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A Comparative Evaluation of 6MV Flatten Beam and Flattening Filter Free Photon Beam in Carcinoma Breast

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S Tamilarasu

Suresh Tamilarasu*, Madeswaran Saminathan, SK Sharma, Anjali Pahuja, Abhinav Dewan,*Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi, VIT University, Vellore, Tamilnadu


SU-F-T-498 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose:Aim of the current study is to look plan quality, treatment beam ON time for IMRT using 6MV FB (Flatten Beam) and FFFB (Flattening Filter Free Beam) in left breast cancer cases.

Methods:Ten left breast cancer patients treated with breast conserving surgical (BCS) procedure approach and adjuvant radiotherapy were selected from the department database. Simultaneous Integrated boost (SIB) technique was used to irradiate the total left breast (PTV) to a dose of 50.40Gy with concomitant enhance to the lumpectomy cavity known as gross tumour volume (GTV) to a dose of 59.40Gy in 28 fractions. Plans 6MV FB IMRT and 6MV FFFB IMRT had been generated to achieve dose to 95% target volume (TV) and spare Organ at risks (OAR's). Homogeneity index (HI), conformity index (CI), treatment monitor unit (MU),normal tissues integral dose (NTID) and low dose volume of normal tissue were compared.

Results:: There was no statistically huge difference among the plans with respect to target volume coverage, CI , HI, Ipsilateral Lung and Breast. But statistically significant difference (p< 0.05) as observed in Heart, V5Gy of Contralateral Lung, MU’s , NTID and low dose volume of normal tissue.

Conclusion:6MV FB and FFF beam produce almost equivalent plans in IMRT modality with admire to target volume coverage, HI, CI. Beam on time and NTID was determined to be much less in 6MV FFFB IMRT. FFF beam leads to a time saving treatment delivery and fewer NTID in cancer of left breast cases

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