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Program Information

  Quantitative Imaging General Poster Discussion Sunday
  3:00PM - 6:00PM  Room: Exhibit Hall

SU-E-QI-1 A High-Throughput Quantitative Imaging Method for Immunohistochemistry in Blood Vessels at the Blood-Brain Barrier
R. Soans*, D. Lim, J. Shackleford
SU-E-QI-2 A Quantitative Method for 3D Morphology Analysis of Cancer Cells
J. Feng, Y. Feng*
SU-E-QI-3 Compartment Modeling of Dynamic Brain PET - The Effect of Scatter and Random Corrections On Parameter Errors
I. Häggström*, C. Schmidtlein, M. Karlsson, A. Larsson
SU-E-QI-4 Curve Fitting of Time-Density Data From CT Circulation Timing Scans for Estimation of Cardiac Output
K. Ogden*, E. Scalzetti, H. Rajebi
SU-E-QI-5 Denoising Intravoxel Incoherent Motion Magnetic Resonance Images Using Non-Local Mean Technique for Oropharyngeal Cancer Study
Y. Ding*, C. Fuller, A. Mohamed, R. He, J. Wang, S. Frank, D. Rosenthal, R. Colen, J. Hazle
SU-E-QI-6 Design and Initial Validation of a Precise Capillary Phantom to Test Perfusion Systems
R. Wood*, G. Iacobucci, P. Khobragade, L. Ying, K. Snyder, D. Wack, S. Rudin, C. Ionita
SU-E-QI-7 Early Evaluation of Tumor Response to Therapy Via More Accurate Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Maps
B. Ma*, X. Li, Y. Kuang
SU-E-QI-8 Fourier Properties of Cone Beam CT Projection
T. Bai*, H. Yan, X. Jia, S. Jiang, X. Mou
SU-E-QI-9 In Vivo Monitoring of Fluorinated Inhalational Anesthetics Using 19F MRI: A Pilot Study
B. Bednarz*, K. Ludwig, S. Fain
SU-E-QI-10 Intravoxel Incoherent Motion Imaging for MR-Guided Cryoablation
J. Yung*, K. Ahrar, J. Hazle, R. Stafford
SU-E-QI-11 Measurement of Renal Pyruvate-To-Lactate Exchange with Hyperpolarized 13C MRI
E. Adamson*, J. Gordon, K. Johnson, S. Fain
SU-E-QI-12 Morphometry Based Measurements of the Structural Response to Whole Brain Radiation
D. Fuentes*, R. Castillo, E. Castillo, T. Guerrero
SU-E-QI-13 Predictable Models for Radio-Sensitizing Agent Kinetics: Application to Stereotactic Synchrotron Radiation Therapy
L. Obeid*, M. Schmitt, F. Estève, J. Adam
SU-E-QI-14 Quantitative Variogram Detection of Mild, Unilateral Disease in Elastase-Treated Rats
R. Jacob, J. Carson*
SU-E-QI-15 Single Point Dosimetry by Means of Cerenkov Radiation Energy Transfer (CRET)
O. Volotskova*, C. Jenkins, L. Xing
SU-E-QI-16 Reproducibility of Computed Tomography Quantitative Structural Features Using the FDA Thoracic Phantom Image Database
M. Budzevich*, O. Grove, Y. Balagurunathan, Y. Gu, H. Wang, J. Oliver, K. Latifi, G. Zhang, T. Dilling, R. Gillies, E. Moros
SU-E-QI-17 Dependence of 3D/4D PET Quantitative Image Features On Noise
J. Oliver*, M. Budzevich, G. Zhang, K. Latifi, T. Dilling, Y. Balagurunathan, Y. Gu, O. Grove, V. Feygelman, R. Gillies, E. Moros
SU-E-QI-18 QUATTRO: An Open-Source Software Package for Quantitative Imaging Applications in Assessing Treatment Response
R. Bosca*, V. Johnson, E. Jackson
SU-E-QI-19 Evaluation of a Clinical 1.5T MRI for Prostate Cancer MRS Imaging Using a In Vivo Tumor Model
X. Chen*, L. Chen, H. Hensley, D. Cvetkovic, C. Zhang, J. Fan, C. Ma
SU-E-QI-20 A Review of Advanced PET and CT Image Features for the Evaluation of Tumor Response
W. Lu*
SU-E-QI-21 Iodinated Contrast Agent Time Course In Human Brain Metastasis: A Study For Stereotactic Synchrotron Radiotherapy Clinical Trials
L. Obeid*, A. Tessier, J. Balosso, F. Estève, J. Adam