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Is It Time to Have Pre-Configured Therapeutic Beams Available in Commercial Treatment Planning Systems?

G Ding

G Ding1*, (1) Vanderbilt University , Nashville, TN


SU-F-T-225 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Commissioning radiation beams requires considerable effort to obtain the beam data for beam configuration in a commercial treatment planning system. With the advances in technology, the manufacturer of accelerators now has the ability to adjust radiation beam parameters to meet pre-determined specifications with high precision. This study aims to illustrate the feasibility of making pre-configured radiation beams available in commercial treatment planning systems.

In recent years, Varian has made a set of measured beam data from the TrueBeam accelerator available to users. Although the beam data are provided as “suggestive data” without warranty, the commissioned data measured by users have been shown to be in excellent agreement with the data set provided when the beams from the installed Linacs were adjusted to meet the beam specifications. An unofficial survey among Varian Linac TrueBeam users shows that the suggestive data set has been used with validation by users in some clinics. This indicates that radiation beams from a specified Linac can be standardized and pre-configured in a treatment planning system.

Two newly installed Varian TrueBeam accelerators at two different centers were examined in which one set of commissioned beam data was obtained from measurements performed by an independent physics consulting company and the other was measured by local physicists in the department. All beams from both accelerators were tuned to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Discrepancies of less than 1% were found between the commissioned beam data from both accelerators and the suggestive data set provided by Varian.

It may be feasible that radiation beams can be pre-configured in commercial treatment planning systems. The radiation beam users will perform the beam validation and end-to-end tests instead of configuring beams. This framework can increase both the efficiency and the accuracy in commercial radiation treatment planning systems.

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