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Program Information

  Imaging Scientific Session Monday
Nuclear Medicine Imaging 4:30PM - 6:00PM  Room: 17A

Moderator 1: Mathieu Hatt, INSERM DR NANTES
Moderator 2: Tinsu Pan, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

4:30 PM
Innovative High-Performance PET Imaging System for Preclinical Imaging and Translational Researches
X. Sun*, K. Lou, Z. Deng, Y. Shao
4:40 PM
Computer Simulation Studies for On-Board Functional and Molecular Imaging of the Prostate Using a Robotic Multi-Pinhole SPECT System
L. Cheng*, J. Bowsher, S. Yan, F. Yin
4:50 PM
MR-Based Cortical Bone Segmentation for PET Attenuation Correction with a Non-UTE 3D Fast GRE Sequence
H. Ai*, K. Hwang, T. Pan
5:00 PM
Internal Dosimetric Calculations for Pediatric Nuclear Imaging Applications, Using Monte Carlo Simulations and High-Resolution Pediatric Computational Models
P. Papadimitroulas*, G. Loudos, G. Kagadis
5:10 PM
PET Image Deblurring Using Adaptive Dictionary Learning
S. Valiollahzadeh*, J. Clark, O. Mawlawi
5:20 PM
Kernel Based Dosimetry for 90Y Microsphere Liver Therapy Using 90Y Bremsstrahlung SPECT/CT
J. Mikell*, W. Siman, A. Mahvash, F. Mourtada, S. Kappadath
5:30 PM
Improved Image Quality in Brain F-18 FDG PET Using Penalized-Likelihood Image Reconstruction Via a Generalized Preconditioned Alternating Projection Algorithm: The First Patient Results
C. Schmidtlein*, S. Li, Z. Wu, J. Zhang, L. Vogelsang, L. Shen, Y. Xu, D. Feiglin, B. Beattie, J. Humm, A. Krol
5:40 PM
Applications of Quantitative PET/CT Imaging of Yttrium-90: A Tool for Improving Radioembolization
A. Pasciak*, Y. Bradley
5:50 PM
Quantitative Autoradiography of Biopsy Specimens Extracted Under PET/CT Guidance
L. Fanchon*, S. Carlin, I. Burger, C. Schmidtlein, J. Humm, E. Yorke, S. Solomon, J. Deasy, A. Kirov