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A Clinical Implementation and the Dosimetric Evidence in High Dose Rate Vaginal Multichannel Applicator Brachytherapy

J Syh

J Syh*, J Syh , B Patel , J Zhang , H Wu , L Rosen , Willis-Knighton Medical Center, Shreveport, LA


SU-E-T-10 (Sunday, July 12, 2015) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose:The multichannel cylindrical applicator has a distinctive modification of the traditional single channel cylindrical applicator. The novel multichannel applicator has additional peripheral channels that provide more flexibility both in treatment planning process and outcomes. To protect by reducing doses to adjacent organ at risk (OAR) while maintaining target coverage with inverse plan optimization are the goals for such novel Brachytherapy device. Through a series of comparison and analysis of reults in more than forty patients who received HDR Brachytherapy using multichannel vaginal applicator, this procedure has been implemented in our institution.

Methods:Multichannel planning was CT image based. The CTV of 5mm vaginal cuff rind with prescribed length was well reconstructed as well as bladder and rectum. At least D95 of CTV coverage is 95% of prescribed dose. Multichannel inverse plan optimization algorithm not only shapes target dose cloud but set dose avoids to OAR’s exclusively. The doses of D2cc, D5cc and D5; volume of V2Gy in OAR’s were selected to compare with single channel results when sole central channel is only possibility.

Results:Study demonstrates plan superiorly in OAR’s doe reduction in multi-channel plan. The D2cc of the rectum and bladder were showing a little lower for multichannel vs. single channel. The V2Gy of the rectum was 93.72% vs. 83.79% (p=0.007) for single channel vs. multichannel respectively. Absolute reduced mean dose of D5 by multichannel was 17 cGy (s.d.=6.4) and 44 cGy (s.d.=15.2) in bladder and rectum respectively.

Conclusion:The optimization solution in multichannel was to maintain D95 CTV coverage while reducing the dose to OAR’s. Dosimetric advantage in sparing critical organs by using a multichannel applicator in HDR Brachytherapy treatment of the vaginal cuff is so promising and has been implemented clinically.

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