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Update On a Real-Time Treatment Guidance System Using An IR Navigation System for Pleural PDT

M Kim

M Kim*, R Penjweini , T Zhu , University Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA


SU-G-JeP3-10 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM Room: ePoster Theater

Purpose: Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is used in conjunction with surgical debulking of tumorous tissue during treatment for pleural mesothelioma. One of the key components of effective PDT is uniform light distribution. Currently, light is monitored with 8 isotropic light detectors that are placed at specific locations inside the pleural cavity. A tracking system with real-time feedback software can be utilized to improve the uniformity of light in addition to the existing detectors.

Methods: An infrared (IR) tracking camera is used to monitor the movement of the light source. The same system determines the pleural geometry of the treatment area. Software upgrades allow visualization of the pleural cavity as a two-dimensional volume. The treatment delivery wand was upgraded for ease of light delivery while incorporating the IR system. Isotropic detector locations are also displayed. Data from the tracking system is used to calculate the light fluence rate delivered. This data is also compared with in vivo data collected via the isotropic detectors. Furthermore, treatment volume information will be used to form light dose volume histograms of the pleural cavity.

Results: In a phantom study, the light distribution was improved by using real-time guidance compared to the distribution when using detectors without guidance. With the tracking system, 2D data can be collected regarding light fluence rather than just the 8 discrete locations inside the pleural cavity. Light fluence distribution on the entire cavity can be calculated at every time in the treatment.

Conclusions: The IR camera has been used successfully during pleural PDT patient treatment to track the motion of the light source and provide real-time display of 2D light fluence. It is possible to use the feedback system to deliver a more uniform dose of light throughout the pleural cavity.

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