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Commissioning and Dosimetric Characteristics of Elekta Agility for Total Skin Electron Beam (TSEB) Therapy

E Sayler

E Sayler*, P Charpentier , B Micaily , C Miyamoto , S Li , Temple University Hospital, Phila., PA


SU-E-T-191 (Sunday, July 12, 2015) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall


The purpose of this work is to publish beam data from Elekta Synergy(R) linear accelerators with Agility(TM) MLC for total skin electron beam (TSEB) therapy using the HDRE1 (High Dose Rate Electron 6MeV) energy.


The optimal gantry angles for TSEB were determined using ion chamber measurements along a vertical profile at 450cm SSD. After gantry angles were chosen, field uniformity was measured over the entire treatment area. Uniformity was measured with and without the patient support device, allowing the dosimetric effect of the support device to be determined. Beam output and PDD were measured at the calibration point (450cm SSD) for a dual beam using a parallel plate chamber in solid water. These measurements were repeated with the chamber and phantom rotated about the patient isocenter at various angles, in order to measure the contribution from oblique beams. This technique provides a precise measurement of the treatment skin dose (TSD). Lastly, ion chamber measurements were verified by film and diodes.


The optimal gantry angle for 450 cm SSD was determined to be 90±16°. This achieved uniformity better than 96% on the vertical axis, and 92% along the horizontal axis. HDRE1 was calibrated to deliver 10 cGy/MU at standard geometry (100 cm SSD, 1.2 cm depth). Thus at TSEB geometry (450 cm SSD, 0.1 cm depth) the output of the AP dual field was measured to be 0.35 cGy/MU. The TSD of a 20 cm radius cylinder for six (equally, 60° spaced) dual fields was measured to be 1.19 cGy/MU. Percent Depth Dose data for the AP dual field and TSD are shown in Figure 2.


This paper provides a modern procedure for commissioning TSEB therapy on a linear accelerator, and clinical beam data for the Elekta Synergy(R) with Agility(TM) MLC.

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