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Program Information

  Quantitative Imaging Scientific Session Tuesday
Nuclear Medicine, Optical, and Ultrasound 4:30PM - 6:00PM  Room: 12A

Moderator 1: Osama Mawlawi, MD Anderson Cancer Ctr.
Moderator 2: Paul Carson, The University of Michigan Health System

4:30 PM
Quantitative Non-Linear Compartment Modeling of 89Zr- and 124I-Labeled J591 Monoclonal Antibody Kinetics Using Serial Non-Invasive Positron Emission Tomography Imaging in a Pre-Clinical Human Prostate Cancer Mouse Model
E. Fung*, S. Cheal, S. Chalasani, S. Fareedy, B. Otto, B. Punzalan, J. Humm, N. Bander, J. Osborne, S. Larson, P. Zanzonico
4:40 PM
Quantitative Characterization of Normal Bone Marrow Proliferative Activity with FLT PET/CT
N. Weisse*, R. Jeraj
4:50 PM
Using 18F-FDG-PET-CT and Deformable Registration During Head-And-Neck Cancer (HNC) Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) to Predict Treatment Response
I. Vergalasova*, Y. Mowery, D. Yoo, D. Brizel, S. Das
5:00 PM
Differential Radiation Avoidance of Functional Liver Regions Defined by 99mTc-Sulfur Colloid SPECT/CT with Proton Therapy
S. Bowen*, J. Saini, R. Miyaoka, P. Kinahan, G. Sandison, T. Wong, H. Vesselle, M. Nyflot, S. Apisarnthanarax
5:10 PM
Sensitivity of Textural Features to 3D Vs. 4D FDG-PET/CT Imaging in NSCLC Patients
F. Yang*, M. Nyflot, S. Bowen, P. Kinahan, G. Sandison
5:20 PM
BEST IN PHYSICS (IMAGING) - A Novel Catheter-Based Radionuclide Imaging System to Characterize Atherosclerotic Plaque
R. Zaman*, H. Kosuge, C. Carpenter, G. Pratx, C. Sun, M. McConnell, L. Xing
5:30 PM
Cardiac Fiber Imaging Using High-Frequency Ultrasound in Animal Models
B. Fei*, X. Qin, S. Wang, M. Shen, M. Wagner, X. Zhang
5:40 PM
Verification of APBI Balloon Integrity Using Ultrasound Imaging
J. Christensen*, M. Trombetta, O. Gayou
5:50 PM
GLCM Texture Analysis for Normal-Tissue Toxicity: A Prospective Ultrasound Study of Acute Toxicity in Breast-Cancer Radiotherapy
T. Liu*, X. Yang, W. Curran, M. Torres