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MR Safety / The New MR ACR QC Manual

R Pooley

J Felmlee

R Pooley1*, J Felmlee2*, (1) Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL, (2) Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

SA-D-Salon CD-1 Saturday 4:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM Room: Salon CD

Clinical diagnostic medical physicists may be responsible for implementing and maintaining a comprehensive MR safety program. Hospitals and clinics will look to the physicist to not only understand guidelines, regulations and accreditation requirements related to MR safety but to also understand details related to patient care and employee safety. Accrediting bodies including the ACR, IAC, Radsite and the Joint Commission each include aspects of MR Safety into their imaging accreditation programs, and MIPPA regulations further raise the significance of non-compliance. In addition, the Joint Commission recently announced New and Revised Diagnostic Imaging Standards for accredited health care organizations which include aspects of MR Safety. The clinical medical physicist must be aware of all of these requirements which will be covered in this presentation. In addition to regulations and requirements, the clinical medical physicist must be aware of practical aspects of MR safety. These include issues of direct patient care and employee safety. How does one set up and maintain a safety program? How can proper site planning lead to improved MR safety? How can ferromagnetic detectors be used to enhance the screening process? And what can be done when faced with a new implanted medical device for which the patient has no card? This presentation will also review practical patient care and employee safety aspects of MR safety.

Learning objectives:
1. Understand requirements and recommendations related to MR safety from accrediting bodies and federal regulations.
2. Identify best practices for dealing with implanted devices
3. Review aspects of MR safety involved in site planning
4. Identify use and limitations of ferromagnetic detectors for patient screening.


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