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Non-Local Total-Variation (NLTV) Combined with Reweighted L1-Norm for Compressed Sensing Based CT Reconstruction

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H Kim

H Kim1*, J Chen1, J Pouliot1 , (1) University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA


WE-G-207-4 (Wednesday, July 15, 2015) 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Room: 207

Purpose: Compressed sensing (CS) has been used for CT (4DCT/CBCT) reconstruction with few projections to reduce dose of radiation. Total-variation (TV) in L1-minimization (min.) with local information is the prevalent technique in CS, while it can be prone to noise. To address the problem, this work proposes to apply a new image processing technique, called non-local TV (NLTV), to CS based CT reconstruction, and incorporate reweighted L1-norm into it for more precise reconstruction.

Methods: TV minimizes intensity variations by considering two local neighboring voxels, which can be prone to noise, possibly damaging the reconstructed CT image. NLTV, contrarily, utilizes more global information by computing a weight function of current voxel relative to surrounding search area. In fact, it might be challenging to obtain an optimal solution due to difficulty in defining the weight function with appropriate parameters. Introducing reweighted L1-min., designed for approximation to ideal L0-min., can reduce the dependence on defining the weight function, therefore improving accuracy of the solution. This work implemented the NLTV combined with reweighted L1-min. by Split Bregman Iterative method. For evaluation, a noisy digital phantom and a pelvic CT images are employed to compare the quality of images reconstructed by TV, NLTV and reweighted NLTV.

Results: In both cases, conventional and reweighted NLTV outperform TV min. in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and root-mean squared errors of the reconstructed images. Relative to conventional NLTV, NLTV with reweighted L1-norm was able to slightly improve SNR, while greatly increasing the contrast between tissues due to additional iterative reweighting process.

Conclusion: NLTV min. can provide more precise compressed sensing based CT image reconstruction by incorporating the reweighted L1-norm, while maintaining greater robustness to the noise effect than TV min.

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