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  Joint Imaging - Therapy General Poster Discussion Sunday
  3:00PM - 6:00PM  Room: Exhibit Hall

SU-E-J-1 3D Fluoroscopic Image Estimation From Patient-Specific 4DCBCT-Based Motion Models
S. Dhou*, M. Hurwitz, P. Mishra, J. Lewis
SU-E-J-2 4D Digital Tomosynthesis Based On Algebraic Image Reconstruction and Total-Variation Minimization for the Improvement of Image Quality
D. Kim*, S. Kang, T. Kim, S. Kim, T. Suh
SU-E-J-3 A Comprehensive Comparison Between Alpha and Beta Emitters for Cancer Radioimmunotherapy
C. Huang*, S. Guatelli, B. Oborn, B. Allen
SU-E-J-4 A Data-Driven, Response-Based, Multi-Criteria Decision Support System for Personalized Lung Radiation Treatment Planning
Y. Luo*, D. McShan, M. Schipper, M. Matuszak, F. Kong, R. Ten Haken
SU-E-J-5 A Dose-Based Metric to Assess the Accuracy of Deformable Image Registration
S. Annis*, E. Heath
SU-E-J-6 A Feasibility Study On Clinical Implementation of 4D-CBCT in Lung Cancer Treatment
Y. Hu*, C. Ruan, J. Stanford, W. Duggar, P. Rajaguru, R. He, C. Yang
SU-E-J-7 A Functional MR Protocol for the Pancreatic Tumor Delineation
A. Andreychenko*, H. Heerkens, G. Meijer, M. van Vulpen, J. Lagendijk, C. van den Berg
SU-E-J-8 A Hybrid Three Dimensional Registration Framework for Image-Guided Accurate Radiotherapy System ARTS-IGRT
q. wu*, x. pei, R. Cao, L. Hu, Y. Wu
SU-E-J-9 A Monte Carlo Analysis of the Relationship Between Cherenkov Light Emission and Dose for Electrons, Protons, and X-Ray Photons
A. Glaser*, R. Zhang, D. Gladstone, B. Pogue
SU-E-J-10 A Moving-Blocker-Based Strategy for Simultaneous Megavoltage and Kilovoltage Scatter Correction in Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Image Acquired During Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
L. Ouyang*, H. Lee, J. Wang
SU-E-J-11 A New Optical Method to Register Patient External Motion
B. Barbes*, J. Foronda, J. Azcona, M. Moreno, E. Prieto, J. Burguete
SU-E-J-12 A New Stereological Method for Tumor Volume Evaluation for Esophageal Cancer
Y. Feng*, R. Pan, P. Wang, C. Yang, W. Lin, Y. Sa
SU-E-J-13 A New Variable for Plan Quality Evaluation Based On Normal Tissue Sparing
Q. Zhang*, Y. Lei, D. Zheng, B. Morgan, J. Driewer, M. Zhang, S. Li, S. Zhou, W. Zhen, R. Thompson, C. Lin, A. Wahl, C. Enke
SU-E-J-14 A Novel Approach to Evaluate the Dosimetric Effect of Rectal Variation During Image Guided Prostate Radiotherapy
J. Murray*, D. McQuaid, A. Dunlop, F. Buettner, S. Nill, E. Hall, D. Dearnaley, S. Gulliford
SU-E-J-15 A Patient-Centered Scheme to Mitigate Impacts of Treatment Setup Error
L. Yang*, Z. Tian, X. Gu, X. Jia, S. Jiang
SU-E-J-16 A Review of the Magnitude of Patient Imaging Shifts in Relation to Departmental Policy Changes
M. O'Connor*, P. Sansourekidou
SU-E-J-17 A Study of Accelerator-Induced Cerenkov Radiation as a Beam Diagnostic and Dosimetry Tool
F. Bateman*, R. Tosh
SU-E-J-18 A Thermal Simulation Model and Validation for Percutaneous Cancer Ablation
G. Deshazer*, D. Dupuy, D. Merck
SU-E-J-19 Accuracy of Dual-Energy CT-Derived Relative Electron Density for Proton Therapy Dose Calculation
J. Mullins*, M. Bues, X. Duan, J. Kruse, M. Herman
SU-E-J-20 Adaptive Aperture Morphing for Online Correction for Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
R. Sandhu*, A. Qin, D. Yan
SU-E-J-21 Advantages of Ultra Fast Radiation Dose Delivering
Y. Feng*
SU-E-J-22 Alternative Method for Evaluating the Need for Replanning in Patient's with Significant Anatomical Changes
P. Myers*, D. Tran, T. Liu, E. Rodriguez-Rivera
SU-E-J-23 An Accurate Algorithm to Match Imperfectly Matched Images for Lung Tumor Detection Without Markers
T. Rozario*, S. Bereg, T. Chiu, H. Liu, V. Kearney, L. Jiang, W. Mao
SU-E-J-24 An Evaluation of the Stability of Image Quality Parameters of Varian On-Board Imaging (OBI) and EPID Imaging Systems
D. Stanley*, N. Papanikolaou, A. Gutierrez
SU-E-J-25 Analysis of Commercial 4DCT Flaws and the Potential Benefits of a New Technique for Irregular Breathing Patients
T. Dou*, D. Thomas, J. Lamb, D. Low
SU-E-J-26 Analysis of Image Quality in CBCT QA Using a Treatment Planning System
M. Xu*
SU-E-J-27 Appropriateness Criteria for Deformable Image Registration and Dose Propagation
P. Papanikolaou*, S. Stathakis, P. Mavroidis, A. Gutierrez
SU-E-J-28 Assessment of Rotational Misalignment in Cervical Spine Treatments and Potential for 6DOF Couch Corrections
B. Williams*, D. Gladstone
SU-E-J-29 Audiovisual Biofeedback Improves Tumor Motion Consistency for Lung Cancer Patients
D. Lee*, P. Greer, J. Arm, P. Hunter, S. Pollock, K. Makhija, T. Kim, P. Keall
SU-E-J-30 Benchmark Image-Based TCP Calculation for Evaluation of PTV Margins for Lung SBRT Patients
M. Li*, I. Chetty, H. Zhong
SU-E-J-31 Biodynamic Imaging of Cancer Tissue and Response to Chemotherapy
D. Nolte*, J. Turek, D. Matei, M. Childress, R. An, D. Merrill
SU-E-J-32 Calypso(R) and Laser-Based Localization Systems Comparison for Left-Sided Breast Cancer Patients Using Deep Inspiration Breath Hold
S. Robertson*, D. Kaurin, J. Kim, L. Fang, L. Sweeney, K. Holloway, A. Tran
SU-E-J-33 Cardiac Movement in Deep Inspiration Breath-Hold for Left-Breast Cancer Radiotherapy
M. Kim*, S. Lee, T. Suh
SU-E-J-34 Clinical Evaluation of Targeting Accuracy and Tractogrphy Delineation of Radiosurgery
R. Juh*, T. Suh, Y. Kim, J. Han, C. Kim, C. Oh, D. Kim
SU-E-J-35 Clinical Performance Evaluation of a Phase II Proton CT Scanner
A. Mandapaka, A. Ghebremedhin, D. Farley, V. Giacometti, N. Vence, V. Bashkirov, T. Plautz, A. Zatserklyaniy, R. Johnson, H. Sadrozinski, B. Patyal, R. Schulte*
SU-E-J-36 Combining CBCT Dose Into IMRT Treatment Planning
Z. Grelewicz*, R. Wiersma
SU-E-J-37 Combining Proton Radiography and X-Ray CT Information to Better Estimate Relative Proton Stopping Power in a Clinical Environment
C. Collins Fekete*, M. Dias, P. Doolan, D. Hansen, L. Beaulieu, J. Seco
SU-E-J-38 Comparison of 6MV Photon Dose in a Perpendicular and Parallel Magnetic Field
A. Ghila*, B. Fallone, S. Rathee
SU-E-J-39 Comparison of PTV Margins Determined by In-Room Stereoscopic Image Guidance and by On-Board Cone Beam Computed Tomography Technique for Brain Radiotherapy Patients
T. Ganesh*, s. Paul, A. Munshi, B. Sarkar, S. Krishnankutty, J. Sathya, S. George, K. Jassal, S. Roy, B. Mohanti
SU-E-J-40 Comparison of Two Head and Neck Immobilization Device Fabrication and Simulation Protocols: Effects On Setup Deviation and Intrafraction Motion During Treatment
M. Hosotani*, S. Lacey, D. Pafundi, J. Antolak, R. Foote, M. Herman, Y. Garces, T. Daniels, D. Brinkmann
SU-E-J-41 Computational and Experimental Analysis of Cancer Cell Mechanics in 3D: Intracellular Viscoelasticity and Internal Stresses
M. Mak*, M. Zaman, R. Kamm
SU-E-J-42 Customized Deformable Image Registration Using Open-Source Software SlicerRT
J. Cifuentes Gaitan*, N. Kirby, A. Lasso, L. Chin, C. Pinter, J. Pignol, G. Fichtinger, J. Pouliot
SU-E-J-43 Deformed Planning CT as An Electron Density Substitute for Cone-Beam CT
K. Mishra*, A. Godley
SU-E-J-44 Design a Platform and Phantom Model for Photoacoustic Imaging in Combination with CT
J. Sick*, F. Alsanea, N. Rancilio, K. Stantz
SU-E-J-45 Design and Study of An In-House Respiratory Gating Phantom Platform for Gated Radiotherapy
S. Senthilkumar*
SU-E-J-46 Development of a Compton Camera Prototype for Online Range Verification of Laser-Accelerated Proton Beams
P. Thirolf, S. Aldawood, M. Böhmer, J. Bortfeldt, I. Castelhano, R. Gernhäuser, H. v.d. Kolff, C. Lang, L. Maier, D. Schaart, K. Parodi*
SU-E-J-47 Development of a High-Precision, Image-Guided Radiotherapy, Multi-Purpose Radiation Isocenter Quality-Assurance Calibration and Checking System
C. Liu*, G. Yan, R. Helmig, S. Lebron, D. Kahler
SU-E-J-48 Development of An Abdominal Compression Device for Respiratory Correlated Radiation Therapy
T. Kim*, S. Kang, D. Kim, S. Kim, T. Suh
SU-E-J-49 Distal Edge Activity Fall Off Of Proton Therapy Beams
A. Elmekawy*, C. Butuceanu, L. Zhu, L. Ewell
SU-E-J-50 Does a Breathing Surrogate From a Point On the Abdominal Skin Represent the Organ Motion in Thorax for Phase-Based 4D CT Sorting?
M. Lin*, W. D'Souza, G. Lasio, W. Lu, K. Prado, S. Feigenberg, B. Yi
SU-E-J-51 Dose Response of Common Solid State Detectors in Homogeneous Transverse and Longitudinal Magnetic Fields
M. Reynolds*, B. Fallone, S. Rathee
SU-E-J-52 Dosimetric Benefit of Adaptive Re-Planning in Lung Cancer Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
J. Jia*, Z. Tian, X. Gu, H. Yan, X. Jia, S. Jiang
SU-E-J-53 Dosimetric Evaluation at Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for Treatment of Prostate Cancer Using Single Or Double Arcs
D. SILVA*, H. Salmon, G. Pavan, S. Nardi, E. Anderson, L. Fairbanks, J. Junior, F. Cursino, K. Colodette
SU-E-J-54 Dosimetric Evaluation of Amplitude-Based Gating in Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT)
C. Lee*
SU-E-J-55 Dosimetric Evaluation of Centrally Located Lung Tumors: A Monte Carlo (MC) Study of Lung SBRT Planning
D. Pokhrel*, R. Badkul, H. Jiang, H. Saleh, C. Estes, J. Park, P. Kumar, F. Wang
SU-E-J-56 Dosimetric Impact of Patient Roll Variability in Peripheral-Lung SBRT
B. Casto*, J. Ying, L. Ku
SU-E-J-57 Dosimetric Impact of Segmentation Differences in the Context of Brain IMRT
M. Deeley*, Y. Cai, J. Archambault, D. Hard, H. Heitkamp, P. Milnes, M. Reid, H. Wallace, B. Dawant
SU-E-J-58 Dosimetric Verification of Metal Artifact Effects: Comparison of Dose Distributions Affected by Patient Teeth and Implants
M. Lee*, J. Lee, J. Park, H. Park, B. Lee, S. Kang, S. Lee, T. Suh
SU-E-J-59 Effective Adaptive DMLC Gated Radiotherapy with OAR Sparing
Y. Chen*, H. Wu, z. zhou, G. Sandison
SU-E-J-60 Efficient Monte Carlo Dose Calculation On CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Systems
K. Xiao*, B. Zhou, D. Chen, X. Hu
SU-E-J-61 Electrodynamics and Nano-Scale Fluid Dynamics in Protein Localization of Nuclear Pore Complexes
J. Cunningham*, R. Gatenby
SU-E-J-62 Estimating Plausible Treatment Course Dose Distributions by Accounting for Registration Uncertainty and Organ Motion
M. Thor*, Z. Saleh, J. Oh, A. Apte, L. Muren, J. Deasy
SU-E-J-63 Estimating the Effects of Respiratory Motion On Dose Heterogeneity for ITV-Based Treatments
C. Williams*, J. Lewis
SU-E-J-64 Evaluation of a Commercial EPID-Based in Vivo Dosimetric System in the Presence of Lung Tissue Heterogeneity
J. Gimeno-Olmos*, R. Palomo-Llinares, C. Candela-Juan, T. Garcia-Martinez, V. Carmona Meseguer, F. Lliso-Valverde, J. Richart-Sancho, F. Ballester, J. Perez-Calatayud
SU-E-J-65 Evaluation of a Radiation-Induced Cell Proliferation Probability Formula Using Monte Carlo Simulation
Y. Watanabe*, E. Dahlman
SU-E-J-66 Evaluation of a Real-Time Positioning Assistance Simulator System for Skull Radiography Using the Microsoft Kinect
T. Kurata*, M. Ono, K. Kozono, R. Fukuyoshi, S. Sato, F. Toyofuku
SU-E-J-67 Evaluation of Breathing Patterns for Respiratory-Gated Radiation Therapy Using Respiration Regularity Index
K. Cheong*
SU-E-J-68 Evaluation of Liver Deformation During Breathing Using Deformable Image Registration: A Comparison Between 4D CT and 4D MRI
X. Liang*, B. Czito, M. Palta, M. Bashir, F. Yin, J. Cai
SU-E-J-69 Evaluation of the Lens Dose On the Cone Beam IGRT Procedures
R. Palomo-Llinares, M. Pujades, J. Gimeno-Olmos, V. Carmona Meseguer, F. Lliso-Valverde, C. Candela-Juan, F. Ballester, J. Perez-Calatayud*
SU-E-J-70 Feasibility Study of Dynamic Arc and IMRT Treatment Plans Utilizing Vero Treatment Unit and IPlan Planning Computer for SRS/FSRT Brain Cancer Patients
S. Huh, S. Lee*, R. Dagan, R. Malyapa, N. Mendenhall, W. Mendenhall, M. Ho, d. hough, M. Yam, Z. Li
SU-E-J-71 Feasibility Study On MRI-Based BANG3 Gel Dosimetry Using Dual-Source Parallel RF Transmission System
S. Kim*, H. Baek, J. Lee, D. Lee, S. Lee, B. Choe
SU-E-J-72 Geant4 Simulations of Spot-Scanned Proton Beam Treatment Plans
T. Kanehira*, K. Sutherland, T. Matsuura, K. Umegaki, H. Shirato
SU-E-J-73 Generation of Volumetric Images with a Respiratory Motion Model Based On An External Surrogate Signal
M. Hurwitz*, C. Williams, P. Mishra, S. Dhou, J. Lewis
SU-E-J-74 Impact of Respiration-Correlated Image Quality On Tumor Motion Reconstruction in 4D-CBCT: A Phantom Study
S. Lee*, B. Lu, S. Samant
SU-E-J-75 Importance of 4DCT for Target Volume Definition in Stereotactic Lung Radiotherapy
E. Goksel*, D. Cone, E. Tezcanli, H. Kucucuk, O. Senkesen, M. Yilmaz, M. Garipagaoglu, I. Aslay, M. Sengoz
SU-E-J-76 Incorporation of Ultrasound Elastography in Target Volume Delineation for Partial Breast Radiotherapy Planning: A Comparative Study
P. Juneja*, E. Harris, J. Bamber
SU-E-J-77 Inter-Fractional Variations in Internal Tumor Volumes Using Multiple 4DCTs and CBCTs
M. Xue*, S. Feigenberg, S. Tan, A. Reese, B. Yi, W. D'Souza, W. Lu
SU-E-J-78 Internal Target Volume Delineation for Lung Tumors in Patients Treated with Robotic Radiosurgery
M. Descovich*, D. Pinnaduwage, N. Kirby, A. Gottschalk, S. Yom, J. Pouliot, S. Braunstein
SU-E-J-79 Internal Tumor Volume Motion and Volume Size Assessment Using 4D CT Lung Data
I. Jurkovic*, S. Stathakis, Y. Li, A. Patel, J. Vincent, N. Papanikolaou, P. Mavroidis
SU-E-J-80 Interplay Effect Between VMAT Intensity Modulation and Tumor Motion in Hypofractioned Lung Treatment, Investigated with 3D Pressage Dosimeter
M. Touch*, Q. Wu, M. Oldham
SU-E-J-81 Interplay Effect in Non-Gated Dynamic Treatment Delivery of a Lung Phantom with Simulated Respiratory Motion
V. Desai*, J. Fagerstrom, A. Bayliss, M. Kissick
SU-E-J-82 Intra-Fraction Proton Beam-Range Verification with PET Imaging: Feasibility Studies with Monte Carlo Simulations and Statistical Modeling
K. Lou*, D. Mirkovic, X. Sun, X. Zhu, F. Poenisch, D. Grosshans, J. Clark, Y. Shao
SU-E-J-83 Ion Imaging to Better Estimate In-Vivo Relative Stopping Powers Using X-Ray CT Prior-Knowledge Information
M. Dias*, C. Collins-Fekete, M. Riboldi, D. Hansen, P. Doolan, G. Baroni, J. Seco
SU-E-J-84 Is There a Threshold Limit in the Accuracy of Deformable Image Registration (DIR)? A Validation Study Using Deformable Bladder Phantom with Implanted Markers
R. Varadhan*, S. Hui, C. Overbeck
SU-E-J-85 Leave-One-Out Perturbation (LOOP) Fitting Algorithm for Absolute Dose Film Calibration
A. Chu*, W. Feng, M. Ahmad, Z. Chen, R. Nath
SU-E-J-86 Lobar Lung Function Quantification by PET Galligas and CT Ventilation Imaging in Lung Cancer Patients
E. Eslick*, D. Bailey, E. Bailey, J. Kipritidis, P. Keall
SU-E-J-87 Lung Deformable Image Registration Using Surface Mesh Deformation for Dose Distribution Combination
A. Labine*, R. Chav, J. Carrier, J. De Guise, S. Bedwani
SU-E-J-88 Margin Reduction of Level II/III Planning Target Volume for Image-Guided Simultaneous Integrated Boost Head-And-Neck Treatment
S. Can*, J. Neylon, S. Qi, A. Santhanam, D. Low
SU-E-J-89 Motion Effects On Organ Dose in Respiratory Gated Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
T. Wang*, M. Khan, J. Landry, R. Rajpara, N. Hawk, L. Zhu
SU-E-J-90 MRI-Based Treatment Simulation and Patient Setup for Radiation Therapy of Brain Cancer
Y. Yang*, M. Cao, F. Han, A. Santhanam, J. Neylon, C. Gomez, T. Kaprealian, K. Sheng, N. Agazaryan, D. Low, P. Hu
SU-E-J-91 Novel Epitaxial Silicon Array for Quality Assurance in Photon and Proton Therapy
C. Talamonti*, D. Menichelli, M. Zani, F. Friedl, M. Scaringella, M. Bruzzi, M. Bucciolini
SU-E-J-92 On-Line Cone Beam CT Based Planning for Emergency and Palliative Radiation Therapy
M. Held*, O. Morin, J. Pouliot
SU-E-J-93 Parametrisation of Dose to the Mucosa of the Anterior Rectal Wall in Transrectal Ultrasound Guided High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy of the Prostate
A. Aitkenhead*, L. Hamlett, D. Wood, A. Choudhury
SU-E-J-94 Positioning Errors Resulting From Using Bony Anatomy Alignment for Treating SBRT Lung Tumor
C. Frame*, G. Ding
SU-E-J-95 Predicting Treatment Outcomes for Prostate Cancer: Irradiation Responses of Prostate Cancer Stem Cells
K. Wang*
SU-E-J-97 Pretreatment Test and Post-Treatment Evaluation for Iso-NTCP Dose Guided Adapive Radiotherapy (DGART), Experience with Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with Rectal Balloons
J. Yu*, N. Hardcastle, E. Bender, K. Jeong, Y. Xiao, M. Ritter, W. Tome'
SU-E-J-98 Radiogenomics: Correspondence Between Imaging and Genetic Features Based On Clustering Analysis
S. Harmon*, B. Wendelberger, R. Jeraj
SU-E-J-99 Reconstruction of Cone Beam CT Image Using Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Exit Beams
K. Jeong*, H. Kuo, L. Goddard, M. Savacool, A. Basavatia, L. Hong, R. Yaparpalvi, D. Mynampati, P. Godoy Scripes, S. Kalnicki, W. Tome'
SU-E-J-100 Reconstruction of Prompt Gamma Ray Three Dimensional SPECT Image From Boron Neutron Capture Therapy(BNCT)
D. Yoon*, J. Jung, T. Suh
SU-E-J-101 Retroactive Calculation of TLD and Film Dose in Anthropomorphic Phantom as Assessment of Updated TPS Performance
H. Alkhatib*, S. Oves
SU-E-J-102 Separation of Metabolic Supply and Demand: From Power Grid Economics to Cancer Metabolism
T. Epstein*, L. Xu, R. Gillies, R. Gatenby
SU-E-J-103 Setup Errors Analysis by Cone-Beam CT (CBCT)-Based Imaged-Guided Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy for Esophageal Cancer
H. Yang*, W. Wang, W. Hu, X. Chen, X. Wang, C. Yu
SU-E-J-104 Single Photon Image From PET with Insertable SPECT Collimator for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy: A Feasibility Study
J. Jung*, D. Yoon, K. Hong, T. Suh
SU-E-J-105 Stromal-Epithelial Responses to Fractionated Radiotherapy
M. Qayyum*, M. Insana
SU-E-J-106 Study of Variation of Internal Taget Volume Between 4DCT and Slow-CT in Respiratory Patterns Using Respiratory Motion Phantom
S. Lee*, S. Choi, C. Min, Y. Ji, H. Jung, M. kim, h. Yoo, c. Kim, C. Yi, K. kim
SU-E-J-107 Supervised Learning Model of Aligned Collagen for Human Breast Carcinoma Prognosis
J. Bredfeldt*, Y. Liu, M. Conklin, P. Keely, K. Eliceiri, T. Mackie
SU-E-J-108 Template Matching Based On Multiple Templates Can Improve the Tumor Tracking Performance When There Is Large Tumor Deformation
X. Shi*, J. Lin, T. Diwanji, K. Mooney, W. D'Souza, N. Mistry
SU-E-J-109 Testing the KV Imaging Center Congruence with Radiation Isocenter of Small MLC and SRS Cone Field On Two Machines
. Fu*, W. Chen, Y. Yu, H. Liu
SU-E-J-110 TG 51 Dosimetry : With Or Without Lead
M. Shah*, A. Meigooni
SU-E-J-111 The Contouring Error of the Parotids Based On the CT and MRI Images in Radiotherapy Planning for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
G. Gong*, C. Liu, Y. Yin
SU-E-J-112 The Impact of Cine EPID Image Acquisition Frame Rate On Markerless Soft-Tissue Tracking
S. Yip*, J. Rottmann, R. Berbeco
SU-E-J-113 The Influence of Optimizing Pediatric CT Simulator Protocols On the Treatment Dose Calculation in Radiotherapy
Y. Zhang*, J. Deng, J. Zhang, Q. Hu, J. Tie, H. Wu
SU-E-J-114 Towards Integrated CT and Ultrasound Guided Radiation Therapy Using A Robotic Arm with Virtual Springs
K. Ding*, Y. Zhang, H. Sen, M. Lediju Bell, S. Goldstein, P. Kazanzides, I. Iordachita, J. Wong
SU-E-J-115 Using Markov Chain Modeling to Elucidate Patterns in Breast Cancer Metastasis Over Time and Space
E. Comen*, J. Mason, J. Nieva, N. Venkatappa, M. Jochelson, L. Norton, P. Kuhn, P. Newton
SU-E-J-116 Validation of Deformable Image Registration Within the 4D Lung Using Two Commercial Algorithms and the User Guided Tool Reg Refine
P. Johnson*, K. Padgett, N. Dogan
SU-E-J-117 Verification Method for the Detection Accuracy of Automatic Winston Lutz Test
A. Tang, K. Chan*, F. Lee, R. Ming Chun Chau
SU-E-J-118 Verification of Intrafractional Positional Accuracy Using Ultrasound Autoscan Tracking for Prostate Cancer Treatment
S. Yu*, D. Hristov, T. Phillips
SU-E-J-119 What Effect Have the Volume Defined in the Alignment Clipbox for Cervical Cancer Using Automatic Registration Methods for Cone-Beam CT Verification?
W. Wang*, H. Yang, Y. Wang, H. Jia, Y. Xie
SU-E-J-120 X-Ray Imaging System with Scattering Reduction and Phase Contrast
Y. Feng*
SU-E-J-121 Measuring Prompt Gamma Emission Profiles with a Multi-Stage Compton Camera During Proton Beam Irradiaition: Initial Studies
J. Polf*, S. Brown, J. Mann, D. Mackin, Y. Zheng, M. McCleskey, S. Beddar, Z. He
SU-E-J-122 Detecting Treatment-Induced Metabolic Abnormalities in Craniopharyngioma Patients Undergoing Surgery and Proton Therapy
C. Hua*, B. Shulkin, D. Indelicato, F. Boop, Y. Li, X. Li, T. Merchant
SU-E-J-123 Targeting Accuracy of Image-Guided Radiosurgery for Intracranial Lesions
Y. Huang*, N. Wen, B. Zhao, J. Kim, J. Gordon, I. Chetty
SU-E-J-124 FDG PET Metrics Analysis in the Context of An Adaptive PET Protocol for Node Positive Gynecologic Cancer Patients
J. Nawrocki*, J. Chino, K. Light, I. Vergalasova, O. Craciunescu
SU-E-J-125 Classification of CBCT Noises in Terms of Their Contribution to Proton Range Uncertainty
S. Brousmiche*, J. Orban de Xivry, B. Macq, J. Seco
SU-E-J-126 Respiratory Gating Quality Assurance: A Simple Method to Achieve Millisecond Temporal Resolution
B. McCabe*, R. Wiersma
SU-E-J-127 Real-Time Dosimetric Assessment for Adaptive Head-And-Neck Treatment Via A GPU-Based Deformable Image Registration Framework
S. Qi*, J. Neylon, A. Chen, D. Low, P. Kupelian, M. Steinberg, A. Santhanam
SU-E-J-128 3D Surface Reconstruction of a Patient Using Epipolar Geometry
J. Kotoku*, S. Nakabayashi, A. Haga, S. Kumagai, T. Ishibashi, N. Arai, N. Saotome, T. Kobayashi
SU-E-J-129 A Strategy to Consolidate the Image Database of a VERO Unit Into a Radiotherapy Management System
Y. Yan*, P. Medin, J. Yordy, B. Zhao, S. Jiang
SU-E-J-130 ViewRay Real-Time Imaging of a Motion Phantom and In-Vivo Canine Patients
D. Saenz*, J. Bayouth, N. Christensen, M. Henzler, L. Forrest, B. Paliwal
SU-E-J-131 Automatic Detection of Gold Fiducial Markers On MR Images Using the RASOR Technique
P. Seevinck, C. van den Berg*, M. Moerland, M. Philippens, J. Lagendijk
SU-E-J-132 Sensitivity Evaluation of Organ Based Registration for Pancreatic IGRT
W. Yang*, R. Tuli, H. Sandler, B. Fraass
SU-E-J-133 Evaluation of Inter- and Intra-Fractional Pancreas Tumor Residual Motions with Abdominal Compression
Y. Li*, F. Shi, Z. Tian, X. Jia, J. Meyer, S. Jiang, W. Mao
SU-E-J-134 An Augmented-Reality Optical Imaging System for Accurate Breast Positioning During Radiotherapy
D. Nazareth*, H. Malhotra, S. French, K. Hoffmann, C. Merrow
SU-E-J-135 An Investigation of Ultrasound Imaging for 3D Intra-Fraction Prostate Motion Estimation
T. O'Shea*, E. Harris, P. Evans, J. Bamber
SU-E-J-136 Multimodality-Image-Based Target Delineation for Dose Painting of Pancreatic Cancer
E. Dalah*, E. Paulson, B. Erickson, X. Li
SU-E-J-137 Incorporating Tumor Regression Into Robust Plan Optimization for Head and Neck Radiotherapy
P. Zhang*, J. Hu, N. Tyagi, G. Mageras, N. Lee, M. Hunt
SU-E-J-138 An IGRT QA Device for Measuring with Tenths-Millimeter Accuracy KV and MV Isocenter Congruence, Couch Travel and Laser Alignment of Accelerators Used for SRS and SBRT
I. Brezovich*, R. Popple, J. Duan, M. Huang, S. Benhabib, S. Shen, R. Cardan, X. Wu
SU-E-J-139 Fuzzy Clustering Segmentation of Glioblastoma in T1-MRI Imaging for Clinical Trials
J. Cordova, E. Schreibmann*, C. Hadjipanayis, C. Holder, V. Bansal, J. Sepulveda, H. Danish, Y. Gao, T. Fox, I. Crocker, H. Shu, H. Shim
SU-E-J-140 Availability of Using Diaphragm Matching in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) at the Time in Breath-Holding SBRT for Liver Cancer
D. Kawahara*
SU-E-J-141 Comparison of Dose Calculation On Automatically Generated MR-Based ED Maps and Corresponding Patient CT for Clinical Prostate EBRT Plans
N. Schadewaldt, H. Schulz, M. Helle, M. Frantzen-Steneker, U. Heide, S. Renisch*
SU-E-J-142 Performance Study of Automatic Image-Segmentation Algorithms in Motion Tracking Via MR-IGRT
Y. Feng*, I. Kawrakow, J. Olsen, P. Parikh, C. Noel, H. Wooten, D. Du, J. Dempsey, S. Mutic, Y. Hu
SU-E-J-143 Short- and Near-Term Effects of Proton Therapy On Cerebral White Matter
J. Uh*, T. Merchant, R. Ogg, N. Sabin, D. Indelicato, C. Hua
SU-E-J-144 MRI Visualization of a Metallic Fiducial Marker Used for Image Guided Prostate Radiotherapy
S. Yee*, D. Krauss, D. Yan
SU-E-J-145 Geometric Uncertainty in CBCT Extrapolation for Head and Neck Adaptive Radiotherapy
C. Liu*, A. Kumarasiri, M. Chetvertkov, J. Gordon, I. Chetty, F. Siddiqui, J. Kim
SU-E-J-146 Spatial Accuracy QA of An MR System
K. Hwang*, F. Illerstam, T. Torfeh, J. Maier, S. Shave, M. Hoang
SU-E-J-147 Quantitative Analysis of 2.5 MV Portal Imaging Performance Compared to KV and 6MV Portal Imaging On the Novel Edge LINAC
K. Song*, J. Kim, N. Wen, H. Li, K. Snyder, H. Zhong, J. Gordon, I. Chetty
SU-E-J-148 Evaluating Tumor Response with a Commercially Available Deformable Registration System
J. Bowling*, C. Ramsey
SU-E-J-149 Establishing the Relationship Between Pre-Treatment Lung Ventilation, Dose, and Toxicity Outcome
N. Mistry*, W. D'Souza, J. Sornsen de Koste, S. Senan
SU-E-J-150 Impact of Intrafractional Prostate Motion On the Accuracy and Efficiency of Prostate SBRT Delivery: A Retrospective Analysis of Prostate Tracking Log Files
H. Xiang*, M. Qureshi, R. De Armas, A. Hirsch, M. Katz, B. Nicholas, S. Keohan, H. Lu, J. Efstathiou, A. Zietman, J. Willins, L. Kachnic
SU-E-J-151 Dosimetric Evaluation of DIR Mapped Contours for Image Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy with 4D Cone-Beam CT
S. Balik*, E. Weiss, N. Jan, L. Zhang, N. Roman, G. Christensen, J. Williamson, G. Hugo
SU-E-J-152 Evaluation of TrueBeam OBI V. 1.5 CBCT Performance in An Adaptive RT Environment
S. Gardner*, M. Studenski, T. Giaddui, Y. Cui, J. Galvin, Y. Yu, Y. Xiao
SU-E-J-153 MRI Based, Daily Adaptive Radiotherapy for Rectal Cancer: Contour Adaptation
J. Kleijnen*, M. Burbach, T. Verbraeken, R. Weggers, A. Zoetelief, O. Reerink, J. Lagendijk, B. Raaymakers, B. Asselen
SU-E-J-154 Deformable Image Registration Based Delivered Dose Estimation for Head and Neck Radiotherapy
A. Kumarasiri*, C. Liu, M. Chetvertkov, J. Gordon, F. Siddiqui, I. Chetty, J. Kim
SU-E-J-155 Utilizing Varian TrueBeam Developer Mode for the Quantification of Mechanical Limits and the Simulation of 4D Respiratory Motion
D. Moseley*, M. Dave
SU-E-J-156 Preclinical Inverstigation of Dynamic Tumor Tracking Using Vero SBRT Linear Accelerator: Motion Phantom Dosimetry Study
M. Mamalui-Hunter*, J. Wu, Z. Li, Z. Su
SU-E-J-157 Improving the Quality of T2-Weighted 4D Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Clinical Evaluation
D. Du*, S. Caruthers, C. Glide-Hurst, D. Low, S. Mutic, Y. Hu
SU-E-J-158 Experimental Investigation of Proton Radiography Based On Time-Resolved Dose Measurements
M. Testa*, P. Doolan, E. Bentefour, H. Paganetti, H. Lu
SU-E-J-159 Intra-Patient Deformable Image Registration Uncertainties Quantified Using the Distance Discordance Metric
Z. Saleh*, M. Thor, A. Apte, G. Sharp, L. Muren, J. Deasy
SU-E-J-160 Comparing the Setup Accuracy of Non-Ionizing Patient Localization Systems with CBCT to Reduce Imaging Dose in Prone Breast Treatments
E. Chung*, T. Yamamoto, J. Mayadev, S. Dieterich
SU-E-J-161 Inverse Problems for Optical Parameters in Laser Induced Thermal Therapy
S. Fahrenholtz*, R. Stafford, D. Fuentes
SU-E-J-162 Quality Assurance Procedures for MR Guided Focused Ultrasound Treatment of Bone Metastasis
L. Chen*, X. Chen, B. Wang, R. Gupta, C. Ma
SU-E-J-163 Suppressing Motion Related Artifacts in 4D-CT Or 4D-CBCT Reconstruction Using Projections and Digitally Reconstructed Projections: Proof of Principle
B. Yi*, G. Lasio, Y. Liu, C. Yu, N. Mistry
SU-E-J-164 An Investigation of a Low-Cost 'dry' Optical-CT Scanning System for 3D Dosimetry
S. Bache*, J. Malcolm, J. Adamovics, M. Oldham
SU-E-J-165 Ghost Marker Prediction, Detection and Elimination in Marker-Based Optical Tracking Systems
G. Yan*, J. Li, K. Mittauer, Y. Huang, B. Lu, C. Liu
SU-E-J-166 Comprehensive Evaluation of Three Deformation Image Registration Algorithms Using Digital Phantoms Created From Patients with Head and Neck Cancer
Z. Shen*, K. Bzdusek, Q. Shang, P. Xia
SU-E-J-167 Improvement of Time-Ordered Four Dimensional Cone-Beam CT; Image Mosaicing with Real and Virtual Projections
M. Nakano*, S. Kida, Y. Masutani, T. Shiraki, K. Yamamoto, K. Shiraishi, K. Nakagawa, A. Haga
SU-E-J-168 Automated Pancreas Segmentation Based On Dynamic MRI
S. Gou*, S. Rapacchi, P. Hu, K. Sheng
SU-E-J-169 A Process for QA of Normal Tissue Delineation and Reported Doses in Clinical Trials
R. Williamson*, J. Yang, R. Timmerman, L. Court
SU-E-J-170 Beyond Single-Cycle 4DCT: Maximum a Posteriori (MAP) Reconstruction-Based Binning-Free Multicycle 4DCT for Lung Radiotherapy
Y. Cheung*, J. Hinkle, S. Joshi, A. Sawant
SU-E-J-171 Surface Imaging Based Intrafraction Motion Assessments for Whole Brain Radiotherapy
D. Wiant*, C. Vanderstraeten, J. Maurer, J. Pursley, J. Terrell, B. Sintay
SU-E-J-172 A Quantitative Assessment of Lung Tumor Motion Using 4DCT Imaging Under Conditions of Controlled Breathing in the Management of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Using Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)
D. Mohatt*, J. Gomez, A. Singh, H. Malhotra
SU-E-J-173 Evaluation of Deformable Registration for Correcting Respiratory Motion in 4DCT Lung Images
A. Larrue*, W. van Elmpt, F. Kaster, T. Kadir, M. Gooding
SU-E-J-174 Adaptive PET-Based Dose Painting with Tomotherapy
N. Darwish*, B. Thomadsen, T. Mackie
SU-E-J-175 Proton Dose Calculation On Scatter-Corrected CBCT Image: Feasibility Study for Adaptive Proton Therapy
Y. Park*, B. Winey, G. Sharp
SU-E-J-176 Results of Images Acquired with Backscattered MV Radiation Using a Pinhole Collimator
D. Bernard, J. Turian, Z. Wu, N. Darwish, J. Chu, D. Bernard*
SU-E-J-177 Understanding the Seminal Vesicle's Motion Relative to the Prostate: Range and Pattern
Y. Sheng*, T. Li, F. Yin, Y. Ge, Q. Wu
SU-E-J-178 A Normalization Method Can Remove Discrepancy in Ventilation Function Due to Different Breathing Patterns
H. Qu*, N. Yu, K. Stephans, P. Xia
SU-E-J-179 Prediction of Pelvic Nodal Coverage Using Mutual Information Between Cone-Beam and Planning CTs
S. Jani*, A. Kishan, D. O'Connell, C. King, M. Steinberg, D. Low, J. Lamb
SU-E-J-180 Monitoring Thermochemical Ablation Using Fast Chemical Shift Magnetic Resonance Imaging
C. MacLellan*, F. Maier, E. Cressman, R. Stafford
SU-E-J-181 Magnetic Resonance Image-Guided Radiation Therapy Workflow: Initial Clinical Experience
O. Green*, R. Kashani, L. Santanam, T. Hand, C. Steele, J. Victoria, H. Wooten, H. Li, V. Rodriguez, Y. Hu, S. Mutic
SU-E-J-182 A Feasibility Study Evaluating Automatic Identification of Gross Tumor Volume for Breast Cancer Radiotherapy Using Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Imaging
C. Wang*, J. Horton, F. Yin, R. Blitzblau, M. Palta, Z. Chang
SU-E-J-183 Quantifying the Image Quality and Dose Reduction of Respiratory Triggered 4D Cone-Beam Computed Tomography with Patient-Measured Breathing
B. Cooper*, R. OBrien, J. Kipritidis, P. Keall
SU-E-J-184 Stereo Time-Of-Flight System for Patient Positioning in Radiotherapy
T. Wentz, M. Gilles*, E. Le Fur, O. Pradier, D. Visvikis
SU-E-J-185 Gated CBCT Imaging for Positioning Moving Lung Tumor in Lung SBRT Treatment
X. Li*, T. Li, Y. Zhang, S. Burton, B. Karlovits, d. clump, d. heron, M. Huq
SU-E-J-186 Acquiring and Assessing Upright CBCT Images for Future Treatment Planning
X. Fave*, J. Yang, P. Balter, L. Court
SU-E-J-187 Individually Optimized Contrast-Enhancement 4D-CT for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma in Radiotherapy Simulation
M. Xue*, K. Patel, W. Regine, B. Lane, W. D'Souza, P. Klahr, W. Lu
SU-E-J-188 Impact of Unexpected Dose Warping with Deformable Image Registration in Lung Cancer
S. Moriya*, H. Tachibana, Y. Sugawara, M. Sato, A. Sawant
SU-E-J-189 Credentialing of IGRT Equipment and Processes for Clinical Trials
L. Court*, M. Aristophanous, D. Bellezza, D. Followill, S. Kirsner, K. Kisling, B. Massingill, N. Papanikolaou, B. Parker, R. Pidikiti, P. Wong, H. Zhen, P. Balter
SU-E-J-190 Characterization of Radiation Induced CT Number Changes in Tumor and Normal Lung During Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer
C. Yang*, F. Liu, A. Tai, E. Gore, C. Johnstone, X. Li
SU-E-J-191 Automated Detection of Anatomic Changes in H&N Patients
A. Usynin*, C. Ramsey
SU-E-J-192 Verification of 4D-MRI Internal Target Volume Using Cine MRI
K. Lafata*, B. Czito, M. Palta, M. Bashir, F. Yin, J. Cai
SU-E-J-193 Feasibility of MRI-Only Based IMRT Planning for Pancreatic Cancer
P. Prior*, M. Botros, X. Chen, E. Paulson, B. Erickson, X. Li
SU-E-J-194 Dynamic Tumor Tracking End-To-End Testing Using a 4D Thorax Phantom and EBT3 Films
Z. Su*, J. Wu, Z. Li, M. Mamalui-Hunter
SU-E-J-195 Quantification of Rotations and Deformations in Head and Heck Radiotherapy
J. Kim*, C. Liu, A. Kumarasiri, M. Chetvertkov, J. Gordon, F. Siddiqui, I. Chetty
SU-E-J-196 New Visualization Methods for Longitudinal MRI Registrations and Segmentations
H. Veeraraghavan*, J. Deasy
SU-E-J-197 A Moving Least Squares Approach for Computing Spatially Accurate Transformations That Satisfy Strict Physiologic Constraints
E. Castillo*, R. Castillo, D. Fuentes, T. Guerrero
SU-E-J-198 Evaluation of a Free-Form Intensity-Based Deformable Registration Method Using the POPI Model
A. Nelson, M. Duchateau*, J. Piper, D. Verellen, M. De Ridder
SU-E-J-199 Evaluation of Motion Tracking Effects On Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy of Abdominal Targets
M. Monterroso*, N. Dogan, Y. Yang
SU-E-J-200 A Dosimetric Analysis of 3D Versus 4D Image-Based Dose Calculation for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy in Lung Tumors
M. Ma*, O. Rouabhi, J. Bayouth, R. Flynn, J. Xia
SU-E-J-201 Position Verification in Breast Cancer Radiotherapy Using Tantalum Clips in the Lumpectomy Cavity
J. van Santvoort*, M. Van der Drift, J. Kuipers, M. Mast, J. Van Egmond, H. Struikmans
SU-E-J-202 Is Pretreatment Imaging at Each Treatment Fraction Needed in Spine SBRT to Enable Margin Reduction?
D. Mynampati*, R. Yaparpalvi, M. Garg, L. Hong, H. Kuo, W. Tome'
SU-E-J-203 Reconstruction of the Treatment Area by Use of Sinogram in Helical Tomotherapy
A. Haga*, K. Nakagawa, C. Maurer, K. Ruchala, E. Chao, D. Casey, S. Kida, D. Sakata, T. Magome, M. Nakano, Y. Masutani
SU-E-J-204 Radiation Dose to Patients Resulting From Image Guidance Procedures and AAPM TG-180 Update
G. Ding*, P. Alaei
SU-E-J-205 Monte Carlo Modeling of Ultrasound Probes for Real-Time Ultrasound Image-Guided Radiotherapy
D. Hristov*, J. Schlosser, J. Chen, M. Bazalova
SU-E-J-206 A Comparison of Different Hardware Design Approaches for Feature-Supported Optical Head-Tracking with Respect to Angular Dependencies
P. Stueber*, T. Wissel, B. Wagner, R. Bruder, A. Schweikard, F. Ernst
SU-E-J-207 Assessing the Validity of 4D-CT Based Target Volumes and Free Breathing CBCT Localization in Lung Stereotactic Ablative Radiation Therapy (SABR)
R. Badkul*, D. Pokhrel, H. Jiang, J. Park, F. Wang, P. Kumar
SU-E-J-208 Fast and Accurate Auto-Segmentation of Abdominal Organs at Risk for Online Adaptive Radiotherapy
V. Gupta*, Y. Wang, A. Romero, A. Myronenko, P. Jordan, B. Heijmen, M. Hoogeman
SU-E-J-209 Verification of 3D Surface Registration Between Stereograms and CT Images
T. Han*, B. Smith, M. Salehpour, K. Gifford
SU-E-J-210 Thoracic Atlas Segmentation Model Based On Consensus Contours
J. Turian*, Z. Wu, L. Miller, N. Darwish, A. Templeton, J. Chu
SU-E-J-211 Design and Study of In-House Software Based Respiratory Motion Monitoring, Controlling and Breath-Hold Device for Gated Radiotherapy
S. Senthilkumar*
SU-E-J-212 Identifying Bones From MRI: A Dictionary Learnign and Sparse Regression Approach
D. Ruan*, Y. Yang, M. Cao, P. Hu, D. Low
SU-E-J-213 Imaging and Treatment Isocenter Verification of a Gantry Mounted Proton Therapy System
S. Price*, S. Goddu, L. Rankine, E. Klein
SU-E-J-214 Comparative Assessment On IGRT On Partial Bladder Cancer Treatment Between CT-On-Rails (CTOR) and KV Cone Beam CT (CBCT)
T. Lin*, C. Ma
SU-E-J-215 Onboard Split PET Including the Effects of Attenuation, Scatter, and Random Events
N. Darwish*, C. Kao, B. Thomadsen, T. Mackie
SU-E-J-216 Deformable Dose Mapping Accuracy Using a Novel Framework for User-Intervened Correction of Deformable Registration
A. Nelson, M. Duchateau*, J. Piper, D. Verellen, M. De Ridder
SU-E-J-217 Accuracy Comparison Between Surface and Volumetric Registrations for Patient Setup of Head and Neck Radiation Therapy
Y. Kim*, R. Li, Y. Na, C. Jenkins, R. Lee, L. Xing
SU-E-J-218 Evaluation of CT Images Created Using a New Metal Artifact Reduction Reconstruction Algorithm for Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
J. Niemkiewicz*, A. Palmiotti, M. Miner, L. Stunja, J. Bergene
SU-E-J-219 Quantitative Evaluation of Motion Effects On Accuracy of Image-Guided Radiotherapy with Fiducial Markers Using CT Imaging
I. Ali*, S. Oyewale, N. Alsbou, S. Ahmad, O. Algan
SU-E-J-220 Evaluation of Atlas-Based Auto-Segmentation (ABAS) in Head-And-Neck Adaptive Radiotherapy
Q. Liu*, D. Yan
SU-E-J-221 Advantages of a New Surface Imaging Calibration Method for SRS Treatments
A. Paxton*, R. Manger, T. Pawlicki, G. Kim
SU-E-J-222 Evaluation of Deformable Registration of PET/CT Images for Cervical Cancer Brachytherapy
Y. Liao*, T. Kadir, J. Turian, A. Templeton, K. Kiel, J. Chu
SU-E-J-223 A Method to Remove the Streaking Artifacts Caused by Calypso Couch Table Add-On in the MV Portal Images
x. li*, J. Tan, D. Yang
SU-E-J-224 Multimodality Segmentation of Head and Neck Tumors
M. Aristophanous*, J. Yang, B. Beadle
SU-E-J-225 Quantitative Evaluation of Rigid and Non-Rigid Motion of Liver Tumors Using Stereo Imaging During SBRT
Q. Xu*, G. Hanna, J. Grimm, G. Kubicek, N. Pahlajani, S. Asbell, J. Fan, Y. Chen, T. LaCouture
SU-E-J-226 Propagation of Pancreas Target Contours On Respiratory Correlated CT Images Using Deformable Image Registration
F. Liu*, E. Yorke, G. Mageras, K. Goodman
SU-E-J-227 Breathing Pattern Consistency and Reproducibility: Comparative Analysis for Supine and Prone Body Positioning
E. Laugeman*, E. Weiss, S. Chen, G. Hugo, M. Rosu
SU-E-J-228 Dose Accumulation Studies with a Dynamic Physical Anthropomorphic Phantom and An External Surrogate-Based Motion Model
M. Hurwitz*, J. Rottmann, C. Williams, S. Dhou, M. Wagar, E. Mannarino, J. Seco, J. Lewis
SU-E-J-229 Quantitative Assessment for Timely Adaptive Re-Planning Using Weekly Dose Monitoring for Head and Neck Cancer
Q. Shang*, Z. Li, H. Liu, J. Greskovich, S. Koyfman, P. Xia
SU-E-J-230 Effect of Metal Hip Prosthesis On the Accuracy of Electromagnetic Localization and Tracking
W. Butler*, G. Merrick, B. Kurko, N. Bittner
SU-E-J-231 Comparison of 3D Angiogram and MRI in Delineating the AVM Target for Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery
V. Avkshtol*, S. Tanny, K. Reddy, C. Chen, E. Parsai
SU-E-J-232 Surface-Based Deformable Image Registration for Pleural Photodynamic Therapy
B. LIU*, T. Zhu
SU-E-J-233 A Facility for Radiobiological Experiments in a Large Magnetic Field
M. Carlone*, R. Heaton, B. Wouters, H. Keller, D. Jaffray
SU-E-J-234 Auto-Segmentation Strategies for Treatment Targets and Critical Organs in Head-And-Neck Cancer Patients
Z. Yu*, K. Andreou, J. Yang, F. Mourtada
SU-E-J-235 Varian Portal Dosimetry Accuracy at Detecting Simulated Delivery Errors
J. Gordon*, M. Bellon, K. Barton, M. Gulam, I. Chetty
SU-E-J-236 Feasibility of Using Infrared Imaging to Verify the Accuracy of the Radiotherapy Delivery
X. Tang*, T. Cullip, J. Dooley, L. Potter, B. Chera, J. Lian, S. Chang, X. Zhu
SU-E-J-237 Image Feature Based DRR and Portal Image Registration
X. Wang*, J. Chang
SU-E-J-238 Monitoring Lymph Node Volumes During Radiotherapy Using Semi-Automatic Segmentation of MRI Images
H. Veeraraghavan*, N. Tyagi, N. Riaz, S. McBride, N. Lee, J. Deasy
SU-E-J-239 IMRT Planning of Prostate Cancer for a MRI-Linac Based On MRI Only
X. Chen*, P. Prior, E. Paulson, C. Lawton, X. Li
SU-E-J-240 The Impact On Clinical Dose-Distributions When Using MR-Images Registered with Stereotactic CT-Images in Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
H. Benmakhlouf*, T. Wangerid, T. Kraepelien, P. Forander
SU-E-J-241 Creation of Ventilation CT From Daily 4D CTs Or 4D Conebeam CTs Acquired During IGRT for Thoracic Cancers
A. Tai*, E. Ahunbay, X. Li
SU-E-J-242 Post-Treatment Planning Tool for Estimating Dose Distribution Delivered to Spinal Radiosurgery Patients Based On Measured Intra-Fraction Positional Data
N. Agazaryan*, S. Gyurdzhyan, J. Lamb, P. Chow, S. Tenn, M. Cao, C. Lee, T. Kaprealian, M. Selch, D. Low
SU-E-J-243 Possibility of Exposure Dose Reduction of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography in An Image Guided Patient Positioning System by Using Various Noise Suppression Filters
H. Kamezawa*, H. Arimura, K. Shirieda, N. Kameda, M. Ohki
SU-E-J-244 Validation of a 6D-Robotic-Couch and Image Guidance Radiation Therapy (IGRT) System for Localization in World's First Single-Room Proton Therapy System
L. Rankine*, K. Grantham, S. Goddu, R. Cessac, K. Baker, E. Klein, L. Santanam
SU-E-J-245 Is Off-Line Adaptive Radiotherapy Sufficient for Head and Neck Cancer with IGRT?
Z. Li*, Q. Shang, H. Liu, J. Greskovich, S. Koyfman, P. Xia
SU-E-J-246 A Deformation-Field Map Based Liver 4D CBCT Reconstruction Method Using Gold Nanoparticles as Constraints
W. Harris*, Y. Zhang, L. Ren, F. Yin
SU-E-J-247 A Simulation of X-Ray Emission with Gold Nanoparticle Irradiated by Energetic Proton Beam
M. Newpower*, S. Ahmad, Y. Chen
SU-E-J-248 Comparative Study of Two Image Registration for Image-Guided Radiation Therapy in Esophageal Cancer
K. Shang, J. Wang*, D. Liu, R. Li, y. cao, Z. Chi
SU-E-J-249 Correlation of Mean Lung Ventilation Value with Ratio of Total Lung Volumes
N. Yu*, H. Qu, P. Xia
SU-E-J-250 A Methodology for Active Bone Marrow Protection for Cervical Cancer Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy Using 18F-FLT PET/CT Image
C. Ma*, Y. Yin
SU-E-J-251 Fast MR-Based DRR Generation Using Highly Undersampled 3D Radial Trajectories
G. Pereira*, M. Traughber, B. Traughber, L. Hu, K. Su, R. Muzic Jr
SU-E-J-252 A Motion Algorithm to Extract Physical and Motion Parameters of a Mobile Target in Cone-Beam Computed Tomographic Imaging Retrospective to Image Reconstruction
I. Ali*, N. Alsbou, S. Ahmad
SU-E-J-253 Evaluation of 4DCT Images with Correlation of RPM Signals to Tumor Motion for Respiratory-Gated Radiotherapy
T. Lee*, A. Ewald, T. Schultz, S. Park
SU-E-J-254 Utility of Pinnacle Dynamic Planning Module Utilizing Deformable Image Registration in Adaptive Radiotherapy
S. Jani*
SU-E-J-255 Clinical Benefit of Accounting for Intrafraction Lung Tumor System Deformation: First Treatment Planning Study
Y. Ge*, J. He, K. Bzdusek, P. Keall
SU-E-J-256 Dual Energy Planar Image Based Localization in the Absence of On-Board CT Images
R. Sadagopan*, J. Yang, H. Li
SU-E-J-257 Image Artifacts Caused by Implanted Calypso Beacons in MRI Studies
h. amro*, I. Chetty, J. Gordon, N. Wen
SU-E-J-258 Inter- and Intra-Fraction Setup Stability and Couch Change Tolerance for Image Guided Radiation Therapy
R. Teboh Forbang*, M. Agee, L. Rowe, T. Creasy, J. Schultz, R. Bell, J. Wong, E. Armour
SU-E-J-259 Quantification of Rotational Localization Offset in Radiation Therapy
Y. Huang, N. Nguyen*, S. Lee, F. Liu
SU-E-J-260 Dose Recomputation Versus Dose Deformation for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy in Lung Tumors: A Dosimetric Study
M. Ma*, J. Bayouth, R. Flynn, J. Xia
SU-E-J-261 Statistical Analysis and Chaotic Dynamics of Respiratory Signal of Patients in BodyFix
D. Michalski*, M. Huq, G. Bednarz, R. Lalonde, Y. Yang, d. heron
SU-E-J-262 Segmentation in Therapy: Impact of Display
W. Sensakovic*, E. Pearson, H. Letter
SU-E-J-263 Dosimetric Analysis On Breast Brachytherapy Based On Deformable Image Registration
T. Chen*, K. Nie, V. Narra, J. Zou, M. Zhang, A. Khan, B. Haffty, N. Yue
SU-E-J-264 Comparison of Two Commercially Available Software Platforms for Deformable Image Registration
R. Tuohy, S. Stathakis, P. Mavroidis, C. Bosse, N. Papanikolaou*
SU-E-J-265 Practical Issues and Solutions in Reconstructing and Using 4DCT for Radiotherapy Planning of Lung Cancer
W. Lu*, S. Feigenberg, B. Yi, G. Lasio, K. Prado, W. D'Souza
SU-E-J-266 A Pitfall of a Deformable Image Registration in Lung Cancer
Y. Sugawara*, H. Tachibana, S. Moriya, A. Sawant
SU-E-J-267 Weekly Volumetric and Dosimetric Changes in Adaptive Conformal Radiotherapy of Non-Small-Cell-Lung Cancer Using 4D CT and Gating
Z. Li*, Q. Shang, f. xiong, x. zhang, q. zhang, s. fu
SU-E-J-268 Is It Necessary to Account for Organs at Risk Respiratory Induced Motion Effects in Radiotherapy Planning with Tumor Tracking?
M. Gilles*, H. Fayad, N. Boussion, O. Pradier, D. Visvikis
SU-E-J-269 Assessing the Precision of Dose Delivery in CBCT-Guided Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Lung and Soft Tissue Metastatic Lesions
S. Parsai*, A. Dalhart, C. Chen, E. Parsai, D. Pearson, N. Sperling, K. Reddy
SU-E-J-270 Study of PET Response to HDR Brachytherapy of Rectal Cancer
R. Hobbs*, Y. Le, E. Armour, J. Efron, N. Azad, R. Wahl, S. Gearhart, J. Herman
SU-E-J-271 A Feasibility Study to Utilize XR-QA2 Radiochromic Films as An Alternative Tool for Measuring Beam Parameters of Kilovoltage CBCT Systems
M. Morales*, G. Ding
SU-E-J-272 Long-Term Evaluation and Cross-Checking of Two Geometric Calibration Systems On Linacs
T. Chiu*, R. Foster, W. Mao
SU-E-J-273 Simulation of the Radiation Response of Hypoxic Tumors
I. Espinoza*, P. Peschke, C. Karger
SU-E-J-274 Image Distortion Quantification and Image Registration QA in GammaKnife Radiosurgery Using A Modus GRID3D Phantom
L. Lu*, K. Noa, K. Woods, M. Weldon, N. Gupta
SU-E-J-275 Impact of the Intra and Inter Observer Variability in the Delineation of Parotid Glands On the Dose Calculation During Head and Neck Helical Tomotherapy
A. Jodda*, T. Piotrowski