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Virtual Press Room

Welcome to the AAPM 56th Annual Meeting & Exhibition

The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) welcomes media coverage of posters, abstracts and presentations at the 2014 Annual Meeting and Exhibition. While there will not be an official newsroom onsite, qualified media may attend at no charge with the intention of reporting on news from the meeting. Registration is required to obtain a press badge that will allow entry to all scientific presentations and the Technical Exhibits. Advance registration is strongly encouraged and contact information is provided below.

This year, AAPM will host a teleconference for media before the meeting. Select presenters will preview embargoed newsworthy presentations that will take place during the meeting and discuss topics of particular interest to journalists. Please register in order to be alerted to the date, time and content of the teleconference.

Please review the Media Guidelines and again, welcome to the AAPM 56th Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

Media Contact

Ashley Moses

Contact Ashley for all media inquiries and to learn more about the teleconference that will be scheduled before the meeting to preview newsworthy topics. Date and time of the teleconference to be announced in early July. Registration will be available here once announced.

About Medical Physicists
If you ever had a mammogram, ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, PET scan, or known someone treated for cancer, chances are reasonable that a medical physicist was working behind the scenes to make sure the imaging procedure was as effective as possible. Medical physicists help to develop new imaging techniques, improve existing ones, and assure the safety of radiation used in medical procedures in radiology, radiation oncology and nuclear medicine. They collaborate with radiation oncologists to design cancer treatment plans. They provide routine quality assurance and quality control on radiation equipment and procedures to ensure that cancer patients receive the prescribed dose of radiation to the correct location. They also contribute to the development of physics intensive therapeutic techniques, such as the stereotactic radiosurgery and prostate seed implants for cancer to name a few. The annual meeting is a great resource, providing guidance to physicists to implement the latest and greatest technology in a community hospital close to you.

About AAPM
AAPM (www.aapm.org) is a scientific, educational, and professional organization of more than 8,000 medical physicists. Headquarters are located at the American Center for Physics in College Park, MD. Publications include a scientific journal ("Medical Physics"), technical reports, and symposium proceedings.

Media Guidelines

Journalists are asked to abide by embargoes noted on all media materials for the AAPM Meeting and not report on the research prior to the embargoed date and time of an abstract being presented or a news announcement being made.

Audio and video recording by individuals other than the AAPM Meeting photographer is prohibited without prior permission from Ashley Moses, PCI, at least 48 hours in advance. Per AAPM exhibit policies, AAPM Meeting exhibitors have the right to prevent competitors from gaining access to, photographing, videotaping, or otherwise recording their exhibits or presentations.

Distribution of printed materials during the show is prohibited. Literature bins are available for the distribution of printed materials. Please seek AAPM Meeting authorization prior to stocking the literature bin with promotional materials.

Members of the media are prohibited from placing signs in the convention center or in any hotel used by the AAPM Meeting to house attendees.

Media Registration

Please note there will not be an official newsroom in Austin, but there will be an on-site press conference. We welcome qualified media to register and attend for the purpose of reporting news from the meeting. Members of the media requesting registration for the AAPM Meeting must be currently employed by and/or on assignment for a recognized news organization.

Individuals who do not qualify for complimentary  media registration include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Book authors
  • Freelance writers not on assignment or employed by non-news organizations
  • Non-editorial employees of news organizations (including CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, publishers, associate/assistant publishers, advertising, marketing, public relations or sales staff)
  • Companies/organizations producing publications, videos and/or other items for the purpose of marketing, advertising, financial analysis or public relations
  • Consultants who develop, write or edit a corporate newsletter or similar publication for their own firm or another firm
  • Financial analysts and consultants
  • Exhibitors

Registration can be obtained using the Media Registration Form. Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation email.

Information for online media:

AAPM is committed to working with online journalists that reach their audience via websites and who also provide original, editorial news coverage on a regular basis.

  • Editorial content must be independent of advertising/sponsorship.
  • An editorial board must oversee the site and its contents.
  • Advertising must be identified as such.
  • If the website is sponsored, the site must have multiple sponsors. All sponsors must be identified as such.
  • The site must appear on and be tracked by commercial media databases.
  • Online media must provide links to their website and sample of recent articles.