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Validation of IBEAM Evo Couch Top for Different Relative Electron Density (RED) Combination During Photon Beam Dose Calculation in Monaco™ Treatment Planning System

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D Manigandan

D Manigandan*, M Kumar, P Mohandas, A Puri, N Bhalla, Fortis Cancer Institute, Mohali, Punjab


SU-F-T-430 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose:Validation of iBEAMâ„¢ evo couch-top for different relative electron density (RED) combination during photon beam dose calculation in Monacoâ„¢ TPS.

Methods:The iBEAM™ evo couch-top has two layers:outer carbon fiber (CF) and inner foam core (FC). To study the beam intensity attenuation of couch-top, measured doses were compared with doses calculated for different REDs. Measurements were performed in solid water phantom with PTW-0.125cc ion-chamber positioned at center of the phantom with 5.3cm thickness slabs placed above and below the chamber. Similarly, in TPS, iBEAM™ evo couch-top was simulated and doses were calculated for different RED combinations (0.2CF-0.2FC, 0.4CF-0.2FC, 0.6CF-0.2FC, 0.8CF-0.2FC, and 1.0CF-0.2FC) by using Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm in Monaco TPS (V5.1). Doses were measured for every 10 degree gantry angle separation, 10Χ10cm² field size and 6MV photons. Then, attenuation is defined as the ratio of output at posterior gantry angle to output of its opposed anterior gantry angle (e.g.225°/45°). output fluctuation with different gantry angle was within ±0.21%. To confirm above results, dose-planes were measured for five pelvic VMAT plans (360°arc) in PTW two-dimensional array and compared with different calculated dose-planes of above-mentioned couch REDs. Gamma pass rates<1.00) were analyzed for 3%/2mm criteria.

Results: Measured and calculated attenuation was in good agreement for the RED combination of 0.2CF-0.2FC and difference was within ±0.515%. However, other density combination showed difference of ±0.9841%, ±1.667%, ±2.9241% and ±2.8832% for 0.4CF-0.2FC, 0.6CF-0.2FC, 0.8CF-0.2FC, and 1.0CF-0.2FC, respectively. Maximum couch-top attenuation was observed at 110°–120° and 240°–250° and decreases linearly as the gantry angle approaches 180°. Moreover, gamma pass rate confirmed the above results and showed maximum pass rate of 96.23% for 0.2CF-0.2FC, whereas others were 95.72%, 95.12%, 94.31% and 93.24%.

Conclusion: RED value of 0.2CF-0.2FC was found to be suitable for accurate couch-top modeling for 6MV photon beam Monte Carlo calculations in Monaco TPS.

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