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Photon Beam Matching Analysis at Multiple Sites Up to Twelve Years Post Installation

C Able

C Able1*, R Zakikhani2 , K Yan3 , D Sha4 , A Chopra5 , (1) Florida Cancer Specialists - New Port Richey, New Port Richey, FL, (2) Florida Cancer Specialists - Largo, Largo, FL, (3) Florida Cancer Specialists- Tampa, Tampa, FL, (4) Florida Cancer Specialist - New Port Richey, New Port Richey, FL, (5) Florida Cancer Specialist - Brooksville, Spring Hill, FL


SU-F-T-491 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

To determine if the photon beams associated with several models of accelerators are matched with ‘Golden Beam’ data (VGBD) to assess treatment planning modeling and delivery.

Six accelerators’ photon beams were evaluated to determine if they matched the manufacturer’s (Varian Medical Systems, Inc.) VGBD. Additional direct comparisons of the 6X and 18X beams using the manufacturer’s specification of Basic and Fine beam matching were also performed. The C-series accelerator models were 21 EX (3), IX (2), and a IX Trilogy, ranging from three to twelve years post installation. Computerized beam scanning was performed (IBA Blue Phantom 2) with 2 CC13 ion chambers in water at 100 cm SSD. Dmax (10 cm2 field size), percentage depth dose (6 cm2, 10 cm2, 20 cm2, and 30 cm2 field sizes) and beam uniformity (10 cm2, 30 cm2 , and 40 cm2 field sizes) were evaluated.

When comparing the beams with VGBD using the ‘Basic’ matching criteria, all beams were within the specifications ( 1.5mm at dmax, 1% PDD, and 2% Profiles). When considering the “Fine” matching criteria ( 1.5mm at dmax, 0.5% PDD, and 2% Profiles), only three of six 6MV beams and two of six high energy (five 18MV & one 15MV) beams passed. Direct comparisons between accelerators using the Clinac IX (installed 2012) as the reference beam datasets resulted in all 6 MV and 18MV beams meeting both the “Basic” and “Fine” criterion with the exception of two accelerators.

Linear accelerators installed up to nine years apart are capable of meeting the manufacturers beam matching criteria for “Basic” matching. Without any adjustments most beams, when evaluated, may meet the “Fine” match criteria. The use of a single dataset (VGBD or designated accelerator reference data) for treatment planning commissioning is acceptable and can provide quality treatment delivery.

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