Automated Tube Potential Selection Algorithm Using Pediatric Anthropomorphic and ACR Phantoms
U. Mahmood*, Y. Erdi, W. Wang
SU-E-I-90 Medical Physicists' Implication in Diagnostic CT in Switzerland: Results of After One Year of Experience
N. Ryckx*, C. Elandoy, J. Bize, F. Verdun
SU-E-I-91 Reproducibility in Prescribed Dose in AEC CT Scans Due to Table Height, Patient Size, and Localizer Acquisition Order
J. Winslow*, L. Hurwitz, O. Christianson, E. Samei
SU-E-I-92 Is Photon Starvation Preventing Metal Artifact Reduction Algorithm From Working in KVCT?
M. Paudel*, M. MacKenzie, B. Fallone, S. Rathee
SU-E-I-93 Improved Imaging Quality for Multislice Helical CT Via Sparsity Regularized Iterative Image Reconstruction Method Based On Tensor Framelet
H. Nam*, M. Guo, K. Lee, R. Li, L. Xing, H. Gao
SU-E-I-94 Automated Image Quality Assessment of Radiographic Systems Using An Anthropomorphic Phantom
J. Wells*, J. Wilson, Y. Zhang, E. Samei
SU-E-I-95 Personalized Radiography Technical Parameters for Each Patient and Exam
F. Soares*, T. Camozzato, G. Kahl, A. Soares, A. Zottis
SU-E-I-96 A Study About the Influence of ROI Variation On Tumor Segmentation in PET
L. Li, W. Lu, W. D'Souza, S. Tan*, S. Tan
SU-E-I-97 Smart Auto-Planning Framework in An EMR Environment (SAFEE)
B. Zhang*, S. Chen, Y. Mutaf, K. Prado, W. D'Souza
SU-E-I-98 Dose Comparison for Pulmonary Embolism CT Studies: Single Energy Vs. Dual Energy
U. Mahmood*, Y. Erdi
SU-E-I-99 Estimation of Effective Charge Distribution by Dual-Energy CT Reconstruction
D. Sakata*, S. Kida, M. Nakano, Y. Masutani, K. Nakagawa, A. Haga
SU-E-I-100 Heterogeneity Studying for Primary and Lymphoma Tumors by Using Multi-Scale Image Texture Analysis with PET-CT Images
D. Li*, q. wang, H. Li, J. Chen
SU-E-I-101 Effects of Gantry Rotation Time On CT Number Accuracy in Single-Source Dual Energy CT Imaging with Fast-KVp Switching
X. Liu*, D. Cody, J. Rong