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CT IAC Accreditation / Clinical CT for Physicists

R Pizzutiello

R Pizzutiello1*, (1) Upstate Medical Physics, Victor, NY

SA-C-Salon CD-1 Saturday 1:30:00 PM - 2:30:00 PM Room: Salon CD

With the proliferation of CT scanners and increasing interest in Accreditation, many physicists are being asked to support facilities seeking IAC CT Accreditation. IAC CT Accreditation is particularly attractive to facilities utilizing small field of view cone beam CT (CBCT), such as ENT and Dental practices, since these scanners cannot image larger size phantoms required for ACR Accreditation. This presentation addresses the specific IAC requirements for medical physicists supporting sites seeking IAC Accreditation. Some of these requirements are unique to IAC CT Accreditation, and will be addressed in detail. Common weaknesses in facility submissions relating to medical physics services will be presented. An overview of the IAC organization, Standards, and the actual process of becoming accredited will also be presented.

The relationship between the medical physicist and radiologist has grown in importance in the present regulatory environment, and is advocated for in the recently released AAPM Medical Physics Practice Guideline 1.a: CT Protocol Management and Review Practice Guideline. Collaborative patient image review is an important mechanism to facilitate dialogue about dose optimization, and clinical requirements. Clinically significant diagnostic challenges with medical vignettes and patient images will be presented.

This session will include details surrounding an important accreditation body and modality, and critical considerations in the ever-developing paradigm of the patient dose and image quality continuum with respect to collaboration between clinicians and medical physicists.

Learning objectives:
1. Review the IAC CT Accreditation program and typical facilities seeking accreditation
2. Review relevant Medical Physics processes and responsibilities unique to IAC CT Accreditation
3. Review common problems with medical physics reports submitted to IAC CT Accreditation
4. Review the process of applying for IAC CT Accreditation
5. Observe pathology-mimicking artifacts in head CT
6. Review image characteristics necessary for accurate diagnoses in spine CT
7. Review expectations for screening, non-screening, and specialty chest CT
8. Observe image features that create challenges for lesion detection in liver CT


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