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Program Information

  Joint Imaging - Therapy Scientific Session Thursday
Treatment Response Assessment 1:00PM - 2:50PM  Room: Ballroom F

Moderator 1: Yue Cao, University of Michigan
Moderator 2: Stephen Bowen, University of Washington

1:00 PM
Exploiting Tumor Shrinkage in Split-Course Radiotherapy
J. Unkelbach*, D. Craft, T. Hong, D. Papp, J. Ramakrishnan, E. Salari, J. Wolfgang, T. Bortfeld
1:10 PM
4D-CT Ventilation Image-Based IMRT Plans Are Dosimetrically Comparable to SPECT Ventilation Image-Based Plans
S. Kida*, M. Bal, S. Kabus, B. Loo, P. Keall, T. Yamamoto
1:20 PM
A Multivariate Interaction Model for Assessment of Hippocampal Vascular Dose-Response and Early Prediction of Radiation-Induced Neurocognitive Dysfunction
R. Farjam *, P. Pramanik, A. Srinivasan, C. Chapman, C. Tsien, T. Lawrence, Y. Cao
1:30 PM
Characterizing the Response of Texture-Based CT Image Features for Quantification of Radiation-Induced Normal Lung Damage
S. Krafft*, L. Court, T. Briere, M. Martel
1:40 PM
Comparison of Survival-Time Prediction Models After Radiotherapy for High-Grade Glioma Patients Based On Clinical and DVH Features
T. Magome*, A. Haga, H. Igaki, N. Sekiya, Y. Masutani, A. Sakumi, A. Mukasa, K. Nakagawa
1:50 PM
Kinetic Modeling of Tumor Response to Fractionated Radiotherapy
H. Zhong*, J. Gordon, I. Chetty
2:00 PM
Raman Spectroscopy for Radiation Treatment Response Assessment in a Lung Metastases Mouse Model
S. Devpura*, K. Barton, S. Brown, S. Sethi, M. Klein, F. Siddiqui, I. Chetty
2:10 PM
Subpopulations of Similarly-Responding Lesions in Metastatic Prostate Cancer
C. Lin*, S. Harmon, T. Perk, R. Jeraj
2:20 PM
Gaussian Mixture Model Analysis of Radiation-Induced Parotid-Gland Injury: An Ultrasound Study of Acute and Late Xerostomia in Head-And-Neck Radiotherapy
T. Liu*, D. Yu, J. Beitler, S. Tridandapani, D. Bruner, W. Curran, X. Yang
2:30 PM
Interim Esophageal Cancer Response Assessment Via 18FDG-PET Scanning During Radiation Therapy
K. Higgins*, Q. Wu, B. Perez, B. Czito, M. Palta, C. Willett, S. Das
2:40 PM
Dynamic Treatment of Clinical Margins Beyond the PET-Avid Target in Emission Guided Radiation Therapy: A Retrospective Patient Study
A. Nanduri, Q. Fan, J. Yang, T. Yamamoto, E. Graves, B. Loo, S. Mazin*