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Reproducibility and Consistency of Two SunNuclear 3D Scanning Tanks

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J Hessler

J Hessler*, D DiCostanzo , S Grzetic , A Ayan , N Gupta , J Woollard , Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


SU-E-T-676 (Sunday, July 12, 2015) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

To determine if two Sun Nuclear 3D Scanning (SNC 3DS) tanks collect reproducible and consistent data and test the precision of the SNC Dosimetry auto-setup.

Percent depth doses (PDDs) and profiles were collected on two SNC 3DS tanks with a Varian TrueBeam linear accelerator. SNC Dosimetry auto-setup application was used with CC13 ionization chambers. After auto-setup, collimator light field was checked manually against the position of the chamber. Comparing measured data for repeated measurements with tank 1 allowed evaluation of SNC-3DS auto-setup and tank reproducibility. Comparing measured data between tanks 1 and 2 allowed evaluation of consistency between tanks.

Preliminary results showed reproducibility of depth of maximum dose (Dmax) of 0.38mm for a 10cmx10cm field and 0.67mm for 30cmx30cm on a single tank. PDD values at 5cm, 10cm, and 20cm depths were reproducible within 0.26%. Consistency of Dmax between tanks was 0.17mm for a 10cmx10cm field and 0.44mm for 30cmx30cm. PDD values at 5cm, 10cm, and 20cmwere consistent within 0.06%. Profiles showed reproducibility in field width within 0.4mm for a 10cmx10cm field and 0.7mm for a 30cmx30cm field. Profiles showed consistency in field width within 0.2mm for 10cmx10cm and 30cmx30cm field sizes. Penumbra width was reproducible and consistent to under 0.5mm except for 30cmx30cm field size at 30cm depth where the reproducibility was 2.2mm and the consistency was 2.6mm.

In conclusion, the SNC 3DS tank shows good reproducibility in measured data. Since the tank to tank variation in measured data is within the uncertainty of repeated single tank measurements the tanks also perform consistently.

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