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Scanning Field Total Body Irradiation Using Dynamic Arc with Variable Dose Rate and Gantry Speed

B Yi

B Yi*, H Xu , Y Mutaf , K Prado , Univ. of Maryland School Of Medicine, Baltimore, MD


TU-CD-304-4 (Tuesday, July 14, 2015) 10:15 AM - 12:15 PM Room: 304

Enable a scanning field total body irradiation (TBI) technique, using dynamic arcs, which is biologically equivalent to a moving couch TBI.

Patient is treated slightly above the floor and the treatment field scans across the patient by a moving gantry. MLC positions change during gantry motion to keep same field opening at the level of the treatment plane (170 cm). This is done to mimic the same geometry as the moving couch TBI technique which has been used in our institution for over 10 years. The dose rate and the gantry speed are determined considering a constant speed of the moving field, variations in SSD and slanted depths resulting from oblique gantry angles. An Eclipse (Varian) planning system is commissioned to accommodate the extended SSD. The dosimetric foundations of the technique have been thoroughly investigated using phantom measurements.

Dose uniformity better than 2% across 180 cm length at 10cm depth is achieved by moving the gantry from -55 to +55 deg. Treatment range can be extended by increasing gantry range. No device such as a gravity-oriented compensator is needed to achieve a uniform dose. It is feasible to modify the dose distribution by adjusting the dose rate at each gantry angle to compensate for body thickness differences. Total treatment time for 2 Gy AP/PA fields is 40-50 minutes excluding patient set up time, at the machine dose rate of 100 MU/min.

This novel yet transportable moving field technique enables TBI treatment in a small treatment room with less program development preparation than other techniques. Treatment length can be extended per need, and. MLC-based thickness compensation and partial lung blocking are also possible.

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