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Dosimetric Evaluation of Indigenous Farmer Type Chamber FAR65-GB for Reference Dosimetry of FFF MV Photon Beam

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P Patwe

P PATWE*, V Mhatre , P Dandekar , Sir HN RF Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra


SU-F-T-461 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose:Indigenous Farmer type chamber FAR 65 GB is a reference class 0.6 cc ion chamber. It can be used for dosimetric evaluation of photon and high energy electron beams. We studied dosimetric characteristics of the chamber for 6MV and 10MV Flattening filter free FFF photon beams available on trueBEAM STx Linac.

Methods:The study was carried out on trueBEAM STx Linac having 6 and 10 MV FFF photon beam with maximum dose rate 1400 and 2400 MU per min respectively. The dosimetric device to be evaluated is Rosalina Instruments FAR 65-GB Ion Chamber with active volume 0.65 cc, total active length 23.1cm, inner diameter of cylinder 6.2mm, wall thickness 0.4mm, inner electrode diameter 1mm. Inner and outer electrodes are made from Aluminium 2.7 gm per cc and graphite 1.82 gm per cc respectively. The ion chamber was placed along central axis of beam at 10cm depth and irradiated for 10cm x 10cm field size at SAD of 100 cm in plastic phantom. We studied Precision, Dose Linearity, Dose Rate dependence, directional dependence, Recombination effect. Recombination effect was determined using standard two-voltage method.

1.Measurements were reproducible std deviation of 0.0105 and type A uncertainty 0.003265
under same set of reference conditions
2.Chamber exhibit dose linearity over a wider dose range.
3.Chamber shows dose rate independence for all available dose rate range.
4.Response of chamber with the angle of incidence of radiation is constant.
5.Recombination correction factors were 1.01848 and 1.02537 for dose rate 1400 and 2400 MU per min resp.

Conclusion: Our study reveals that the chamber is prone to saturation effect at dose rate of 2400 MU per min. FAR 65-GB can be used for reference dosimetry of FFF MV photon beam with proper calculation of recombination effect.

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